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User Info: Sealot

7 years ago#1
How do I change my characters row? Apart from in-battle command.
And can I change my party leader (the character who is shown)?

User Info: seufi

7 years ago#2
About back row, in menu just use left in directional. There'll be a sparkling hand. Just press action command twice and the char photo will move to right.
To change who appears in world map, the procedure is almost the same. Instead hitting confirm button twice, press once and move the cursor to another char. The chars who appears on world map is the first one in menu.
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User Info: Sealot

7 years ago#3
Thank you very much!

User Info: Peter_19

7 years ago#4
There's almost no reason at all to even be in the front row;
Locke should use a back row weapon and work full-time with Capture (why not, attacks with added Steal attempts're nice), Edgar and Sabin will pwn everything in sight with their Tools and Blitzes, Cyan can just use Dispatch, Stunner and Quadra Slice all the time and everyone else can use magic and/or back row weapons - and of course be in the front row if it's absolutely necessary for some reason.

User Info: MeepleLardicle

7 years ago#5
Why not use Capture?

Cause its inferior to Fight. Following Reasons:
-Can't use Hawkeye's Damage boost (which is much better than a "Single 255 Weapon" in Atma Weapon), which is about the only thing he has going for him in the WoB
-Kills a relic slot; he can't use Genji Glove + Atlas Armlet/Hyper Wrist/Black Belt/Hero Ring/etc.
-Capture doesn't really get you much in the way of good stuff anyway, at least in the first half; maybe a few storebought objects such as Atlas Armlets to save some cash, but nothing particularly special.

So no, I wouldn't say "Locke should use Capture." Locke has enough problems in the WoB, Capture only limits his use further, as Steal isn't enough of a gimmick, and the things worth stealing come from Bosses, a case where you definitely do NOT want to do damage while stealing, on grounds you may accidentally kill it.

Granted, Locke gets plenty of Back Row ignoring weapons so those work for the first half; 2nd half, Valiant Knife doesn't ignore row, so he'd be using Front Row there.
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User Info: Vordrax

7 years ago#6
Meeple is right. Locke is so incredibly inferior that his stealing actually makes an easy game difficult. Capturing all the time? You fool! Does this look like Pokemon to you?!
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User Info: Peter_19

7 years ago#7
My point was that Locke might as well use Capture since this will always let him steal random stuff during the battles. :P
And you won't really need his damage boosts that much anyway.

I like to use Locke, Edgar, Sabin and Cyan and have them constantly use Capture, AutoCrossbow/Chain Saw, Air Blade/Bum Rush and Stunner/Quadra Slice.
This will give you all the offensive power you could ever ask for (Cyan's Stunner is VERY underrated, I absolutely owned everything with it after boosting his Mag.Pwr a bit, it's basically a non-elemental Skean), so further damage boosts aren't even necessary.
And of course you shouldn't use Capture on bosses, with "full time" I meant you could use it as much as possible if you know you won't be missing steal-able stuff.

User Info: TriforceSD

7 years ago#8
I don't use capture that much myself, though I do use two thief knives quite a bit with a genji glove from time to time. There are too many enemies with rare steals that I prefer to just cast haste on Locke and have him steal. However, if you have a lot of enemies with common and rare steals and you want extra cash/items, it can still be useful. I actually used the capture command quite a bit in the Factory.

Why use the attack command in there? Leave me alone. lol I like those elemental swords, and being that the place has critters with high defense, it's one of only a few places that you might actually get use of the random spells they cast.

When all was said and done, I had plenty of hi potions and mythril mails to sell... Capture didn't disable the elemental sword's spell casting, so that was nice.

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User Info: Ticondera

7 years ago#9
Capture and steal.. I really can't help but use them.. If I'm offered a thief, his potential should not be wasted (insert use attack for higher DMG!!11!!1 argument here)

I mean, Locke gets his own little invisible score card..

"yep stole from you.. and you"

"and " -- " Locke what are you doing..!?"

"Treasure hunting... . ? -- and you.. and.. "

Even in LLG's.. It's like having a Kleptomaniac disadvantage.. >.<

User Info: Ecclesiastes273

7 years ago#10
Heh, most of my trouble in my LGG came from trying to create a slack moment where I could Steal from a Boss. And then replicate it twenty times to actually get the item. Klepto disadvantage indeed.

Challenge run or not, I usually use Locke for Stealing OR fighting in a single battle; when Locke's got the item, he becomes a supporting fighter/(de)buffer/healer-his Sneak Ring/Runningshoes leave little in the way of damage potential for most of the game. When he's there for damage, the randoms aren't worth Stealing, nor does the boss have anything noteworthy.

I like Capture enough, but I rarely use it because I'd hate to refight a boss because I killed him. I had Capture against Number 128 once, and I had to use a decent number of Potions and Cures to keep him alive long enough to get my Tempest, while keeping my other guys alive in the meantime. Never again.

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