Why Square made it too easy

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User Info: Kayeto

8 years ago#1
At first, I was irritated that this game was too easy. Then I got to thinking...

Square invested lots of money into making this game. Part of the money they invested went towards producing the ending cutscenes/dialogue of the game. If the game had been made too difficult then only a portion of players would ever see the ending. If that had happened with this game, the money spent developing the ending would not be money well spent because there would be a poor ratio ratio between development dollars and 'player enjoyment'.

Now lemme throw in a totally different example. When I was young I owned a game for the NES called 1942. That game was very hard. I owned it for like 2 or 3 years before I ever beat it. When you beat that game, the ending is just one simple thing: The game types the world Congratulations out in white letters against a black screen. It annoyed me when I saw such a simple ending for what was such a hard game to beat, but now I understand it.

Square intended everyone to beat FF3/6j, whereas the makers of 1942 did not intend most players to beat it. Does this concept make sense to anyone?

User Info: MeepleLardicle

8 years ago#2
I'm pretty it being "too easy" was more just how it ended up. This stuff happens. Either they didn't scale the enemies properly relative to the damage done, or space limitations made them unable to work around other factors, or what have you. This stuff just happens.

I don't think its intended, unless the game is flaring with "Beginner RPG" status or what not like FFMQ did.
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User Info: NeverLandRufio

8 years ago#3
I didn't think the game was ''too'' easy. I found it difficult when I was a little boy when you get further into the game. In my opinion if you don't grind a lot and It's your first playthrough I think the game provides sufficient challenge, It might not be really hard or punishing but FFVI is no KH2. Any game should be easy on a second playthrough.

User Info: MeepleLardicle

8 years ago#4
Also, I should note that while FF6 isn't exactly a very hard RPG (though I do agree that when I was younger, the game was challenging enough), its nowhere near the easiest.

Heck, if we look past the existence of the Super Bosses, FF7 is clearly an overall easier game. I know for the longest time, I couldn't beat Storm Dragon in FF6 without resorting to Vanish Doom or coming back later with a much stronger party, where as in FF7, only fight that gave me any sense of trouble was Demon's Gate, whom was mostly me realizing that Magic Materia lowers HP and that was all I needed to win <_<.

But of course that's just an opinion, and straying away from a potential FF6 vs. FF7 war, I'll just note there are a ludicrous number of RPGs much easier than FF6. Grandia 1, Grandia 2, Legend of Mana, Kingdom Hearts 2 (as was mentioned before, though KH series was clearly geared towards all gamers, hence why its difficulty should be expected lower), Suikoden 1, and Breath of Fire 1to name a few.

IN general, RPGs are not a hard genre. FF6 isn't anywhere near the hardest in the Genre...its actually about part with many others (especially if we factor out strategy RPGs, which tend to be a little harder in general), somewhere in the average range. Its mostly "RPGs are not hard a genre." Especially when we compare it to things like Action Games, where difficulty is something you come expecting in spades *waves to the DMC series* *follows up by setting fire to DMC2 for failing at that*
The site Meeple argues at for too much of his life!

User Info: Archie_Bunker

8 years ago#5
Usually games with tons of options tend to have overpowered elements. I like to think that this game is as easy as you make it.
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User Info: Imzogelmo

8 years ago#6
I have often wondered this very thing as well. There are so many uber-setups in this game, it just allows you to deal a lot more damage than needed. On the one hand, I think that's a reaction to earlier games in the series; on the other hand, I think they actually intended a lot of the setups to be hidden easter eggs--of course the internet was not anything like it is today back then. But overall, I think they just didn't bother to re-balance the monsters against the inevitable late game buffed characters.
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User Info: Sheoldred

8 years ago#7
Little problem with your theory: Not all RPGs are easy, yet all took effort to make and some took even more effort than FF6. I doubt the easiness was a design decision that had that type of rationale - it probably just sorta happened due to any number of things during development. Also, the first time you play FF6, it's not as easy as it appears now. Some of the easiness comes from knowing what to expect and knowing how to counter it, knowing what the best attacks are and what equips can be exploited from previous playthroughs.

User Info: MajinKain0

8 years ago#8
I don't think it was intended to be "too easy," it just ended up that way. All of the defense ignoring skills you have (Bum Rush, Throw, Ultima, etc), defensive gear (Minerva, Snow Muffler, Thunder Shield, etc) and other equipment options (Valiant Knife, Gem Box, etc) help cause this. As Meeple stated, it's not the easiest RPG, or FF for that matter, FF7 is at least as easy, and FF8 is the easiest (barring MQ) by abusing the junction system, IMO. Also if you think about it, Gamefaqs wasn't even around when this game first came out so not everyone knew about many of the setups that make you nigh invincible.

User Info: Kayeto2

8 years ago#9
After reading the responses. I am beginning to think that perhaps the wording I chose for the title implied a different main point than what I was really going for. A measurement of too easy/too hard is not what I was actually trying to get at here.

What I was really trying to say was ...

Square intended for every person who plays this game to beat it at least once.

... and that not all games are designed to be like that.

User Info: Sheoldred

8 years ago#10
But wouldn't you say almost all RPGs are meant to be beaten then? The story is usually pivotal and you can't see the full story unless you do so. Yet there are some RPGs that aren't easy.
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