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User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#1
Board FAQ: Read This before Posting Questions
Almost Spoiler Free (See Introduction for Details)

~*Table of Contents*~
A) Non In-Game Material
1) Introduction
2) Legend
3) Alternate Terminology
4) Pre-Play/Purchase Questions
5) Director’s Cut Questions
6) Recommended FAQs

B) Basic Information
7) The Four Difficulty Settings
8) Targeting Modes
9) AI-Controlled Characters
10) Status Skills
11) Cancel Bonuses
12) Bonus Battle Gauge
13) Battle Trophies
14) Battle Simulator
15) Map Completion

C) Characters
16) Optional Characters and How to Recruit Them
17) How to Obtain Each Character’s Ultimate Weapon

D) Statistics
18) Maximums
19) EXP Requirements
20) MP
21) Recommended Levels
22) Maxing Stats

E) Items
23) Ring of Disintegration
24) Bunny Statues
25) Ancient Books
26) Decrepit Tomes
27) Worm-Eaten Tomes
28) Books of Prophecy
29) Trading Cards
30) Orichalcum
31) Accessory Trophies
32) Unusual Items: Tri-Emblum, Lezard Flask, Commemorative Prize
33) Understanding Special Item Effects

F) Item Creation
34) Materials
35) Inventor Status
36) Item Creation Process
37) Patents

G) Gameplay
38) Difficulties with Barr Mountain, Copper Mine, Urssa Lava Caverns et at
39) Updated Plot-Advancement Guide, by Marty

H) Secrets
40) Side-Quests
41) Secret Dungeons
42) Secret Bosses
43) Santa

I) Technical Questions
44) "Help! My characters are moving really slowly in battle!"
45) Technical Game Difficulties
46) Why don't my spells like healing and firebolt appear in my symbology list in battle? They are clearly in their list in the menu...

J) Enemy Troubleshooting
47) Noblemen
48) Metal Thieves
49) Bosses

K) Plot/Storyline/Post-Storyline Questions
50) How to Get to Gemity
51) The Plot Twist
52) Greeton
53) Star Ocean IV

L) Rumors
54) The no-Adray Glitch

M) Credits
In simplicity is perfection.

User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#2
A) Non- In-Game Material

1) Introduction
Welcome to the “Star Ocean: Till the End of Time” (SO:TET) board. It is a large community of helpful people who enjoy discussion. Before posting questions, we encourage you to search our Board FAQ to see if your topic has already been discussed.

This is the first full version of the Board FAQ. Thanks to everybody who participated in the Board FAQ Preparation Project.

Please remember that some areas of this FAQ reveal information that you may not have progressed far enough in the game to have viewed on your own. There are no plot spoilers, unless you count knowing where you are to go next, or what bosses are up ahead.

CTRL+F will open a search bar that can help you find pertinent information here. Note that you can easily access any section by looking it up in the Table of Contents and searching for the section number. For example, if you're interested in the Legend, you can search for “2) Legend” (without the quotes).

2) Legend
AAA = Anti-Attack Aura
BoP = Boots of Prowess
BS = Battle Skill
BT = Battle Trophy
CB = Cancel Bonus
CP = Capacity Points
EQ = Ethereal Queen
FAM = Fully Active Mode
GC or Gabe = Gabriel Celeste
IC = Item Creation
MoT = Maze of Tribulations
PA = Private Action
RoD = Ring of Disintegration
SO:TET/SO:TTEOT/SO3 = Different abbreviations of “Star Ocean: Till the End of Time”
SP = Skill Points
VP = Valkyrie Profile

3) Alternate Terminology

3a) Concept
SO:TET changes a lot of the terminology familiar to Tri-Ace fans. Therefore, some alternate terminology comes up now and then.

3b) Terms

CoT (Cave of Trials) = MoT (Maze of Tribulations)
Iseria Queen = Ethereal Queen
Guts = Fury
Hamsters = Gremlins
Souffle = Peppita
In simplicity is perfection.

User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#3
4) Pre-Play/Purchase Questions

4a) I’m sorry to ask but… ?

You should not be sorry to ask a question. We are friendly people on this board and will help you if you have a sincere question. If it is something you think you are going to regret, consider rephrasing the question.

4b) I don’t know if this has been asked before, but…

Stop. Do not ask yet. Go check the board's topics and see if someone has asked a similar question. Visit the Board FAQ to see if your question is addressed there. Check some FAQs to see if one of them has your answer. If not, then the question is probably good to ask.

4c) Is this game any good?

there are hundreds of topics on the SO:TET boards. There are several thousand posts. There are over a dozen FAQs, many new, many being updated. You are reading a Board FAQ, because this question, and many others, gets asked a lot. Whether the game is “good” or not is a matter of personal preference. If you ask anybody here, you are very unlikely to find somebody who will tell you that the game is not good. The board members dislike this question. We would rather you play the game to make your own opinion. If you have specific questions, read an FAQ or read a review. It is unlikely the board members will give you any information that you could not obtain in one of those areas.

Do you like RPGs? Okay, try this game. If you don’t like it, return it, buy something else. If you are going to keep asking questions on the board, you might as well play the game.

4d) Is SO:TET better than ___?

Matter of perspective. You might like “Crystal’s Pony Tail Adventure” better than this game. On the other hand, you might think that SO:TET is the best video game of all time, and absolutely dwarfs all other games in terms of quality.

4e) Why does the game come in that big fancy box?

That is the Director’s Cut edition you are looking at. The original (worse) version was released only in Japan. Then, the game got a Director’s Cut version, which was released in America and Japan.

4f) What’s the battle system like?

The battle system is not turn-based. It is real-time. You control one of three characters, as they literally run around the battlefield, attacking enemies, while simultaneously being attacked.

4g) What’s the time period setting?

Ostensibly, this game takes place in the future. However, much of your playtime will be spent in a fantasy setting, being influenced from the outside by sci-fi elements.

4h) How long is this game?

For a first play: Playing on Galaxy Difficulty, ignoring bonus dungeons, PAs, unnecessary item creation, the Battle Arena, the majority of Battle Trophies, the game is generally about 30 – 40 hours.

On Galaxy, with event skip, doing only the bare minimum, you can have a clear game save in 11-12 hours. (The Unbeliever)

If you spend time doing the bonus dungeons, getting inventors, making the best items, upgrading equipment, doing the battle arena, and going for some of the battle trophies, you might be looking at 80 hours or more.

If you are going to go for all 300 battle trophies, expect to spend several hundred hours playing. Getting all 300 battle trophies requires you to play through all three game modes.

4i) How’s the story?

The story is what it is. You may or may not like it. Some people dislike the plot twist a lot, others love it. Some people think it is going too slow, others think it is going just right.
In simplicity is perfection.

User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#4
5) Director’s Cut Questions

5a) Concept

After its original run in Japan, SO:TET was re-released as a Director’s Cut worldwide. The Director’s Cut is the only version marketed in America, Europe, and the rest of the world. It contains several bug fixes, adjustments to Battle Trophy collection, new areas, new bosses, and new characters. Several names and locations were also changed.

5b) How to Identify Director’s Cut

If the game is in any language other than Japanese, it is certainly the Director’s Cut.

5c) Director’s Cut Exclusive Material

New Characters: Adray and Mirage are now playable characters. Adray was not in the original version. Mirage was, but she stayed on the Diplo at the end of the game, and never joined the party.

Added: Versus Mode; Cancel Combos; Secret Underground Aquatic Gardens of Surferio; Urssa Cave Temple
In simplicity is perfection.

User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#5
6) Recommended FAQs

6a) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/star_ocean_3na_a.txt

A I ex's FAQ/Walkthrough
Contains what is currently the most relevant and useful straight information for most of SO:TET's aspects. Some areas are not included, and the FAQ obviously has a long way to go before it could be considered "complete", but it is the best bet for walkthrough information.

6b) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/star_ocean_3na_assault_magic.txt

durias42's Assault Magic FAQ
Contains in-depth information on how to make the most of assault magic, which is Sophia's (and, to a much lesser extent, Adray's) main form of attack. Although many sections are left incomplete, the current treasure trove of information is too much to overlook for people who like to get technical with their gameplay.

6c) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/star_ocean_3na_battle_arena.txt

Shadow47001's Battle Arena Guide
Contains complete information on the statistics of every enemy for every battle, along with commentary for special situations, including how to overcome the harder groups.

6d) http://www.geocities.com/kewhitte/btchecklist.txt

Duke Darkwood's Battle Trophy Checklist
Convenient if you are trying to keep a record of which BTs you have achieved. Either print it out, keep it beside you as you play, and check mark BTs as you go, or C+P to Word and alter the blanks before each BT to indicate you have gotten that BT. Simple and effective.

6e) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/star_ocean_3na_battle_trophies.txt

EChang's Battle Trophies FAQ
Appears to have been made from the Japanese version of the Director's Cut. Contains a list of all 300 Battle Trophies, and ways to obtain each series. Some information could be more detailed, but it is very useful. Also note that it uses the Japanese names for many things. For example, Gau = Battlecopter.

6f) http://www.crashedweb.com/so3/

randomstuff's Invention Calculator
Contains a web-embedded calculator, where you input the type of item being created, whether you have the special item for creating along those lines, the inventors you plan to use, and finally select an item from the list those three inventors can create. You learn the cost range and the feasibility of creation.
Note: Error on Calc concerning Izak. Izak should be -50% Time, not -50% Cost.
In simplicity is perfection.

User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#6
6g) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/star_ocean_3na_creation.txt

A I e x's Item Creation FAQ
Although this is included in A I e x's walkthrough (part of why the walkthrough is so large), the IC FAQ is much easier to refer to as a stand-alone. Contains information on all the inventors, a table of items that can be created through each type of IC, and more.

6h) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/star_ocean_3na_money.txt

Xythar's Money Making FAQ
If you are in need of money, this FAQ will tell you where to go to get it. Included is a detailed explanation of the a version of the game's ultimate money-making technique.

6i) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/star_ocean_3na_private_auction.txt

EChang's Private Action FAQ:
If you need to know where to go or which option to choose in a Private Action, this will tell you.

6j) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/star_ocean_3na_sphere.txt

A I e x's Sphere 211 FAQ
Also included in his walkthrough. However, better as a stand alone. Contains complete information on the treasure chests on every floor of Sphere 211 from 6 - 211. Also included are the eight layout plans and the quickest navigation for each layout. Convenient.

6k) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/star_ocean_3na_item_create_a.txt

Durias42's Original Creation FAQ

An extremely helpful FAQ based on recently discovered information about Item Creation formulas. It tells you exactly what prices you need to shoot for to create a variety of useful items.
In simplicity is perfection.

User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#7

7) The Four Difficulty Settings

Earth Mode: Enemy HP/MP maximum 70% of Galaxy; Cannot obtain BTs (Note: In MoT, enemies have 100% maximum HP/MP); Enemies have weak AI

Galaxy Mode: Enemy HP/MP maximum 100%; Enemies have normal AI

Universe Mode: Enemy HP/MP 150%; May boost other stats; Enemies have high AI

4D Mode: Enemy HP/MP 180% minimum, some as high as 300%; Other stats are boosted, but percentage unknown; cannot see enemy Fury Gauge; Enemies have very high AI and increased movement speed

~Thx to TopperCop for 4D Misc. Stats/Marty81 suggesting Universe may boost other stats; AI differs per level/Kern for 4D 300% & increased movement speed)

8) Targeting Modes

8a) Number of Modes

There are two targeting modes.

8b) The Two Targeting Modes

Auto: Character automatically targets nearest enemy.

Manual: Character's target remains fixed regardless of enemy position. You may change targets by pressing square, choosing the new target, and pressing square again.

8c: Explanation of Full Active Mode

Usually, whenever you input the command for an attack, if your character is not in-range for the attack to hit, he/she will move into the proper range and then execute the attack. With Full Active Mode, this positioning is left to the player - whenever you input the command for an attack, the attack will happen immediately wherever you are standing, regardless of whether it will hit or not. Since every movement is left to the player, connecting with attacks is usually more difficult. Thus, this is recommended for only advanced players (which are the only ones who can normally obtain it). Full Active Mode is not accessible until the player has 285 BTs.

9) AI-controlled Characters

9a) Why don’t my AI-controlled characters attack frozen or paralyzed enemies?

For whatever reason, they are programmed to not attack enemies that are paralyzed or frozen, unless they were already in the process of commencing an attack.

10) Status Skills

10a) Concept

Status Skills are the skills that affect a character’s HP/MP, and the intelligence of the allied A.I.

10b) Preferred Leveling Order for Status Skills

Level each one up as soon as possible. However, give HP priority to mages and MP priority to fighters. This will help keep the characters from dying to HP and/or MP attacks. Attack/Defense can be leveled up last, with Attack taking precedence, but level up everything about evenly.
Priority (first to last): HP/MP -> Attack -> Defense

10c) Why Attack/Defense Statistic Values Do Not Rise

Attack/Defense does not affect character status. Attack/Defense affects how well the AI manipulates its offensive and defensive strategies. With high attack, the AI will be much more effective at tasks such as combos, but I am not sure what else. I am also unsure what defense affects, but I would assume sidestepping and healing as my first guesses.
In simplicity is perfection.

User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#8
11) Cancel Bonuses

Cancel Bonuses dramatically increase the damage a character can do with a string of attacks. They are easy to learn and are very useful for a majority of the game’s fights.

You need to have battle skills assigned to Short X and Short O. To begin the Cancel Bonuses, uses an X attack, from either Short or Long. It can be a battle skill, or a regular attack. Now, as soon as you see the character moving in to attack, hold O. Once the first attack connects, you will see the Short O technique come into effect. Cancel 175% will appear on screen. As soon as you see the "O" attack coming in to effect, hold "X" again. Cancel 200% will appear. Hold "O" again, and keep switching back and forth between O and X attacks. Eventually (if you have enough Fury), your Cancels will reach 300%. You will be doing massive damage. You can keep doing 300%, so long as you still have fury.

And, yes, you can do it with Symbology, but only if you have the symbology set as battle skills (only Sophia and Adray can do this).

12) Bonus Battle Gauge

12a) Concept
The bonus gauge on the right side of the screen will fill up as you inflict damage.. How quickly it fills is dependent upon the percentage show next to the gauge (and maybe how much damage you inflict per blow, but I do not know what the percentage is being based off of). Against strong enemies, you can get over 100%(!) in fill speed. However, against weaker opponents, you may get 0% increase, meaning the gauge will not fill at all. The percentage drops 10% for every (?) seconds of battle. Keep in mind that “strong” and “weak” here are relative to your party's level. If you have a very high-leveled party, you may have trouble finding enemies strong enough to fill your gauge.

Fill the gauge to maximum and you get a Bonus. Every character contributes to the filling of the gauge. The last attack used decides which bonus is received. Here, in descending order of general usefulness:

12b) The Four Bonuses

Weak Attack = Triple EXP
Strong Attack = Double Fol
Symbology = Increased Chance of Item Received
Battle Skill = Increased recovery rate upon win
In simplicity is perfection.

User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#9
13) Battle Trophies

13a) Concept
Battle Trophies are rewards for performing certain tasks in battle. There are many ways to get them, whether it be killing a certain boss in a time limit, getting to a certain combo number, or just being in a battle for two hours. There are 300 total. Obtaining enough will unlock secrets.

13b) How to Initialize Battle Trophy Data
Section by Marty81
You must be playing on Galaxy difficulty or higher to initialize or collect battle trophies.

Start a Galaxy game, meet Peppita, then go to the battle simulator. Choose the battle trophies option, then Initialize battle trophies. To collect battle trophies, make sure the "Collect Battle Trophies" option on the Config menu is on.

Note that the battle simulator is the only place in the entire game that you can initialize battle trophies!

If you're already partway into the game and forgot to initialize battle trophies, don't worry! All you need to do is start a new Galaxy game, meet Peppita, then go to the battle simulator. Choose the battle trophies option, then Initialize battle trophies. Now you can go back to your other game (provided that it's not on Earth difficulty), and turn on "Collect Battle Trophies" in the Config menu. It should be the very last option on the second page.

13c) How to Continue Collecting Battle Trophies on Subsequent Playthroughs
Section by Marty81
When you start a new game, you will be asked at the very beginning whether you want to "load battle trophy data." If you say yes, you get to choose a previous save game. Select whichever you want, and things like battles fought, buttons pressed, #of enemy types killed, etc, will be copied over to the new file. THEN, when you get to the battle simulator, you need to choose the battle trophies option, then the 3rd option, "Load battle trophy data" (or something similar to that).

DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY CHOOSE THE FIRST OPTION - INITIALIZE BATTLE TROPHIES (If you do, a warning will pop up, saying that the previous battle trophy data will be overwritten if you continue - DON'T CONTINUE OR YOU WIPE YOUR BATTLE TROPHIES CLEAN)

Choose which memory card your actual BT data (the large ~1000kb file) is on. This simply allows your new game to save battle trophies. Also, if you later transfer this game save to a different memory card, as long as the new card has a battle trophy save file on it, you can then collect battle trophies for THAT battle trophy file.

14) Battle Simulator

14a) Concept
The battle simulator is SO:TET’s battle tutorial. You can play it only once, and is a mandatory experience.

14b) Winning All Battle Simulator Battles

There are 3 battles. The first one is easy, the second is difficult, and the third one is very difficult. The player is not expected to win all the battles, nor does he even need to beat the first one. The only known result from winning any battle simulator battles involves character emotion.
In simplicity is perfection.

User Info: TheSwordEmperor

12 years ago#10
15) Map Completion

15a) Concept

The little percentage number below the map in the bottom right corner of the world map screen is the Map Completion percentage. When you get 99% Map Completion, you get a Bunny Statue. It is possible to get over 99%, but it is not necessary. In fact, the % shows 100% as soon as one hits 99%. Technically, there is over 100% of every map to complete.

15b) Difficulties with Getting 99% Map Completion

If you do not get 99% map completion on the first run through a map, there are two possibilities. The first is that you have not been trying hard enough. Run around the edges of the map, including inside edges (which are sometimes easy to miss). The spots near the entrances to maps are easy to miss, and sometimes can only be gotten when entering or exiting the map.

The other possibility is that you do not have the “Ring of Disintegration”. Get this handy device and you will be able to explore many more areas of many dungeon maps.

15c) Importance of Map Completion

Getting 99% on any map gets a Bunny Statue, but nothing more. There is no benefit beyond personal satisfaction for completing all maps. I see it as a waste of time. By the time you reach the point you could complete all the maps and get their respective bunny statues, that time could be better spent killing monsters that give a higher yield, or progressing with the game. On the other hand, selling the bunnies obtained from Map Completion is a great source of income early on in the game.
In simplicity is perfection.
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