Is it true that moon phase affects drop rate?

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  3. Is it true that moon phase affects drop rate?

User Info: Gogo726

9 years ago#1
A LS mate said that the closer it is to a full moon, the better your drop rates will be. Is there any truth to this?
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User Info: IngaNarf

9 years ago#2
never noticed anything.
and im definetly not gona wait for a moon when i can just go aroudn slaughtering
things. but i do get good drops on watersday
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User Info: Corkadile

9 years ago#3
As far as I'm concerned, it's superstition at it's finest.
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User Info: ShiggidySchwah

9 years ago#4
Knowing SE, probably.

See: crafting, fishing, HELM, etc.

User Info: aragtago

9 years ago#5
I believe it does have an effect, but I never go out of my way to time kills or crafts or anything.

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User Info: TheEplayerNooB

9 years ago#6
I think people started this rumor back when everyone wanted their AF1. It was a way to get out of it.


Guy1 : Hey Guy2 can you help me get my coffer key at PlaceX?
*30 seconds pass*
Guy1:Well can you?
Guy2: I would but that place has a a horrible drop rate.
Guy2:However the drop rate sky rockets when there is a full moon! So lets save sometime and wait for a full moon!

*Days pass and finally a full moon hits*

Guy1: /l Can anyone help me farm now?
*Everyone is busy / Not online*

Unless your a girl....then

*Its 3 am on a Monday and everyone has been EXPin all night*
*Its even a new moon on a darksday*

Girl1: Can anyone help me get my coffer key from PlaceX?
Guy1: Sure!
Guy3: Yea I'll call into work sick!
Guy4: **** yea!~
Guy5: I'll meet you there.
Guy6: Count me in!
Guy7: Woot lets do this!
Guy8: I like eggs.
Guy2: What about my coffer key?
Guy1: Dude don't be so selfish
Guy3: Yea man she asked 1st
Guy4: Your a lamer
Guy5: Maybe if its not too late......But I don't think so
Guy6: Hmm I only have time for one
Guy7: Umm no
Guy8: I like eggs.

User Info: Watcher77

9 years ago#7
Here is SE's official response:

If you believe it does.

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User Info: My_Filgaia

9 years ago#8
If you /slap the enemy while it's under 25%, you'll have a better chance of getting an item.

User Info: ZhangYide

9 years ago#9

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Kill your parents.

User Info: crux

9 years ago#10
See: crafting, fishing, HELM, etc.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for.
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  3. Is it true that moon phase affects drop rate?

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