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User Info: steftheone

7 years ago#1
I have recently bought Final Fantasy 11 and am absolutely loving the game (even if it is starting to look a bit dated!). I downloaded the full pack from Steam, with all add ons, and when I open the config utility to change it to windowed mode, it never actually works! Regardless of whether 'start in windowed mode' is selected or not, it ALWAYS starts in full screen, and crashes when i alt+tab. Anyone know why this could be?!

PS. I initially had the screen res set to 1920 x 1080 to match my monitor, even defaulting all the settings to the original resolutions didnt work! Stupid game...
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User Info: Shadygrove

7 years ago#2
If it is graphics related look here:

It could be OS related but I run XP so I don't know.
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User Info: SLyNKee

7 years ago#3
just google a program called windowerer, its a million times better then the offical windower for ffxi.
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User Info: steftheone

7 years ago#4
Tried that, i dont think it works with Steam version because it says 'Invalid language, or Final Fantasy XI is not installed'. I'm, guessing its not looking in the Steam file but i dont know how to change that lol!
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User Info: AeonicVortex

7 years ago#5
I recently bought and downloaded the steam version so I could reactivate my characters.

Windower works just fine for it.

Do you have it installed on a different hard drive? You could try uninstalling and reinstalling.

I've had no problems and verify it can work. I use Win7.

User Info: TaintedSeraphim

7 years ago#6
I've used the third party windower on the Steam install. Didn't have to do any special configuration or anything. Not sure why you're having issues. =/
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User Info: steftheone

7 years ago#7
Its randomly started working through the config settings, wonder why it didnt before?! Thanks for your posts guys :)
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