How to use Fayt's Dimension Door? I don't think I'm doing it right.

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  3. How to use Fayt's Dimension Door? I don't think I'm doing it right.

User Info: Mad_Cartoonist

4 years ago#11
For main game IMO, Regeneration Symbols are really the only accessories you'll want on your party. It can be bought if you did Ruddle's sidequest, or farm from skeleton soldiers in Airyglyph Aqueducts.
Don't mind that it doesn't give you any stats boost. Having two of them (6% MP regen at interval) is better than having negligible increase in stats.
Or if you have the money to spend and feel a little lucky, right before the final dungeon, you can create Ring of Mental Power and refine it. Having 2 fully refined Ring of MP gives 12% MP regen. You'll never have to worry about MP again.

As for item creation, here's how it works:

Item Creation

1) First, about the talent level. It determines the chance of success.
Each items has its 'rating' level.
(Total Talent lv of 3 inventors) - Rating Level = Chance of success in creating an item.
(items like cherubic bust and multi-flask adds 20 to the equation).
So if you have an crafting item that has 100 rating, and a team of 90 total talent level and the cherubic bust, that'll be 110 - 100 = 10% chance of creating the item.
Of course, if the total talent value is below the rating, you will not be able to create the item.

2) Talent level sometimes is not enough.
You will also need at least one inventor that can create such items in your team.
For example, if you want to create Ring of Animosity, you can have the highest Crafting Talent you can find, but you will never be able to create it if Chilico is not in your team, because she is the only one that can create it.

3) Now about the Price Value, it determines the item you will create.
Unlike the general belief, each price value fixed what you will create when it shows up.
For instance, at price 900, you will create item A, while 901, you will create item B.

Here's the most frustrating part of item creation:
Some items has 'overlapping' values, as in it is possible for you to get 5 or 6 kinds of items for a single price value. This can be avoided to a certain degree by forming a team that cannot create the overlapping item.
EX: If you want item A, which has an overlapping value with item B, you can form a team that can create only item A to avoid item B showing up instead of A.
So far, what decides the item you get from an overlapping price is completely random, and agitating because you have to keep randomizing the price value to get the value that you want, only to later have the game give an item that you didn't really want (you'll know what I mean when you IC skill books >_>)

Google the SO3 item creation calculator on a page called 'Aerius'.
That one has the talent level calculation, list of what each inventors can create, and a price value table.

There is no 'absolute' ultimate weapon in this game. It really depends on the 'factors' you put on to the weapon to suit your style. The general consensus for the 'best' setup is maxing ATK and Fury Reduction using the least weapon slot.

If you like being overpowered and want to completely break the game to dust, create an item called 'Orichalcum' via Alchemy (a team of Misty Lear, Mackwell, and Sophia works just fine) and synthesize it onto your weapons. Have fun destroying every thing in main game.
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User Info: Ladysoalluring

4 years ago#12
Power Dance is a more powerful buff than Power Up :) It also destroys main game and I found it better/quicker than Oris for my speed run ;o

Incidentally Peppita/Maria/Cliff is the most OP/best blitzing/all out offence team, so something for TC to consider for future runs there :)
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User Info: Vegeta1000

4 years ago#13
My setup for Fayt was:

Dimension's Door -> Long Minor
Side Kick -> Short Major
Air Raid -> Short Minor

Dimension's Door is a very good skill. It's long range and can paralyze enemies.
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  3. How to use Fayt's Dimension Door? I don't think I'm doing it right.

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