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User Info: RedHawk4

6 years ago#71

List for trophies/achievements in Hot Pursuit (2010):

Top Cop - Complete Cop career 100% (50G)
Most Wanted - Complete Racer career 100% (50G)
Serious Skills - Escape the cops with out taking damage (20G)
Pro Racer - Win first place in a race with out taking damage (20G)
Winner - Win 20 Races (20G)
Bad Boys, Bad boys.. - Win 20 matches of Interceptor (20G)
Tourist - Travel 25 Miles (10G)
Outdoors man - Travel 200 miles (20G)
Don't you have a home? - Travel 1000 miles (40G)
Welcome to Seacrest County - Win your first event (10G)
To Protect and Serve.. - Bust your first racer (10G)
Long arm of the Law - Bust 20 racers (10G)
Like the good old times - Escape the cops 20 times (10G)
Fast and Furious - Hit 250 mph (25G)
Know what I pulled you over for? - Get busted for the first time (5G)
Better luck next time coppers! - Escape the cops for the first time (10G)
We fought the law.. - Engage and win 100 pursuits as a racer (20G)
And the law won.. - Engage and win 100 pursuits as a cop (20G)
Lone Wolf - Win a match as a cop against 7 racer players (20G)
Have Insurance? - Win a match as a racer against 7 cop players (20G)
Jumper - Travel over 10 feet in the air (10G)
Mmmm.. Donut - Sucessfully pull off a high speed 360 spin (10G)
Criterion Spirit - Win against a Criterion Developer or someone who has this achievement already (25G)
Connected - Compare and beat your friend in any game mode using Autolog (10G)
Drifter - Travel 200 meters in a single Drift (10G)
Officer - Reach the rank of Officer as a cop (10G)
Sergeant - Reach the rank of Sergeant as a cop (20G)
Lieutenant - Reach the rank of Lieutenant as a cop (30G)
Captain - Reach the rank of Captain as a cop (40G)
Chief - Reach the rank of Chief as a cop (50G)
Newbie - Reach the rank of Newbie as a racer (10G)
Amateur - Reach the rank of Amateur as a racer (20G)
Novice - Reach the rank of Novice as a racer (30G)
Professional - Reach the rank of Professional as a racer (40G)
Legend - Reach the rank of Legend as a racer (50G)
Like a Turtle - Roll your car over for the first time (10G)
Might need new rims.. - Escape the cops after all four tires have been flatten by a spike-strip (10G)

User Info: Tekken9292

6 years ago#72
Oh, wow, I take it back then.
Now I'm all excited for this. :o
PSN ID: TekkenDevil9292
I hate it when series go through trends. I expect the same game in a different setting, updated mechanics and or graphics.

User Info: RedHawk4

6 years ago#73
You and me both, brother. ;)

User Info: RedHawk4

6 years ago#74
Interview (12 minutes long) with Craig Sullivan and Adam Sessler:

User Info: RedHawk4

6 years ago#75
Turns out that the previous trophy list may not be's a completely different one that also seems legit:

User Info: RedHawk4

6 years ago#76
Seacrest County PD Trailer:

User Info: RedHawk4

6 years ago#77
Demo releasing later today, probably in about 5+ hours or so on PSN.

User Info: Off_da_border

6 years ago#78
Played the demo (as a cop at least, I'll have to wait till "a friend" downloads the demo for me to play as a racer... at least that's what the demo tells me) aaaand...

I honestly don't like how you're stuck on a series of long highways that require little past the effort of tapping the brakes for a self-retaining drift to course through the tightest of its corners at speeds approaching Mach One. In the past, to compose a good track, you had to spread some 200 mph bits here and some third-gear curves there, weld them with a couple of chicanes and paint a catchy environment all around. The result was Dolphin Cove and Island Outskirts, a decent balance of momentum, challenge and memorability. In this incarnation of Hot Pursuit however, you will never drop under fourth gear once you get good at drifting (id est: in five minutes). Unless you crash. Which brings me to the next paragraph.

What's with all this emphasis on crashing? I don't have a problem with crashes, as long as such dramatic crashes end the race for me rather than make me respawn as if nothing has happened (for the cop anyway). And what happened to the normal busts? Why do I have to wreck the racers to win? Why are all the racers prepared to fight for speed to their deaths? Each racer has a "health bar", and you're expected to deplete it if you want to bust the crim. I'm okay with the basic idea, and I'm okay with the obvious Burnout bias, it's just the exclusivity of all busts to wrecks that irritates me. Even spike strips won't bust the racers, they'll slow down for a few seconds and respawn with a shunted health bar. That's just incredibly stupid.

The last issue that concerns me is the driving engine. Forget about how unbelievably heavy the cars feel or the high speed drifts or whatever, I can live with those, it's how badly the 370Z handles compared to the Crown Vic. If I extrapolate this trend in handling over the carlist, I can easily expect how badly the Zondas and the Murcielagos will drive. The fact that this has been an issue with the last, well, half a dozen NFS games doesn't help at all. Here's hoping I'm wrong.

Oh, and the Autolog nonsense needs to be scrapped. It isn't working in the demo for whatever reason (it's not locked, unlike the other features, it just loads and then nothing happens... maybe I'm not using it the way I should but whatever) and even if it did work, it sounds like a big mess of time and energy-consuming promises that aren't necessary in a game like this anyway.

Overall, it's an average game so far. It's not particularly impressive, nor is it a failure, just an average racer. It's probably going to entertain for a while, then get lost deep in the crypts and fissures of my bookshelf, forever forgotten and rotting among its peers of similarly average games. Not really the Hot Pursuit remake I've been waiting for all these years, but it's definitely a good leap in the right direction.

Oh oh, and something else I just remembered. Why do racers have spike strips again? Not in the demo, but I just felt like complaining over this nonsense to somebody. Black market spike strips and EMP? What kind of drug have you been snuffing, Criterion, to come up with this act of complete idiocy?
This is, quite honestly, the biggest load of limp-wristed twaddle I've ever heard in all my five weeks in television - James May

User Info: Off_da_border

6 years ago#79
...okay, I'm going to look like a donkey after saying this.

I just got a "friend" and unlocked the racers event. That's a whole new face to the game. The race was really reminiscent of Hot Pursuit 2; it's got the same soul if you get what I mean. I'm still critical of the points I mentioned earlier, it's just that... for a moment there in the racers event, with the Porsche Boxster S, the coastal breeze and the sun shining off the windscreen, everything felt the way it should. Like back in the days. I'm infatuated.

And Autolog now works but... who cares?
This is, quite honestly, the biggest load of limp-wristed twaddle I've ever heard in all my five weeks in television - James May

User Info: krazykubano

6 years ago#80

really liking this demo, but I haven't given a crap about this autolog thing since it was first introduced. The thing I'm most looking forward to is an intense 8 on 8 cop vs. racer online battle, but the autolog seems to dissuade you from playing online multiplayer games. The guys at criterion are like, "we recognize the fact that it's nearly impossible to sync up an online multiplayer game with your friends at the same time, so here's a bunch of offline time trials and assorted challenges that are way more epic than playing online. nobody wants to go into matchmaking with a bunch of strangers anyway." actually, yes I do.

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