Places to level grind?

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User Info: RocoBosco

5 years ago#1
Does this game have places where you can grind to get higher levels?
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User Info: Mad_Cartoonist

5 years ago#2
Where are you in the game?

After certain points in the game, good spots become available here and there.

Not that you really ever need any grinding for this game though.
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User Info: RapidVengeance

5 years ago#3
seeing as i finished the story recently the most notable places i discovered and used was the path to mosel dunes there is giant bird enemies there,moonbase the robot spider things and planet styx the angel enemies (lol i allready forgot the real names for all these enemies :P) also i did all these with triple exp !
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User Info: zhaoyun99

5 years ago#4
The enforcers near Kirlsa after you cleared Planet Styx should be a good spot. Avoid the Convictor at all cost if you don't want your Fragile Triple Exp breaks.
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User Info: Mad_Cartoonist

5 years ago#5
IMO, Pre-Final Dungeon leveling spot is Palmira Plains.
There are two enforcers, each giving up to 5000 for a three member party battle.
With triple EXP and x5 refined Ring of Erudition on Laser Weapon, you can get 30,000 EXP per battle, 90,000 for a solo battle.

Once you get to the final save point, the Bio Chimera becomes available. I already forgot if they give more EXP, but they definitely give a hefty amount of fol with Double Fol bonus on.
I normally grind for money and SPs after beating the final boss to get my chars' status skills to lv10 before proceeding to post-game areas.
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