Pandemonium Warden killed on Remora

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User Info: OmegaSongi

9 years ago#1
by Apathy linkshell. Dropped Shenlong's Baghnahks and Hachiryu body as well as synth mats from all 3 ToAU HNMs.

I love these H2H. sup.
MGO2: Maikeru

User Info: ArtosRC

9 years ago#2
Most excellent.
Mecha Tengu, let's go!

User Info: askpeevies

9 years ago#3
FFXI - Egobrane - Taru WAR75/RDM75/32BLU :O____ - Asura
WoW - Egobrane - 72 Orc Arms Warrior/80 DW Death knight - Hittavainen- Cho'gall

User Info: lolmnk

9 years ago#4
I pretty much soloed it from white gate.
gil is over rated

User Info: Starraven

9 years ago#5
Did you figure out a strategy for it, or did you just use something that will create an emergency mait. on Monday?

User Info: Nexus_Nocturnal

9 years ago#6
pics or it might not have almost probably happend.
Dramatic Effect!

User Info: MysteryMan923

9 years ago#7
All this for a new way to farm cerberus hides?
Stupid ideas are all around us. You need only open your eyes and see it.

User Info: OmegaSongi

9 years ago#8
Screenshots on the front of not to mention the huge thread on BG.

And yeah we used a solid strategy, no exploits or anything.
MGO2: Maikeru

User Info: paradicio

9 years ago#9
are you telling me i have to change my wow vs ffxi file now

but incredible......
From: CJayC | Posted: 6/3/2003
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User Info: crinx

9 years ago#10
Drops are most underwhelming.
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