MIGHT be coming back. . .maybe

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User Info: GaelicGoddess

8 years ago#1
The only real reason I stopped playing was because my desktop crapped out. When I first got my laptop, I as more worried about price rather than power, but now that this laptop is dying on me, I decided to spend a little. So I ordered a new laptop the otherday, one with the juice and balls to play CoH, that will essentially replace both my desktop and laptop.

So, if anyone still plays, I might come back to CoH, at least on a provisional basis. I do miss the old bird, but mostly for the social aspect. So, which of you yokels still plays enough to make it worth my while to come back?

P.S. Love and miss you guys!
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User Info: chikahiro94

8 years ago#2
I can't promise anything, but i14 just hit closed beta, so if you do come back? Wait for that.

User Info: Quanze13

8 years ago#3
The global channel is pretty much dead. I've been on some of my DTF SG toons though and noticed others had been logged in recently too.
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User Info: Fluffball

8 years ago#4
I'm tempted to come back - although getting my death knight to 80 has given me some renewed WoW vigor - but at this time I may just quit MMOs altogether for a while.
If I was only interested in efficiency, I'd shoot heroin and eschew martinis. - Slatz Grobnik

User Info: Death_Scar

8 years ago#5
Issue 14 should prove interesting. I'd wait to hear about that if you're on the fence. Though, I really do enjoy the changes of issue 13.
-//- Scar -//-
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User Info: happyscrub1

8 years ago#6
So, which of you yokels still plays enough to make it worth my while to come back?

are you tricking?

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User Info: TheBladerofNor

8 years ago#7
i reupped over the weekend, not sure how much I'll be playing with school...but I reupped.
I've been known to do crazy things with my ass before-Kirby

User Info: Bogger6x65

8 years ago#8
Quanze and I are on pretty regularly, and Trident pops in and out every few days. The channel is pretty silent otherwise.
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User Info: TridenT

8 years ago#9
I'm still running strong with my local pal and my best friend (who can never seem to actually move back to town, just in a strange star pattern in circles around me), and we just got the local pal's two roommates to re-up finally, so we'll be running a five-or-six guy crazy squad random days (usually Saturdays?), so check for me on the global list.

Also, if anyone's slightly interested, Eidolen and I chat on Steam while we run (I use a mic that's centrally positioned, so Tweed and I can both talk on my end) because Xfire finally stopped being useful and we like Steam. If any of you wish to join us at any point, let me know and tell me your steam ID, and I'll try and include some GFers in the chat fun.
~TridenT~ Of course, this depends on who all wants to talk to me and my obnoxious friends.
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User Info: Deimir

8 years ago#10
My Steam ID is DeimirS

My CoH account runs out again this Friday, haven't decided yet whether to keep it up. I need to go looking through the powersets again and see if any combos pop out that I really want to play.
They say there's a fine line between genius and insanity. I like to think I have one foot firmly planted on each side.
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