Battle Trophy Tips - Second Edition

    12 years ago #2
    One thing I found out is that a saved game file actually stores two values for the number of battles you've fought:

    -number of battles fought in current playthrough ("base value")
    -number of battles fought across playthroughs using the "data import" feature ("import value")

    I'd guess that the other BT-related statistics are treated in a similar manner.

    If you choose not to load a BT file when you load a saved game, then the game will display the base value in the battle counter (viewed in the camp menu). Also, only the base value will be updated when you fight a few battles and save.

    If you do choose to load a BT file, then the game will use the import value. Also, both the base and import values will be updated when you save. By loading a game save without loading a BT file, you can see the number of battles you've fought in the current playthrough.

    This explains the apparent deletion of the battle count that occurs when people create a BT file when they're in the middle of their first playthrough (because they didn't do it before). When they reload their saved game after creating a BT file, they find that their battle count has been "erased". Actually, the value's still there. It doesn't appear in the menu because the game is using the import value. This value is zero because no data was imported at the beginning of the game and because the import value is not incremented when you play without loading a BT file.

    #1-5: 50,000 Battles
    From: Reidstar
    Escape counts as 1 battle too. Still... -sadded-

    From: Asmo X
    For the X number of fights, I went to the Airyglyph ice caves and got repeatedly ambushed/surrounded/rear attacked by the enemies there. Then I used Maria's magnetic field (the one that encompasses a large circle of effect) and the fight was over before you could blink.

    Ambush: Enemies fall from ceiling right into the attack. Fight is over in 2 seconds.

    Surrounded: All start within range of the attack. Again, 2 seconds.

    Rear attack: Run straight at the enemies. They don’t tend to split up like they do when charged down by your auto partners during a normal confrontation. For some reason your allies just stand there at the start of a rear attack battle. This is probably 5 seconds.

    To be specific, I use the room with the skeleton and toad creature. I simply exit and enter the room over and over again. You might also pick up a bunch of regeneration symbols if you do this.

    #9-16: X Hits
    From: Bijutsu Sensei
    Go to Sphere211 levels 208-210 I believe, and you will find Red Dragon enemies. Use a super potion on them, making sure they are petrified, but don't use the Sleeping gas / stun bomb trick beforehand. No need to see those little stars. Equip Peppita, Cliff and Sophia with their weakest weapons (at level 255 they should still be doing damage, not zeros) and control Sophia. Put Cliff and Peppita on "attack with all your might" however don't equip any battle skills besides Increase Stamina and turn Berserk on for everyone.
    The AI will go crazy with short x blows and you, as Sophia, should continue with short O blows as it hits many times. Seriously the Red dragon has enough HP and your other characters will be hitting so fast you can easily rank up to 300...I received both 250 and 300 in the same fight.

    From: xoxJayoxo
    Another I had some trouble with was 300 Hits but using 3 characters with Explosion on the Dragon on Sphere 211 (lvl 208) while it's petrified (use an item to do that)..... I got it my first attempt in using this strategy. Just equip Adray, Fayt, and Sophia with 1/2 Cast and 3 or 6% MP regen... then CAST AWAY.