Any interesting challenges?

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User Info: Bananamatic

9 years ago#1
Almost finished underleveled 4D(Freya left) and bored with FFXII.
My other started save is a 4D Fayt SSCC, just after Norton Redux, I don't really wanna climb Sphere now though.
Are there any fun and hard challenges? SSCC ain't that hard, except for some chars like Adray.

User Info: Neo_Zeromus_X

9 years ago#2
Try a lowest level challenge? drkhades and Arcadia are in the middle of that kind of challenge, and it looks very fun and challenging so far.
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MetalGearSolidBoy 9 years ago#3
I dunno, sometimes it's hard to balance fun with difficulty.

From what I've seen, you tend to find most fights on the easy side and know how to fully manipulate 4D AI. As SSCCs are too easy for you, that would probably make all-Manual teams too easy as well since it's like an SSCC with three characters to spare :P

Perhaps you should come up with restrictions for yourself based on things you use that make the game easier than usual.

User Info: Bananamatic

9 years ago#4
IIRC, I've done the first LLG topic here.
Got all the way to Norton Redux, then got bored.

User Info: drkhades

9 years ago#5
Fayt's Blade Enchantment game?
Speedrun attempt on 4D? =0 (Fun and challenging)
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User Info: Bananamatic

9 years ago#6
Decided now.
Doing the same thing that Marty did, 4D Fayt SSCC without healing.
Only maingame, sick of post game anyways.
Wisps, wisps, more wisps and tons of Sphere floors.

User Info: Marty81

9 years ago#7
For what it's worth, that was the least interesting playthrough I've ever done, with maybe the exception of the Chimera Hawks, and that's only because I didn't have side kick leveled up and so I couldn't just blast through them like superjolt did.

That was a long sentence.

I'd recommend doing a manual 2-character playthrough on Galaxy (where you can't trick the AI as easily) and challenging yourself by trying to come up with awesome launches and juggles.
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User Info: Bananamatic

9 years ago#8
You can't do much launches and juggles without FAM, sadly.
Not even close to 4P costumes.
Some still work, but barely any truly awesome combos.
Just the basic ones with flipkicks, Pep and Aerials.
For party members, what about Adray, Fayt and Pep=p
Or Albel. But I hate Albel. So nope.

User Info: crate3333

9 years ago#9
Get with BT collecting then. FAM is so worth it.

It's not hard to get to 285. The last 15 trophies take as long as all the ones before them combined as long as you skip the right 15.
Implication is a strong weapon.
I do read sometimes.

User Info: Bananamatic

9 years ago#10
Gonna do the Fayt solo 4D Sphere then.
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