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Did anybody else find the true final boss battle to be way too easy? (spoilers)slk_23111/12 11:18PM
Just beat "the Shadow" (spoilers)metaIslug510/10 3:57PM
Did you notice that Castle B is more 'decayed-looking' than Castle A? (spoilers)slk_2317/6 12:06PM
It's funny how the credits theme proves that not all the music must be chiptuneslk_2341/20 12:59PM
Were any areas in Harmony of Dissonance not copied from Symphony of the Night?slk_23112/22 8:56PM
Was Max Slimer just HoD's version of Akmodan II, the really weak boss from SotN?slk_23212/5/2016
Which game's style of castle progression do you like more: SotN or HoD?slk_23110/16/2016
Why did this game copy everything from Symphony of the Night except the music?slk_2328/29/2016
Somehow bugged myself to 201.4%!?Elrinth16/16/2016
Hard Mode differences?uffbulle32/19/2016
Rib of Vlad troubles.DivineFistOka212/17/2015
Why does this game have so many areas with names like 'Shrine of the Apostates'?slk_23210/15/2015
Harmony of dissonance vs Circle of the MoonWaffleGaming35/15/2015
Saves are gone (battery not dead!)mled83/6/2015
My opinion of this game just went up somewhat...Maetch112/10/2014
This game's music...knightmere122311/25/2014
DS compatabilityjamesmast2710/24/2014
Stuck in this game. Need help!thegamezmaster19/5/2014
Juste sounds kind of like Goofy from Disneyslk_2327/28/2014
How can it be that Luminous Caverns has such horrible music?slk_2327/28/2014
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