Shadow of Chernobyl vs. Call of Pripyat

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User Info: IronZeppelin24

7 years ago#1

Im new to STALKER game but ive always wanted to play one and im finally gonna get around to buying one but which one is better? They are both the same price where im gonna buy it so price isnt an issue. Any suggestions?

User Info: TacticalPuma

7 years ago#2
Well, Call of Pripyat is better as a game, but SoC is more stalker-ish.
If I was you, I'd just get both. And Clear Sky as well.

User Info: EnviroBdamned

7 years ago#3
I think SoC is the most difficult one survival wise.
CS is the more difficult gun fight wise.
I haven't gotten to pripyat yet, i'm taking a stalker break.
Wow that was more intense than that time i forgot how to sit down...
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User Info: metacritical

7 years ago#4
SoC has more replayability (i could play that game for eternity), CoP is shorter but better (only has 2-3 replays before you've done literally everything to be done). CS is really long and fun, but really needs to be fully patched, as do all games of course, but CS especially. so for me, i'd get SoC every time, but CoP for a fun, more polished but shorter game. SoC with the in-game armour and gun modifications that featured in CoP would be the best game ever made. here's hoping for STALKER 2 :)

User Info: TacticalPuma

7 years ago#5
Metacritical, I completely agree with everything you just said.

User Info: IronZeppelin24

7 years ago#6

Thanks for the input, im going to go ahead and get SoC then work my way up and get CS and CoP. I can't wait these games look so fun and acually difficult unlike most shooters out now. Also are there any mods or patches that I should look into for SoC?

User Info: Raok

7 years ago#7
Oh god yes there's a lot of mods to check out for SoC. In my opinion, SoC is the best in terms of the number of awesome mods out for it.
First off, I'd recommend beating it without any mods first, because most of the best mods COMPLETELY change the game.
As for what mods I'd recommend, there's a couple I've used.
First is Oblivion Lost 2009, which is kind of a mod compilation including Arsenal and Oblivion Lost 2.2 as well as a few other mods. It adds a lot of new weapons and artifacts, including a artifact "recipe" system, vehicles, and a lot of graphics changes.
Currently I'm using the "Super Mod Pack" which so far is very different, but very very awesome. It includes Arsenal, Oblivion Lost, and more mods then you can shake an AK at, but it's a really large download and it can be a bit difficult to install properly.
Out of the two of those, so far I'd recommend the Super Mod Pack.

User Info: TacticalPuma

7 years ago#8
OL is just crap. SMP is a good mod though, but I'd recommend you download ZRP, Float32, and start tuning up the game yourself. Alternatively, just get Stalker Complete 2009 or 2012 when it comes out, or if you want something different, download the Priboi Story - mod.

User Info: vick1000

7 years ago#9
I own all three, and until the mod community gets up to speed with CoP, SoC is still the better game. CS is pure fail compared to SoC, and a waste of money with CoP available.
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User Info: Odinstein

7 years ago#10
I have beaten Shadow of Chernobyl with Oblivion Lost 2.2 and I think it was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. Without the mod I think it definitely needed some fixes.

So far I'm about 15 or so hours into Call of Pripyat, been taking it slow, but I think the gameplay is way slower than Oblivion Lost. The open-ended map IS very awesome, especially things like the large anomalies and caves, but the world seems pretty empty. Enemies are sparse, NPCs are static, and also, maybe I haven't gotten to it yet, but there is no military presence and no really rational scheme for fighting human enemies. What you have is a bunch of friendly guys walking around shooting at poor mutated animals and supposedly looking for treasures. Makes you wonder what's so bad about this "zone" in the first place. To me, it feels more like a Myst type of game in a really cool location with awesome graphics and guns, but not a whole lot to shoot at.

Some other things... l kinda preferred the unannounced blowouts and the artifact hunting in O.L.

My verdict... If you haven't played any of the games, DEFINITELY start out with SoC, and I would reccomend Oblivion Lost. - - Artwork by ChildrenOfUrmom
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