Surviving 4D ether strike

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User Info: pendell

4 years ago#1
Let's see if this board will let me post a link to youtube.

If you can't see it, look for "SO3 - Mirage vs. 4D Ether Strike" on youtube. It's a 13 second video showing Mirage Koas (with Gutsy bunny equipped) being hit by an ether strike from dear ol' Freya and shaking it off.

My response, of course, is along the lines of ..

But how....?

How in the WORLD did they do that? I thought Freya's Ether Strike was instant death on 4d to all characters ! Unless they're hacked. But is it possible to make this happen without cheating? Are there any other characters who can be similarly buffed?


Brian P.

User Info: Velari

4 years ago#2
I had a video (well, I still have it, it's just not online anymore at this time) where Mirage at her starting level of 30 shrugs off anything EQ can throw at her. It's not that hard :P

Anyway, the topic might still be floating around, but long story short, I did some musing about defense at some point along with legendmusketeer, and Mirage has the highest potential defense in the game - given optimal growth of the defense stat, she'll surpass characters like Fayt and Cliff in the end, because while they all have the same max growth per level for their defense stat, Mirage can equip the Valkyrie Garb.
Not only that, but she can accumulate a high enough defense that, with Protection cast on her (which superjolt does in the video you linked), she can hit 9999 defense during combat. Also, he uses Convert Damage which is in general a good thing to help you not die.
Granted I don't know off the top of my head how much Ether Strike does on 4D/what her attack stat is on 4D, so I can't say whether that's all he did or whether there are perhaps other items involved or something, but that is at least the basis of his setup.
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User Info: CorpseCorp

4 years ago#3
Soooo you ARe saying that superjolt took the time to level up mirage level by level so she got the best defence values and then bop + valkirie garb + protection is enough to survive ES???? WITH GUTSY BUNNY??? it realy is hard to believe

User Info: Velari

4 years ago#4
No. I did, in fact, not say that.

I can't say whether he took the time to ensure the highest potential defense on Mirage, since the video does not provide the information necessary to conclude that. Also it's technically not strictly necessary to get the absolute highest potential defense on her since she can get something like 70~80 points over the 6666 defense you'd need to hit 9999 with Protection, so there's some leeway there, anyway.
What I did was explain why he would choose Mirage over any other - her potential defense is higher than that of other characters, and him taking the time to cast Protection on Mirage gives us reason to believe that defense is an important, if not integral, part of what is going on here. Technically I suppose you could say that maybe he threw the Protection bit in there as a red herring to throw us off of what he's actually doing, but if you know everything involved in the situation you could run the numbers to confirm whether Mirage has maxed defense or not in the video.

Also, if you read the last sentence of my post, I did not say that an optimally levelled (in terms of defense) Mirage + BoP + Valkyrie Garb + Protection is enough to survive Ether Strike on 4D with a Gutsy Bunny involved. I didn't even mention Boots of Prowess, for one.
What I did say is that I don't know whether a max defense character with Convert Damage can survive the attack in that situation, since I don't remember the numbers involved, but that what I describe is the basis of his setup.
SO3 board resident sagissa - A fallen angel tonight ...
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User Info: CorpseCorp

4 years ago#5
oh sorry I misundertood that . I was just trying to think the absolute better circunstance to obtain defense that high. How would you attempt to obtain defense THAT high? BTW what is the maximum attack freya can get? I am imaginating 3 or 4 facotrs of enemy attack X 10 ( Iknow that they stack more the 2 buy dont know the max) and of course the gutsy bunny. After I finish my Universe run for trophies i guess Im gonna know.

User Info: crate3333

4 years ago#6
I think Freya has 15k ATK on 4D (her HP/MP are tripled, I assume her other stats are also but I don't really know), so if you can survive a Galaxy Ether Strike with 0 DEF you can survive a 4D one with 10k DEF.
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User Info: Namida_no_nami

4 years ago#7
wanna know? the attack formula is something in the lines of simple (atk - def) * multiplier * nº hits, with some random throw in. Just calculate the mult of the atk knowing she has 5000 atk on galaxy and a chars' defense is known as well (and the damage for every hit is seen), so:

damage = (atk - def) * mul --> mul = damage / (atk - def)

with the mult known (calculate it for every hit just to be on the safe side), and since def and damage are always known factors, you can easily calculate Freya's atk for any difficulty.

This can be done for any enemy, provided that you have their galaxy atk.
Int on the other side is another story due to prof actually making an impact (I don't know if it varies with difficulties)
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User Info: Velari

4 years ago#9
Mirage at level 30 has 105 defense.

Mirage can get 4 defense max per level, for 225 levels, that's 900. Achieving this is easily the worst part of this whole process :P

Valkyrie Garb, 600 defense

10 Defense Berries (that's an assumption, I don't remember if there were ten or some other amount :P ), 40 defense

2 Pairs of Boots of Prowess as accessories, it's easy to forget they have some stats on them since you tend to use them only for the +30% attack/defense, but they have 20 defense each, so that's 40.

That's 105 + 900 + 600 + 40 + 40 = 1685

+300% attack/defense from wearing two fully refined BoPs, and having eight of the factors on your weapon, so 1685 + 300%, or essentially 1685 x 4, which is 6740, which is over the 6666 defense you need to hit 9999 with Protection.

Now, that is with the assumption of ten defense berries, if the actual amount of defense berries in the game is different, feel free to tell me :P
SO3 board resident sagissa - A fallen angel tonight ...
Liek omfg its teh lesbian!11!11@1, etc, etc. Wolfwood824 - about me ^_^

User Info: CorpseCorp

4 years ago#10
crate3333 posted...
if you can survive a Galaxy Ether Strike with 0 DEF you can survive a 4D one with 10k DEF.
If by surviving you mean get trough the attack without getting it I believe you.. But surviving with 0 DEF and taking all the hits? I am thinkinf of say... a 99999 mp character converting damage all the way of the attack. Is this the way?

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