Invitation to a party

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User Info: sconekiller

6 years ago#1
found the sniper rifle via the hidden passageway to the balcony; but i had some trouble walking out with it. seems the security detail found that a bit suspicious. also lost it a couple of times when i was on the balcony dragging the dead guard and dropping and picking up the briefcase. it just disappeared. fortunately i had saved the game.

went into the ballroom to mingle and garroted the piano player when he said he didn't play requests. strangely, the piano kept on playing. perhaps that's why the poor fellow wouldn't change his tune.

anyone know why you can pick up a champagne glass but not the champagne in the kitchen?
Baruk Khazad! Khazad aimenu!

User Info: thecatsix

6 years ago#2

You can poison the champagne glass and give it to the General.

What I what you do with all that chocolate?
Sniper's in Position! -Hitman Contracts
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