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User Info: bookwormbabe29

5 years ago#1
Hey all! (especiallySIM). This is the new topic for item hunting. Any list/help/tips anyone want to give are welcome here ;)
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User Info: SIMSteven

5 years ago#2
I suppose I'll post that checklist I mentioned from the other thread. It's a list which I made for my own standards of what I'd consider a 100% rare item run. I've not listed items which can be bought prior to the 6ht PoV.

The SPOILERS are names of locations, bosses, and events of where the items are found.

I've also made notes of when I generally obtain certain items due to the chapter order I play. Your milagage may vary with my shorthand notes.


_ Dragon Incense (Boss: Fire Reincarnation)

_ Iron Hammer (NPC: Great Hollow)
_ Copper Hammer (NPC: Le Buque Villager) [Chapter 3+]
_ Silver Hammer (NPC: Duck Clan Village) [Chapter 4+]
_ Golden Hammer (Rare Find: Iskay)

_ Banshak Sake Set (Drop: Yellow Svire; Ranch Racing)
_ Citrus (Drop: Killer Bee) [T1, very early]
_ Devil Beads (Drop: Red Mantik)
_ Kuzzler Beads (Drop: Creeper) [H1, T1-T2]
_ Milk Bath Beads (Drop: Siren; Ranch Racing)
_ Moonlight Beads (Drop: Needle Beetle. Goppu-500)
_ Ol' Tree Beads (Drop: Arachnovore) [Before Chapter 4]
_ Rose Petals (Drop: Song Sprite)
_ Toy Boat (Drop: Dark Hare, Holly Elf) [Before Chapter 4]
_ Toy Duck (Drop: Blight) {G-3}
_ Toy Duckling (NPC: Duck Clan Village)

Medal Sets
_ Medal Set #1 (NPC: Vinay del Zexay)
_ Medal Set #2 (NPC: Chisha Village)
_ Medal Set #3 (Treasure: Mt. Hei-Tou)
_ Medal Set #4 (Rare Find: Chisha)
_ Medal Set #5 (Treasure: North Cavern)

Old Books
_ Vol. 1 (Corpse: Flame Champion's Hideaway)
_ Vol. 2 (Lottery: Vinay del Zexay)
_ Vol. 3 (NPC: Great Hollow)
_ Vol. 4 (Corpse: Cyndar Ruins)
_ Vol. 5 (NPC: Duck Clan Village)
X Vol. 6 (Automatic)
X Vol. 7 (Automatic)
_ Vol. 8 (Lottery: Budehuc)
_ Vol. 9 (Corpse: Flame Champion's Hideaway)
X Vol. 10 (Automatic)
_ Vol. 11 (Treasure: North Cavern)
_ Vol. 12 (Treasure: Mt. Hei-Tou)

X Script #1 (Automatic)
_ Script #2 (NPC: Vinay del Zexay)
_ Script #3 (Treasure: North Cavern)
_ Script #4 (NPC: Le Buque Village)
_ Script #5 (Corpse: Cyndar Ruins) [Suiko II Data]
_ Script #6 (Treasure: Mt. Senai) [Suiko I+II Data]

_ Herb #1 (NPC: Vinay del Zexay)
_ Herb #2 (Treasure: North Cavern)
_ Herb #3 (NPC: Le Buque Village)
_ Herb #4 (Corpse: Kaput Forest)
_ Grape #1 (NPC: Great Hollow)
_ Grape #2 (Treasure: Flame Champion's Hideaway)
_ Melon #1 (Treasure: Mt Hei-Tou)
_ Melon #2 (NPC: Alma Kinan)
_ Tomato #1 (NPC: Caleria)
_ Tomato #2 (NPC: Iskay)

Cafe's Spices
_ Sugar (Trader: Budehuc, Duck Clan Village, and Le Buque)
_ Salt (Trader: Brass Castle, Caleria and Vinay del Zexay)
_ Mayonnaise (Trader: Caleria and Chisha)
_ Red Pepper (Trader: Great Hollow and Le Buque)
_ Soy Sauce (Trader: Caleria and Duck Clan Village)

_ Arabian Kennel (NPC: Le Buque)
_ Beautiful Kennel (Treasure: Mountain Path)
_ Blue Kennel (Goppu-2000)
_ Castle Kennel (Treasure: North Cavern)
_ Orange Kennel (NPC: Alma Kinan)
_ Yellow Kennel (Corpse: Mt. Hei-Tou)
Capcom has done nothing but dissapoint fans since the cancellation of MegaMan Legends 3.
Well, the fans are fighting back. See how on Capcom-Unity's Dev Room.

User Info: SIMSteven

5 years ago#3
X Recipe #1, Egg Roll (Automatic)
_ Recipe #2, Nukazuke Pickles (Corpse: Zexen Forest)
_ Recipe #3, Tomato Soup (Lottery: Duck Clan Village)
_ Recipe #4, Pork Bun (Goppu-2000)
_ Recipe #5, Butter Sauted Clam (Corpse: Mt. Hei-Tou)
_ Recipe #6, Fried Noodles (Lottery: Iskay)
_ Recipe #7, Skewered Chicken (Corpse: Mountain Path)
_ Recipe #8, Ice Cream (Ranch Racing)
_ Recipe #9, Beef and Potatoes (NPC: Iskay) [Chapter 4+]
_ Recipe #10, Cake (NPC: Alma Kinan)
_ Recipe #11, Grilled Fish (NPC: Iskay)
_ Recipe #12, Gratin (NPC: Vinay del Zexay)
_ Recipe #13, Lunch Box (NPC: Le Buque) [Chapter 4+]
_ Recipe #14, Hashed Beef and Rice (Corpse: Mt. Hei-Tou)
_ Recipe #15, Fried Rice (NPC: Caleria) [Chapter 4+]
_ Recipe #16, Ramen (NPC: Chisha) [Chapter 4+]
_ Recipe #17, Tofu Hot Pot (Treasure: Cyndar Ruins)
_ Recipe #18, Full Course (Treasure: Mt. Senai) [Chapter 5]
_ Recipe #19, Special Stew (NPC: Great Hallow) [Chapter 4+]
_ Recipe #20, Chinese Banquet (Treasure: Mountain Path) [Chapter 5]

Unique Equipment
_ Wind Magic Ring (Story Battle in Chapter 5)
_ Evasion Ring (Major Victory: Great Hollow)
_ Counter Ring (Major Victory: Budehuc-1)

Armor Sets
1 Crown of Destiny (Rare Item: Great Hollow; Treasure: Mountain Path; Pre x1)
1 Robe of Destiny (Treasure: Cyndar, Mt. Senai; Pre x1)
2 Gloves of Destiny (Rare Item: Caleria; Treasure: North Cavern; Goppu-2000; Pre x2)
5 Guardian Casque (Drop: Ghost Holly, Horohoro; Treasure: North Cavern; Pre-equipped x5)
# Guardian Chain Mail (Rare Item: Caleria; Treasure: Mountain Path)
1 Guardian Shield (Rare Item: Guild Hall; Goppu-5000; Pre x1) {Chapter 5}
# Mole Helm (Corpse: Mt. Hei-Tou; Treasure: North Cavern) {T1-2}
# Mole Armor (Recruit Dominique; Goppu-2000) [LIMITED]
# Mole Shield (Rare Item: Le Buque; Treasure: Mountain Path)
2 Mole Gloves (Rare Item: Great Hollow; Goppu-500; Pre x2) [Chapter 1]
1 Pale Moon Casque (Drop: Troll Dragon; Treasure: North Cavern; Pre x1)
# Pale Moon Leather (Treasure: Mt. Senai; Ranch Racing)
# Pale Moon Necklace (Rare Item: Le Buque; Ranch Racing)
2 Prosperity Hat (Rare Item: Chisha; Treasure: Cyndar; Ranch Racing; Pre x2)
# Prosperity Tunic (Goppu-5000) [UNIQUE]
# Prosperity Ring (Rare Item: Chisha)
Capcom has done nothing but dissapoint fans since the cancellation of MegaMan Legends 3.
Well, the fans are fighting back. See how on Capcom-Unity's Dev Room.

User Info: SIMSteven

5 years ago#4
# Flame Casque (Drop: Ghost Knight; Treasure: Mountain Path)
# Horned Helm (Treasure: Mt. Senai)
# Wind Hat (Treasure: Flame Champion's Hideaway; Major Victory: Ceremonial Site)

# Armor of Rage (Drop: Ghost Armor; Rare Item: Guild Hall; Treasure: Cyndar, Mt. Senai)
2 Blood Armor (Treasure: Cyndar, Mountain Path; Pre x1)
# Custom Leather (Rare Item: Vinay del Zexay, Great Hollow; Treasure: Mt. Senai; North Cvrn)
# Custom Robe (Treasure: Cyndar, Mountain Path)
# Custom Tunic (Rare Item: Le Buque; Treasure: Flame Champion's Hideaway, Mt. Senai)
# Dragon Scale (Treasure: Mountain Path)
# Dream Robe (Treasure: Mountain Path)
2 Earth Chain Mail (Drop: Ghost Holly; Major Victory: Chisha; Pre x2) [Chapter 3]
# Master Garb (Rare Item: Vinay del Zexay; Treasure: Mt. Senai)
2 Ninja Suit (Treasure: Cyndar Ruins, North Cavern; Pre x2)
# Robe of Mist (Treasure: North Cavern; Pre x1)
# Silver White Robe (Rare Item: Chisha; Treasure: Flame Champ's Hideaway, Mountain; Pre x1)
# Taikyoku Tunic (Treasure: Mt. Hei-Tou)
# True Thunderbolt Leather (Rare Item: Brass Castle)
# Windspun Armor (Rare Item: Le Buque)

1 Earth Shield (Treasure: Cyndar, Mt. Senai; Pre x1)
# Mangosh (Rare Item: Brass Castle; Treasure: North Cavern, Mt. Senai; Drop: Peckles) {Chp2}
1 Silver Shield (Treasure: Cyndar; Major Victory: Brass Castle-Ch4; Pre x1)

# Blue Ribbon (Rare Item: Duck Clan Village; Goppu-5000)
# Chain Attack Ring (Treasure: Mt. Senai)
# Dragon Tail Ornament (Rare Item: Great Hollow; Treasure: Mountain Path)
# Earth Magic Ring (Treasure: Mt. Hei-Tou)
# Fire Magic Ring (Treasure: Flame Champion Hideaway) [Chapter 3 and early Chapter 4]
# Gold Beak (Rare Item: Duck Clan Village; Drop: Chimera; Treasure: Mt. Hei-Tou)
# Gold Emblem (Rare Item: Brass Castle, Guild Hall; Corpse: Mt. Hei-Tou; Drop: Yuber)
# Lightning Magic Ring: (Treasure: Mountain Path; Ranch Racing) [Before Chapter 4]
# Lion God Ring (Rare Item: Chisha)
1 Resistance Ring (Treasure: Mountain Path; Goppu-5000; Pre x1)
# Water Magic Ring (Corpse: Flame Champion's Hideaway)
# White Rose Brooch (Rare Item: Caleria; Treasure: North Cavern)
Capcom has done nothing but dissapoint fans since the cancellation of MegaMan Legends 3.
Well, the fans are fighting back. See how on Capcom-Unity's Dev Room.
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