The definitive SoA help topic - Version 2 **Come here first**

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User Info: spud2002

12 years ago#1
The SoA info thread, Version 2.0

This mini-FAQ lists the most common problems users shout about on the SoA message board, I thought having this would cut down on a lot of the repetitive topics. If you feel I should add something else, just mention it and it’ll will be in a future version ^_^.

Also if I've made any stupid errors or mistakes then just shout at me somewhere and I'll fix them, feedback would be helpful as I'd like this to be the DEFINITIVE guide to SoA problems.

Changes since last edition; Added extra info about Vize, added extra crew member locations, fixed the Piastol/Moonfish bit and added info about Aura of Valor’s. I also got rid of those awful line breaks and fixed a whole heap of spelling errors.

How to I get to the underground base on Pirates Isle?

After going to the room with the lone treasure chest and one or two residents in it, look for a path leading to what looks like a dead end. Stand facing towards Vyse's house and run right towards edge of the island, and follow the path down behind the house, at the end of this path examine the wall and a secret entrance should open.

Where is Piastol?

Before you fight Piastol you always need to collect a black spot from the Sailors Guild on Sailors Isle (One black spot for each of the four battles). Next head out West from Sailors Isle, Piastol’s ship is the one with the blue sails.

These are the points in the game where a new Piastol battle becomes available, plus any other conditions which need to be met:

1st Battle - Black spot becomes available after Fina joins the party.
2nd Battle - Black spot becomes available just after you get the Delphinus and if you have a certain number of Moonfish.
3rd Battle - Black spot becomes available when you return from Yafutoma (Check in at Crescent Isle first) and if you have a certain number of Moonfish.
4th Battle - Black spot becomes available after you return from Dangrel Island, you MUST also have delivered ALL the Moonfish to Doc.

Go search for the black spot’s after each time you get a cutscene about Doc’s past.

Vize isn't there?

First off, make sure you are past Yafutoma, he won't even appear on the list before then. Make sure you check the list & see his entry on there. He should be in front of the palace gates in Nasr, on the right hand side. Vize only appears if your actual Swashbuckler rating is fairly high, I believe it is either Dashing or Daring. You're not going to be able to see it once you become Vyse the Fallen Pirate, but your rating will still raise. Once you hit Daring or Dashing (whichever it is), Vize will appear. If you are in the right point of the game but still can't see him then just proceed further with the story, say past the next moon crystal. If you have got all the crystals and he still isn't there then try exiting and re-entering Nasr, that sometimes fixes things.

I can't find the Ice Ruins?

First off, if you're using gameshark codes (The all-discoveries one) sometimes the game won't let you make the 'ruins of ice' discovery & you'll be very screwed. If your simply lost and can't find the entrance then fly at a high altitude and look for a dark patch on a flat plain of ice, the opening is South of the 'Aurora' discovery.

Who is Elcian and where is he?

Elcian is an insanely powerful black Looper who lives in the dark rift, the quickest way to reach him is to enter from the Yafutoman side, he is in the room which used to contain the boss. You must have defeated Galcian to unlock this battle.

User Info: spud2002

12 years ago#2
How do I unlock the 3 secrets?

You need to meet all of these requirements:

- All discoveries found & reported.
- All bounties defeated & reported.
- All crew members found.
- Won over 12 non-story ship battles, including the 4 giant monsters.
- Over 2500 kills.
- Over 90% chest discovery rate.
- Finish the Moonfish/Piastol side-quest & view final scene

How to find the three secrets:

- Gold Hamachou, found above the tunnel connecting Mid Ocean to Sailors Isle.
- Sky Fang can be brought from a mystery merchant.
- Air Pirate Vigoro, found at Crescent Isle

How do I check my treasure % and battle stats?

You must visit Hamachou Island which is located above the dark rift; you need to be able to fly in upper sky to reach it.

Where can I find 12 non-story ship battles?

You can fight any random Valuan ship or black pirate ship as many times as you wish, you can find the Valuan ships outside of the Grand Fortress. You can find a black pirate ship in North Ocean and another near the Temple of Pyrynn.

Here is the location of the four giant monsters:

Obispo - Go through the rift to the North of Crescent Isle, he is near the 'Squid's Nest' discovery.
Alania - Found in the sky above the Lands of Ice.
Roc - In upper sky around the Horteka area.
Giant Looper - In the North West of your map you will see a triangle area surrounded by rifts, here is the Looper nest discovery and the Giant Looper can be found flying around in here.

Hard to find crew members

These are the crew members who generally cause people the most hassle:

Robinson - Enter the dark rift and go through the wall to the left, turn left in here & look for a vortex near the bottom, go through that and do a 180 when you reach the other side. You'll notice there is a another vortex to the right of the one you entered through, Robinson is in a glowing ship through that vortex.

Merida - To get Merida you must have picked up the 'message in a bottle', this is found in the Sailors Isle lighthouse. Merida can be found in the Horteka bar.

Kalifa - She is in the tent next to the bar in Maramba, you need the 'Surian Blade' equipped, this can be purchased from the Weapons dealer in Yafutoma.

Ilchymis - His Island is in upper sky above Valua, one of your party must know the spell 'Riselem'

Kirala - Kirala is in the construction yard in Yafutoma, to reach this you must go down the waterfall in a tub boat. Be sure to praise Kirala when speaking to her otherwise she won't join you.

Hans – You’ll find him by the ship wreck in Horteka, if he doesn’t join straight away then exit, advance the story and return. If Soltis has been raised, Hans will instead be on Centimes ship, somewhere around Soltis.

Ryu-Kan - Mid-Sky 40%. Due north of Tenkou Island until you're on the south-east part of the map.

User Info: spud2002

12 years ago#3
Where is Lord Zivilyn Bane?

He is at the top of Soltis Tower, the room with the teleporters in. I can't remember the exact order of teleporters to go through so shout at me if you want.

Where can I find Aura of Valor’s?

A chest in the Dark Rift.
The Ixa'ness demons battle.
Giving 6 moonfish to Doc.
Enemies on the Hydra.
Enemies in the Grand Fortress.
Enemies on the Delphinus when its taken by Yafutoman soldiers.

I missed a Moonfish, Cham etc.. Can I still get it?

Aside from certain treasure chests, found in areas that you can't return to, you can go back for anything in the game. This includes Chams, Abrik Chams, Moonfish, Crew Members, and anything else that isn't those chests.

Where is the Great Bird discovery?

Great Bird is actually a large shape on the ground, not a flying discovery....

Look near a lake, the Golden Man should be pointing towards it.


Thanks to: Final Cupil, Kane Knight, trizob the hedgehog, A worlds envy Scizor2000 and RamzaRuglia for extra info and suggestions. You guys rock ^_^
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User Info: spud2002

12 years ago#4
Hopefully this will replace the old sticky topic, soon
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User Info: spud2002

12 years ago#5
If anyone knows a lead mod could they get this sticky'd and the other unsticky'd please
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User Info: spud2002

12 years ago#6
Apparently the 'sticky suggestion ' topic at SS doesn't work then >:(
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User Info: Barbarossa89

12 years ago#7

They say that the vortex to the deep sky is near shrine island. I can see no way to deep sky. I am at a loss. Is the vortex invisible?
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User Info: Edge AoM

Edge AoM
12 years ago#8
Fly back up to mid sky and adjust the camera angle with the D-pad. You'll be able to see it better from further away.
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User Info: Barbarossa89

12 years ago#9
A silent fool is a wise fool. A closed mouth gathers no flies. Stupid proverbs that do not exist are the result of too little psyenergy.~Kraden (I think.)

User Info: spud2002

12 years ago#10
There's a huge que of topics waiting to be sticky'd, it may be a while before this one replaces the older version >_<
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