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User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#1
The original Battle Trophies tips topic was created by Neo Nightmare on 10/17/2004 to help people achieve some of the more difficult ones. It reached 500 posts on 7/25/2005. These have been numbered and put in order. Feel free to use this topic to ask questions about Battle Trophies and to submit your own tips.
First of all, here is some general information about Battle Trophy save files that you may find useful:

From: printf
I made a blank BT file to do a little bit of testing on BTs I already have. Now, your game save file stores several values such as:

-total number of battles
-total number of enemies killed
-total number of types of enemies killed
-total number of escapes
-total number of incapacitations
-total number of times you went into angered status
-total number of cancel bonuses
-total number of button presses
-total number of hours spent in battle
And so on.

I had enough of these to fulfill many of the associated BTs. However, the BTs weren't triggered unless I did something to increment any of the values (for instance, I didn't get "Kill x types of enemies" until I actually killed something).

For anyone who's interested in testing BTs using blank BT files:

If you want to experiment with a BT you already have (to verify that certain methods of getting the BT work), you'll want to have a second memory card with enough free space for a BT file and at least one game save (unless you want to nuke your current BT file). Once you've got your second memory card, follow this procedure:

1) Insert both cards into the console and go into the file browser (have the disc ejected while starting up the console). Copy the game save(s) you want to use in order to test BTs (for instance, a file in which you have access to Universe Freya) from the card you normally use to the secondary card.

2) Start up the game with just the secondary card in the console and start a new game (I don't think it matters whether you choose to import data from the game save or not). Go to the battle simulator and create a new BT file.

3) Load the game save that you copied from your primary card (I don't think it's necessary to reset the console). You should now be able to trigger any BT, assuming that you've met its conditions. In order to preserve the BT file's blank state, you can simply choose not to save BTs when you earn them.

-Procedure may not be accurate
First and foremost, it's been a while (about 3 months) since I set up my blank file. I did it way back when I was testing stuff such as earning the damage BTs using the Rabbit Ears Chalice and earning the battle sphere BT in Kirlsa Caverns (I had already earned these by other means). I believe I even mentioned the blank file back then. So it's possible that I've screwed up the procedure here. Steps 1 and 2 might need to be reversed, or the order might not even matter at all (and I don't think it does). In any case, if you follow the procedure exactly and it fails, I'll redo the setup and document my procedure with as much detail as I can.

-Working methods may appear to be erroneous
It seems that 32 BTs is the maximum number of BTs you can earn in one fight. One time, I racked up well over 300 hits on the hit counter and didn't earn the last two or three BTs in the "x Hits" series. They didn't appear in the BT list at the end of the battle (which listed 32 BTs), either. I have yet to exceed this number. So beware--it may seem as if some methods of earning BTs don't work simply because you already maxed out the list of BTs for the current battle.

-Your game save should have BT collection on. Though I guess that's a given if you're trying to test BTs...

(continued on next post)

User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#2
One thing I found out is that a saved game file actually stores two values for the number of battles you've fought:

-number of battles fought in current playthrough ("base value")
-number of battles fought across playthroughs using the "data import" feature ("import value")

I'd guess that the other BT-related statistics are treated in a similar manner.

If you choose not to load a BT file when you load a saved game, then the game will display the base value in the battle counter (viewed in the camp menu). Also, only the base value will be updated when you fight a few battles and save.

If you do choose to load a BT file, then the game will use the import value. Also, both the base and import values will be updated when you save. By loading a game save without loading a BT file, you can see the number of battles you've fought in the current playthrough.

This explains the apparent deletion of the battle count that occurs when people create a BT file when they're in the middle of their first playthrough (because they didn't do it before). When they reload their saved game after creating a BT file, they find that their battle count has been "erased". Actually, the value's still there. It doesn't appear in the menu because the game is using the import value. This value is zero because no data was imported at the beginning of the game and because the import value is not incremented when you play without loading a BT file.

#1-5: 50,000 Battles
From: Reidstar
Escape counts as 1 battle too. Still... -sadded-

From: Asmo X
For the X number of fights, I went to the Airyglyph ice caves and got repeatedly ambushed/surrounded/rear attacked by the enemies there. Then I used Maria's magnetic field (the one that encompasses a large circle of effect) and the fight was over before you could blink.

Ambush: Enemies fall from ceiling right into the attack. Fight is over in 2 seconds.

Surrounded: All start within range of the attack. Again, 2 seconds.

Rear attack: Run straight at the enemies. They don’t tend to split up like they do when charged down by your auto partners during a normal confrontation. For some reason your allies just stand there at the start of a rear attack battle. This is probably 5 seconds.

To be specific, I use the room with the skeleton and toad creature. I simply exit and enter the room over and over again. You might also pick up a bunch of regeneration symbols if you do this.

#9-16: X Hits
From: Bijutsu Sensei
Go to Sphere211 levels 208-210 I believe, and you will find Red Dragon enemies. Use a super potion on them, making sure they are petrified, but don't use the Sleeping gas / stun bomb trick beforehand. No need to see those little stars. Equip Peppita, Cliff and Sophia with their weakest weapons (at level 255 they should still be doing damage, not zeros) and control Sophia. Put Cliff and Peppita on "attack with all your might" however don't equip any battle skills besides Increase Stamina and turn Berserk on for everyone.
The AI will go crazy with short x blows and you, as Sophia, should continue with short O blows as it hits many times. Seriously the Red dragon has enough HP and your other characters will be hitting so fast you can easily rank up to 300...I received both 250 and 300 in the same fight.

From: xoxJayoxo
Another I had some trouble with was 300 Hits but using 3 characters with Explosion on the Dragon on Sphere 211 (lvl 208) while it's petrified (use an item to do that)..... I got it my first attempt in using this strategy. Just equip Adray, Fayt, and Sophia with 1/2 Cast and 3 or 6% MP regen... then CAST AWAY.

User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#3
#17-21: Kill 420 Kinds of Enemies
Q: I don't get the trophy for this. Can someone explain what I have to do for it?
From: Lord RPG
A: Because you didn't kill enough types of enemies. I'm not sure if alternate enemies count (like you'll be fighting Proclaimers early on, first starting with the boss, then the normal ones, then the beefed up ones, then the super beefed up ones, etc) but different enemies do. For example, the Brass Dragon is one type. The Feral Dragon is another type, etc. Fight all the different enemies. Nothing hard about it, unless you keep running from battles and avoid enemies.

Q: Referring to the killing 420+ enemy types, does the memory of the "types killed" get brought over onto a new file.
From: Neo Nightmare
A: If you import your Battle Trophy data over, then yes.

Q: Err... I’m just curious about the 'defeat enemy of 420 type' BT's, does it mean we must defeat all type of enemy in the entire game including all character at Urssa Cave Temple?
From: Transformr
A: No. There are 466 types of enemies in the whole game.

#22-28: Chain of 500
From: BloodFox
Try to do the easy lower rank battles in Gemity (Team AAAA maybe?), and when you need to heal go to that angel chick. Also make you're leader incapacitated so it doesn't break.
Incapacitate characters using Spicy cake, which brings MP to zero.

From: Akerfeldt420
A fast way to accomplish these; First get up your battle bonus gauge by fighting strong enemies somewhere, then go up to the Barr Mountains where you go under the dragon shadow and it takes you away. Go there, when you do this it will drop you in an area with many little dragon enemies, they are quite easy and with right equipment can be taken down in one hit. This will quickly take you to 500 battles.

#29-31: One hit exact damage kill
From: monkey732
I don't remember the numbers, but you can get these all in one battle extremely early, on the first planet. Train until you learn the battle skill Aerial, and don't increase attack with Status Skills. Then, go to Pesotto Forest and fight one of those fat guys that don’t even fight just scream MY MONEY, and use aerial on them. You should get these BTs I don't remember if I used major or minor aerial, though.

From: SuperSmash Master
I learned something interesting while playing last night. I equipped the item "Scumbag Slayer" to Adray, then got in a fight against the Lv99 Thieving Scumbags. I attacked one before anyone else did, it died, and I got both "Defeat Lv99 Thieving Scumbag" AND "Beat Enemy with one hit with exact damage."

User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#4
#45: Win with everyone paralyzed
From: Neo Nightmare
Pick Nel for the Single Battle Rank S. On the fourth battle, you will fight a Huge Chimera. This monster is very easy to MP kill. Whittle down its MP so that one FG will kill it (this includes the first and second hits, since it flies back and hits a second time). Stun it with an item. Stand close to it (close, but not next to it) and then use FG one more time, the first hit will unstun him. He will probably lunge after you and paralyze you, but soon after the FG will fly back and kill him, scoring you the BT. I actually got this one without trying, simply by accident.

From: Zach Keene
First, you'll need the Rabbit Ears Chalice from Roger's Ancient Book sidequest. Once you have that, head somewhere with enemies that can paralyze (the dragons at Belquerel Mines or Barr Mountains will do.)

Fight battles there, removing paralyzed characters from your active party until you have three of them paralyzed. Then put the three paralyzed members in a party, and equip the REC on whoever has the highest HP, and save. (Putting that character at the front of the Spear formation is probably helpful.)

Now, get into battle with some weak enemies (preferably a solo weak enemy). Keep in mind the REC does half your max HP in damage, so choose your battle accordingly. Wait for them to approach your REC-equipped character, and set it off. (See the Codes & Secrets section if you don’t know how.)

If no one’s paralysis wore off, you get the BT.

From: xoxJayoxo
All Paralyzed was REALLY EASY in the Cave where you go to get the Copper (the dragons.....) I did it actually DURING a game playthrough. Just get them to about 150Hp left and allow them to paralyze you by running around. If you stand still they're more likely to use their Strong O attack so run around keeping your Fury at 99% so they'll use it and you don't AAA it. Then just wait for a nice Rock to come in and finish the job for you. Also at that point in the game it's possible to put your other 2 characters on standby so you can enter the battle alone, (Since it doesn't work if the other 2 are simply K.O.'d)

Q: Anyone have a strategy for a level 255 team to get 'Win by Paralyzing All' BT?
From: d33p6
A: To get characters paralyzed at that high of a level, take off all of their equipment and go fight Chimeras in the Mosel Dunes. Keep one character fully equipped so as soon as someone gets paralyzed, you can kill the enemy. After the battle, replace the paralyzed character with someone else... rinse, repeat, until you have 3 characters paralyzed. It may take a few battles, but it will work.
From: TopperCop
A: Ring of Might, refining the 1/2 attack factor once gives 1/2 defense. Also the Berserk pendant also gives 1/2 defense. So you can actually equip these on Sophia, Adray, and Maria and the dragons in the mines will be able to damage and paralyze them.

User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#5
#46: Win with everyone frozen
From: DarkZero2178
First have a high leveled Sophia. Mine was 210.
Have her intelligence at 9999.
Have her equip a fully refined Seraphic Garb. (If you don't have one that’s okay.)
Give her the "convert damage" tactical skill.
Activate it and put it on preserve HP.
Equip an accessory with 6% MP recover.

If you equipped the victory or bunny race trophy put a tri-emblem in the second slot.
If you equipped the Ring of Mental power or any other item that recovers 6% equip a bunny shoes on the second accessory slot.

Put the spell "Explosion" on the Long X battle skill slot.
Put the support skill "No Guard" on one of the support skill slots.

That's all you need but you can put on anything else if you want.

Go to the Gemity battle arena and do the Single Battle S rank challenge.
Make it all the way to the fifth battle.

You should be fighting a Render Tyrant. Take his HP down to about 50,000.
Right now he should be spamming Ice Beam like there’s no tomorrow.

He'll most likely shoot an Ice Beam right after another. So time it right so that as soon as he shoots his Ice Beam your Explosion is coming down. This is where No Guard activates and hopefully he'll freeze you. From what I've seen though Ice Beam freezes you quite often.

From: beebo
Max out Roger and make sure he has the skill "Bug Trio"
Fight the render Tyrant either in the arena or in the Maze of tribulations, level 7.
Get him down to a relatively low hp (but leave him enough to take a couple of zaps from the bugs)
Now stay close to him and he should be using the "Ice Whirlwind" thing quite often. This has an EXTREMELY high freezing rate, even more than ice beam. Wait until he activates it, move outside his range, activate "Bug Trio", then run into the icy whirlwind. Hopefully you will freeze and then the bugs will finish him off. This took me only two tries once I had the strategy worked out.

From: xoxJayoxo
Recently acquired: Win by freezing all........ Yes, you do a Class A Solo challenge at Gemity and just throw off either an Explosion or Stone Rain (I preferred Stone Rain cuz it hits slower) on the final enemy in that challenge so that the last hit of the spell will kill him. Just as you cast it, allow him to hit you with Ice Beam or another of his freezing attacks and POOF, one less BT to worry about.

User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#6
#47: Win by Margin of 5 HP
From: SabinStrife
I gained this when I was still on Vanguard III in Pesotto forest. If you have gained Cliff already, just remove him from the battle party. You want to be alone for this. Now level until Fayt has Blade of Fury, and put it on Weak close and Strong close. Weak close costs 20HP to use. Strong close SHOULD cost 40 HP to use, though I may be remembering wrong. [If I'm wrong then just go with Weak close]

Get Fayt's HP to be such that it is easily divisible by 20 and ends in 5. [When I got it the HP was 65] Just get hit until this happens. Believe me; it isn't as hard as it sounds if you do it early enough. The only real problem with this method is that you might recover HP at the end of battle, thus messing you up your goal.

Now fight an enemy. I recommend a Noble because they don't attack you. Use Blade of Fury, but DO NOT EXTEND IT. You do not want to kill the Noble. In fact if you can, try to miss. Just keep using the first strike. If done right and early enough, you should have 5 HP left in 3-4 uses of BoF.

#48: Win by margin of 4 HP
From: SabinStrife
Same as 5 HP, but this time make sure your HP total ends in 4 before you use Blade of Fury.

#49: Win by margin of 3 HP
From: SabinStrife
Easy. Urssa Lava Caves, step on the lava until all three characters have 1 HP.I recommend saving once you've done this, just in case it doesn't work. Also shut off all healing spells.

Now that your HP for all three characters have dropped to 1, go fight an enemy. Hopefully you'll pick an easy enemy, so you don't have to worry too much about getting hit. A good suggestion would be to set the formation as Escape, set all characters on manual, and use bombs to kill the enemy before they get close. Just make sure you don't go to far looking for a fight. Kill the enemy and voila.

#50: Win by margin of 2 HP
From: SabinStrife
Do the same thing you did for Margin of three, but remove one of your characters [or let them die]

#51: Win by margin of 1 HP
From: SabinStrife
Same as Margin of 2.Remove somebody else, step on lava, destroy enemy. I just want to again suggest that you use bombs to kill the enemy. You don't want to get close.

From: Boycott Stabb
A real easy way to get the "win by a margin of 1 hp" and "win by a margin of 3 hp" is to go to the fighting arena in Gemity get yourself killed in the single battle mode because you will be left with 1 hp afterwards, and in the team battle mode so all of your team members have 1 hp left.

User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#7
#52-54: 1,000,000 Button Presses
Q: About those button press BT's. Well, which buttons count towards them, and which don't?
From: printf
A: Well, a lot of the "cumulative counter" BTs (such as "x Battles" or "Defeat Enemies of x Types") trigger only when you increment their respective counters. For instance, suppose that you've guard crushed enemies x + 2 times and that you don't have the "Guard Broken x Times" BT. "Guard Broken x Times" will trigger only when you guard crush an enemy. The game won't bother to check your guard crush counter otherwise. Similarly, "Defeat x Enemies" triggers only when you kill an enemy.

"X Button Presses" seems to work in the same way. It'd still be better if I had a file that was about ten presses short of earning the next BT in the series, but for now, I have a secondary card containing a file with over 100,000 button presses and a blank BT file. When I go into a battle, I can trigger the button press BTs by pressing the following buttons on a standard PS2 Dual Shock:
-triangle, square, x, and circle buttons
-directional buttons on the d-pad
-start and select buttons
-the four shoulder buttons (L1/2, R1/2)
-the left analog stick (by moving it away from the neutral position; I'm not sure whether L3 triggers them)
-R3 (moving the right analog stick around without pushing it down won't trigger the BTs)

The "Analog" button doesn't trigger these BTs. Also, it seems that holding a button down won't trigger several presses (but with my current testing setup, I could only test this by holding down a button before triggering a battle and keeping it held as the battle started). I can't determine whether button presses count while your menu is open (that would require at least two button presses).

Also, button presses count while the battle menu is open. It doesn't matter whether the cursor goes anywhere. For instance, you can keep mashing down on the d-pad when you're at the bottom of the items list and the presses will still count. You can open the main battle menu and press left or right, even though the main menu doesn't scroll horizontally.

Presses will count even before you gain control of your characters (that is, while the camera is still focused on the enemy at the very beginning of a battle).

User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#8
#67-70: Angered 1,000 Times
From: printf
I used Maria, Sophia, and a level 1 Fayt in the Gemity Ranking Battle (Knights of the Bloody Blade). I allowed the knights to kill Fayt and Sophia, and used Maria to resurrect them. Sometimes, when Sophia was safe, I'd use her to cast Restoration on Fayt.
I'm not sure if emotion levels have an effect on your chances of getting the Angered status. Here's the thing, though...I got Maria's ending. She got angry almost every time Fayt bit it, so the counter increased relatively rapidly. So, it might be worth it to try to use a character who really likes Fayt. Again, I don't know for sure whether it'll help.

From: beebo
Sophia needs to be at a relatively low level, but at least level 22. Give her a refined Seraphic Garb, then take the fragile metal pipe (or whatever the next lowest weapon for her is) and synth on BoP until her defense is around 360. At this point her attack should be no more than 175 or so. Now disable all spells except healing and revive.
Go the lava caves. The enemies here are unique in that their attack and defense stats are about the same (about 350 or so). Sophia should be immune to their damage and will not be able to damage them herself (even when angered). Now simply drop in another weak character with no equipment on, who will die quickly, and finally a third character with high defense.

Get in a fight with either the fire zombies or the fire devil guys. Take control of the high defense third character, set Sophia to "Concentrate on healing" and the weak character to "Attack with all your might". Watch as the weak character dies over and over, as Sophia revives them over and over but cannot kill the enemies.

A few things: Sophia needs at least level 3 in defense skill so she will run far enough away before attempting to cast revive. And she needs an MP restoring accessory on like ring of mind or victory trophy. Oh, and the boulders that crash in will eventually kill the enemies after around 2 hours or so, so you will need to check it every so often.

#71-74: Maximum Damage 99,999
From: Neo Nightmare
This will be done naturally, but if you want to do this as soon as possible, here's a trick. Get Fayt to have an attack of about 3500+. Go to Urssa Lava Caves. Set Ice Blade to strong O. Set all your characters to manual and fight a battle against the Lava Mudmen. Cast Ice Blade, and then do Fayt's long range O attack, instant BT.

#79-128: Beat the boss in under a minute and w/o damage (General Tips)
From: Asmo X
This is more of a "did you know". You can get one trophy, reload, and get the other trophy. The game and BT saves are autonomous of one another. Again, that's probably not news to you guys.

Q: Okay, when going for "Defeat X with no damage", am I allowed to change characters? Because that would REALLY help, considering Fayt and Maria keep BRINGING FREYA OVER TO SOPHIA. ><;
From: Neo Nightmare
A: You can change characters, as long as who you are controlling never gets damage when under your control.

User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#9
#91-92: Crystal Cerberus
From: Master Epyon
This is the only main-game boss trophy I found difficult to get, so here's what I did.

A small note though, if Nel is level 30 and you want to get this trophy, give her Flying Guillotine at Long-weak and at Long-strong and watch yourself win within seconds.

I used Maria with Aiming Device/Scatter Beam cancel combos. To keep her alive, I used all her skill points to level up her HP.

From: Obelisk20
I saw somewhere that someone had trouble getting the Defeat Crystal Cerberus Within 1 minute, and w/o taking Damage BT. I did both at the same time by Spamming Side Kick. It seems that in the Main Story except with those Blue Dragon Zombie Type enemies, Spamming Side Kick temporarily makes you immune to attacks.

From: stealthlyhunter
This is sooo damn easy with this strategy. Just create EM Bomb MP via Engineering and wait for it to sell. Then get 5 of them and just spam away on the thing. He has low MP and should be killed in No Time. You can even get the second BT without damage. Just stay very far from the fight and keep using the bombs. These things deal 600MP damage per hit. He will be dead in no time at all.

#93: Beat Demetrio in less than 1 minute
From: stealthlyhunter
Easy. I did this on my first try. I started off with Blazing Sword and had Fayt take care of the two lesser dragons first. Then we all just kept ganging on Demetrio. It was cake.

#99-100: Robin Wind
Robin Wind only has 1,800 MP, so it is possible to get both trophies in one go. All you need to do is make 2 EM Stun Bomb MPs through Item Creation. Use Fayt, Cliff and Maria on an Engineering Original Creation. It will have a cost between 78 and 85 fol.

#116: Beat Dark Eye in less than 1 minute
From: xoxJayoxo
One thing I wanted to mention was... I've heard that there are problems with the Dark Eye in one minute because it's so much higher HP than the other bosses around it and it's hard to hit because it hides a lot (is too high to hit)... I never had this problem because even if I haven't Synth'd any weapons at this point I always have Dimension Door by that point and it hits no matter how high the Eye is. Problem Solved. Even Air Raid works wonders on it so I don't know what the big Hooplah is.......

#126: Defeat Berial and Belzeber w/o taking damage
From: Challenger
The real problem is the one with rockets (I can never remember what his name is). What I did was equip a Ring of Lunacy on Fayt and Cliff, with Maria controlled by me in the back. Maria equips Aiming Device on both long attacks, and at the start of the fight, runs straight down. Both Berial and Belzeber should go straight for Fayt and Cliff, who should be able to stay invincible for a while. The one with the whip goes for the one further down, and you can easily take him down with cancelled Aiming Devices, with no worries. After that, the one with the rockets is a huge pain, but he is much easier with the other one gone. Fayt and Cliff will eventually be unstunned, and I just let them handle it while I healed. I suggest not trying to help, those rockets hit just too much. Fayt and Cliff can do it, it just takes awhile.

User Info: Reinbach_III

12 years ago#10
#130: Defeat Luther at Level 1
From: Aya Brea
What you need:
Fayt LV1
Sophia LV1
Peppita LV1 (optional)

Fully refined Orichalcum synthed to a weapon (I used a Laser Weapon as it was versatile)
~20-30 stun bombs (any type)
Up to 2 fully refined Boots of Prowess (optional)

Ok here's what you do. Equip Sophia (yes Sophia!) with the Orichalcum weapon, and any str boosters that you have, the best being Boots of Prowess (I had 2). Put both Fayt and Peppita (if you have her) on manual, and control Sophia.

First form
The first thing you do is throw a stun bomb to stun him. Move Sophia to short range and use her short O attack, the boomerang type attack. It will hit twice (the second hit maybe blocked). When you recover, use another stun bomb and repeat. Try to wait a few seconds after the stun bomb before attacking. This helps to wait out the "no item" icon.

Second form
Use a stun bomb, move Sophia close to him. Pause and manually move the other 2 characters are far as possible from Luther in opposite corners. This prevents him from killing all your characters at once. Now again, Sophia's short O attack, the second hit may be blocked. Now wait till the second him either gets blocked or hits, pause with the triangle button, R1/L1 to one of the others and use a stun bomb on Luther. Reason being, Sophia is still recovering from her O attack and can't act, but Luther recovers much faster and will counter, so the idea is to stun him before he can counter to kill you. Then switch back to Sophia, wait a couple of seconds, attack, repeat as necessary. If Luther starts chanting a spell, don't stun him as he's only wasting him time. Have Sophia attack him when he's chanting for some free damage, he'll be casting Laser Beams (really should be Ray!) on another character, so attack with Sophia, pause, switch to that other character and move away from the spell area, switch back to Sophia and pound away. You can get 2 short O attacks in when he casts a spell. With this strategy, Luther should be dead in about 10-15 stun bombs. Bombs that do HP damage are even better.

With the Orichalcum weapons and 2 Boots of Prowess, the first hit will do 40,000+ damage, and the second hit about half as much. The reason why I chose Sophia is because her short O attack does 280% damage and hits TWICE. None of the other characters attacks are as powerful, and Luther can't be launched with Fayt's long O attack. This is a good way for anyone to beat him without having to wait till post-game, as I'm sure you all can't wait to level these guys up! And you should have plenty of bombs left over after those Albel BTs.

Never expected Sophia to be such a powerful physical fighter, did you? :P

From: Transformr
For the defeat Luther at Level 1 BT, you don't need to take Peppita. Just don't get an 8th character and leave Fayt and Sophia in the battle party.

From: Chronofantasy25
HAH! Just got the beat Luther at Lv 1 trophy. Took me only 3 tries. I just took my orichalcum'd laser weapon off Albel and handed it to Fayt. Then I created a whole mess of stun bombs. Stun > Strong attack > Run > Repeat. The best part is that it's always a critical hit if you hit him while he's stunned. I had Sophia and Peppita on "Do Nothing" standing at the edge of the screen so if Fayt ever got killed by Luther, they just revive him and it's over before you know it.

From: nelzel (gs)
The Defeat Luther at Lvl 1 and Universe or FD Luther at Lvl 10 can be obtained in one battle. This is if you want to use Fayt on your Galaxy playthrough (which would probably be your first one). You can also add Defeat Luther at Universe/FD without taking damage in this same battle (use Puffy's Stun Bombs). Even add Defeat Luther Alone and in X minutes if you want.
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