tri emblem question

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User Info: doitwildly

9 years ago#1
i have 3 tri-emblems but they have no factors how do i get some factors on them?

User Info: iLegend

9 years ago#2
No, you have 3 Tri - Emblums. Which have no factors and do nothing. Sell them, you got 20k a pop
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User Info: doitwildly

9 years ago#3
i see thanks so i have to spend 600 mil a pop for them no other way to get some?

User Info: doitwildly

9 years ago#4
6 mil i mean

User Info: CloudSith5060

9 years ago#5
Santa's Boots!!! Equip them on Fayt, plug in a turbo paddle, and find a cheap inn(Kirlsa). Then just activate the X Turbo in front of the innkeeper, and leave your game for a couple hours. Usually doesnt take me more than an hour to end up with three of them!!!

User Info: Fayt_Esteed

9 years ago#6
Tri-Emblums are fakes.
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User Info: CrossTrigger

9 years ago#7
If you got FaytxLuther at Urssa Cave Temple, Luther drops a Tri-Emblem.
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User Info: crate3333

9 years ago#8
Also, you don't have to spend 6 mil on each Tri-Emblem. You can cut the cost by up to 30% by inventing certain items (Beguiling Device or some craftable with a name I have forgotten). Since this ends up being far cheaper in this case, it is advised you do so.
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User Info: dawnquest

9 years ago#9
You really only need 3 tri-emblems for your active battle party. Do the "30x fol 3x enemyatk" thing and rack up the money first.

User Info: doitwildly

9 years ago#10
i got the x10 fol had 18mil in 30 mins

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