Battle Trophy Tips - Second Edition

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User Info: Viett

12 years ago#31
I just experimented with the above method and it's very reliable. With just a few tries I got 15 survives again. The tries that failed got 8-12 survives.
300/300 BTs Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

User Info: Look over there

Look over there
12 years ago#32
Probably a nice run of luck

I legitimately only got up to 5 with the survive on fury 50% factor (arena reigning champions fight)

Question on Charge only trophies; would stunning from AAA matter? As I'm fairly sure I tagged Ethereal Queen with 50 something Charges, then I let go of the controller and let the AI finish her off
I didn't do any other attacks
Didn't get any trophies for that particular fight :/

User Info: rock1644

12 years ago#33
I followed a different method then the one described here to get the one-hit exact damage kill. I was able to get it with Cliff at Lv.32 using Aerial Assault (at Lv.4) against the small dragons in the Barr Mountains. With Berserk On, I was able to exact MP-kill them with just one Weak AA.
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User Info: Bijutsu_Sensei

12 years ago#34
Current BT Count: (300/300)

User Info: Majutsuko

12 years ago#35
Very nice.

BTW, I have a strategy that works well for the 99,999 damage with Iron Pipe BT:

Max Fayt's attack by synthesizing the Iron Pipe with Attack+1000 and a bunch of Atk/Def +30% factors, and also equip him with a couple of Tri-Emblems/BoPs. Set his O Short-Range to Divine Blade, his O Long-Range to "Increase HP Damage," and his support to "Critical Hit HP." Then go to Pesotto Forest get into a battle with a Young Slime. Use Divine Blade, then AAA-stun the Young Slime. Then have Fayt run back and use his Long-Range Strong attack to hit it at 100 Fury. This will cause Fayt to protect-break it with uber-high critical damage.

This strategy took me about 3 attempts to get the BT.
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User Info: durias42

12 years ago#36
I never understood how people would have trouble with that particular metal pipe trophy. It's very easy to max out the attack on the pipe (you really ought to do with for lenneth!), then use a dimension door.

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User Info: printf

12 years ago#37
#219,221&222: Win using Iron Pipe Only on X Boss
From: Neo Nightmare
Contrary to original thought, his blade skills does not disqualify you from getting these BTs, but you need to make sure you need to stick with that attack (major or minor, it doesn't matter what button the skill is set to, you just need to keep the same with one attack)

I have proof of this since I got "Win by using Major Attacks Only" while Divine Blade was activated in a normal encounter in the MoT. I also got Win Against Norton Iron Pipe Only using Divine Blade (for any of the Iron Pipe series, the rest of your party has to be dead).

For clarification: The "Defeat So-and-So Using Only Metal Pipe" BTs don't require you to stick to using only strong/weak attacks. In fact, you can kill Luther or Norton Redux using only stunbombs and still get the respective Metal Pipe BTs. At the very least, this is true for the NA version of the game.

It seems that a good chunk of Neo's post is referring to the "Win using only minor/major attacks" BTs, not the "Defeat So-and-so Using Only Metal Pipe" BTs (his post was originally titled "Win using Iron Pipe Only on X Boss, Win Using Major Attacks Only/Major Attacks Only on X Boss, Win Using Minor Attacks Only/Minor Attacks Only on X Boss."). The only parts of the quoted section that actually pertain to the Metal Pipe BTs are part of the first sentence ("Contrary to original thought, his blade skills does not disqualify you from getting these BTs") and the last sentence. He's just saying that Divine Blade won't prevent you from getting the Metal Pipe BTs.

#244: 77,777 Damage
From: printf
Unless you are playing the Japanese version, do not follow the advice in the Battle Trophies FAQ because the NA and PAL version do not count the 77,777 damage if it is absorbed.

To my knowledge, I never told anyone not to follow the BT FAQ's advice. I did say that the NA version won't give you the "77,777 Damage" BT if the 77,777 damage is absorbed, though. If you're playing the NA version, then you should follow the BT FAQ for the most part. You just need to be aware that the earth-elemental weapons should be given only to the characters who are not being used to deal 77,777 damage in one blow.

"NA-version players, don't follow the BT FAQ's advice!" is not as specific as "NA-version players, don't equip an earth-elemental weapon on the character who is being used to deal 77,777 damage!"

Reinbach, thanks for reviving the topic.
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User Info: beachrat

12 years ago#38
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User Info: Eternals

12 years ago#39
"Also once when playing 1 v 1c v 1c 2P mode, Sophia (computer) survived at least 40 times on Fury before dying. I was laughing my head off. I thought it was some kind of glitch, until she finally died. Perhaps I just have very twisted luck."

That happened to me as well. I was repeatedly hitting her with Albel's short minor attack and she just kept surviving. Maybe it would be possible to do something like that to get survive on fury X15...
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User Info: Neo_Nightmare

12 years ago#40
Wow, this is excellent Rein! Exactly what I wanted it to be. Good job and I'm glad to know what I started was of some use XD.
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