Quick question: does STALKER Complete remove hit probability?

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  3. Quick question: does STALKER Complete remove hit probability?

User Info: PChapin

5 years ago#1
Hit probability has always been one of this game's most mind-boggling features for me. I have no idea why they would program a realistic ballistics system and then make it so a percentage of your shots just go through enemies.

Anywho, I've seen a number of tweaks that fix this. But I'm planning to start a playthrough with STALKER Complete, and I haven't been able to find out if this mod removes hit probability. If I install it, will I no longer have to worry about it, or will I have to apply those tweaks on top of the mod?

Also, I've heard in some places that playing on Master removes hit probability, but in other places I've heard that it sets it at 50%--i.e. 50% of your shots that hit will "really" hit on Master. Which is the truth? If it's the former, I can just use STALKER Complete and play on Master to be sure that none of my shots are magically passing through enemies (right?).
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User Info: cloakedboltz

5 years ago#2
Bullets have spread, they don't always hit bullseye. Some guns have tighter spreads than others.

The F2000 seems like the ultimate gun in my book, for the short time I used it in the arena, I could reliably get headshots.
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User Info: PChapin

5 years ago#3
Er, that has little to do with what I was asking. I know that bullets spread in this game, but I also happen to know that hit probability is a thing, and I just want to know if the STALKER Complete mod fixes it, if Master removes it, or if I need to apply config tweaks on top of those to get rid of it.
I like my brain more than them. They can have mercy when they can spell it. -Touphi

User Info: PChapin

5 years ago#4
So I looked through the config files after installing the mods (STALKER Complete and the Realistic Weapons add-on). In config/weapons/weapons.ltx, I found:

"hit_probability_max_dist = 10;"

So I guess that's that, although now that I know where it is I can easily just change that number to something like 1000 to eliminate hit probability.

Interestingly, in config/creatures/actor.ltx, I found this:

"hit_probability_gd_novice = 0.40
hit_probability_gd_stalker = 0.60
hit_probability_gd_veteran = 0.80
hit_probability_gd_master = 1.00"

From what I've heard, those decide hit probability on each difficulty level. According to those, playing on Master effectively removes it, because it sets the probability to 1.00, or 100%. But I'm a bit confused, because information I've found in multiple places have said that Novice should be 20% and Master should be 50%--so why is my file different? Were they all mistaken, or did the mods change it?

Anyway, from here I could just play Master and have no hit probability without even tweaking that other line. Or I could tweak it anyway, just to be sure. But here's another place where I've heard conflicting information: what do the difficulty levels change? From some places, I've heard that hit probability is the ONLY thing that changes--so playing Normal without it is effectively playing Master. But from others I've heard that things like damage, frequency of supplies, etc. change with the difficulty.

Man, researching this game is a pain... So, could I get any sort of confirmation here? Since that's what my config file says, those are my hit probabilities for each difficulty level, right? So Master would set it to 100%. Do the difficulty levels change anything else?
I like my brain more than them. They can have mercy when they can spell it. -Touphi

User Info: Omnipotent_Cow

5 years ago#5
You'll find you die ALOT quicker with the hit probability set to 100; remember, you are basically an NPC with a camera strapped to your forehead, there is no special treatment given to you that is not given to them. Also, I do recall the economy being harsher an master (although that might be the expansions.)

User Info: AzumaNaroon

5 years ago#6
Yes, with hit prob set to 100%, you'll also get your beans spilled much quicker than usual. I played with OL 2.2 and I think it was at 100% there, the game became much more difficult but also much more fun. I only died when a rare glitch appeared, or if it was due to something that I did wrong, rather than being cheated out of hits because my five headshots didn't do any damage.
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  3. Quick question: does STALKER Complete remove hit probability?

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