Battle Trophy Tips - Second Edition

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User Info: Lilllen

9 years ago#331
How many different kinds of monster can you battler in the simulator right at the beginning of the game? I've had the 400 different types of ennemies trophy for quite a while now but I'm still missing the 420 trophy.

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User Info: ximaus

9 years ago#332
Not sure if it's been said, but I had a new game saved after playing through the game which had enough Battle Trophy data for up to 3P costumes. One of my characters in that game was in her 3rd P costume (Maria) when the memory card with my Battle Trophy data on it was stolen (it was on a separate memory card). I started a new game and made a new Battle Trophy data.

My characters in the carried over save game (not the new game I started) can freely switch to 2nd and 3rd Player costumes despite my Battle Trophy data being only 11%.

I'm not sure why however, but it seems like that is one more feature it saved. Perhaps it was because Maria was left in her 3P costume?
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User Info: Neo_Nightmare

9 years ago#333
I can't believe this still lives. Epic win.


User Info: HarryStamen

9 years ago#334
Luther Using Only Charge <-- this is making my hair go white...

No matter what I try, Fayt is guaranteed to, once in a while, do a normal attack when using the Charge battle skill. I am making 100% sure that every time I use the Charge skill (in the Short X slot):
- Luther is stationary (either during a spell cast or stunned)
- Fayt's Fury is at 100%
- The distance is Short
- Everyone is set to Manual

Why oh why is this happening? I have tried this more than 20 times, but still no luck.

I am going to try this with Cliff then to see if that makes any difference... either that or start voodoo chants while dancing around with a dead chicken.

User Info: Dragon Fogel

Dragon Fogel
9 years ago#335
You might be too strong. You need to get 50 hits on him for it to count. Try equipping a weaker weapon.
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User Info: HarryStamen

9 years ago#336
I have unequipped all except my armour and do have the ability to do 50 hits, but it seems that (after more testing) if you are too close, it can result in a normal attack occurring.

I assume that eventually I will get it, but I want to punch things when a charge attack turns into a normal attack...

By the way, the chicken and voodoo thing didn't work.

User Info: Dragon Fogel

Dragon Fogel
9 years ago#337
At the risk of stating the blatantly obvious - are you sure the normal attacks aren't happening because your HP is too low for Charge?

Also, if you can see them coming, you can try to switch to another character before they actually connect. Only attacks from the character you control count against you - in fact, once you've got those 50 hits in, you can set the other characters to auto and let them take care of him while you just heal/dodge.
Dragon Fogel, Marquis Elmdor's Arch-Nemesis.
Don't call me "Dragon".

User Info: foodmania

9 years ago#338
im having trouble with the heal 77777 hp BT. my cliff has 49988 hp, one of the numbers on the list, but when i give him the 50% hp boost like im supposed to, he doesnt reach 94851 hp like he should >_>. instead he reaches 74000 or something. i havent given him any health+ berries yet, so that might explain why, but i dont really understand the + and - thing. It says +- what does this mean?
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User Info: Reinbach_III

9 years ago#339
Looking at the file, it says;

49988 -> 94851 +- x1.5 (2 LT-R, 1 LT, 0 VG)

The + represents the Health+ Berries. These add 15% to your max HP (Sphere 211 chests)
The - represents the Health Berries. These add 10% to your max HP (Ancient Book sidequest)

So in this case you need to first use one of the Health+ Berries (taking you to 57486) and then the Health Berries (taking you to 63234)
63234 x 1.5 = 94851

The question is, do you have the Health Berries? Given your Cliff's HP, it's fairly safe to assume that you are on disk 2, so it's too late to get the Health Berries now if you don't already have them.
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User Info: foodmania

9 years ago#340
then i royally screwed it up then...i just need to wait for someone on my 4d file to get the right amount of hp then.
boredom can actually kill people? well i must be dead then
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