Having a hard time making gil

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User Info: TanyaGD

5 years ago#1
Ive looked at a few topics, and most if not all suggestions at making gil seem to be a slow process. I want to make gil quick, fast, and easy. I am at MNK 32 and DNC 30. Fishing seems too slow, tried the Beeswax way and that takes even longer.

What works best around this level and brings enough profit to keep me steady to lvl 75?

Also, since I will be taking MNK to lvl 99, what craft should I stick with to make myself armor/ weapons? Same thing for a SMN.
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User Info: Corkadile

5 years ago#2
If you could make gil quick, fast, and easy at 30, gil wouldn't be worth anything. You get to work for it.
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User Info: Natsu_Dragneel

5 years ago#3
i was the same way when starting out. my secret is that i had friends that help me start up. upon entering the game, my bud gave me 50,000 gil and later another bud gave me 150,000 gil. if it wouldn't have been for them i might not still be with the game lol.

if you can make friends, that'll be your best bet.
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User Info: LordRaviel

5 years ago#4
I haven't had much difficulty with money so far. I found that whenever I did buy anything costly I would get my money back when I sold it later. At the moment I have just reached 50 and have about 300k and a similar ammount tied up in gear.

My sources of money were


2-4k for a stack of 12, mostly gained while leveling but as I was BLM I did kill any Elementals I could for 1-3 Clusters which turns into a stack of 12 crystals.

Sticking NPC gear on the AH

Not hugely reliable but people will often pay a premium for getting goods on the AH when they could get them cheaper from an NPC shop. Spells from Selbina/Mharua are a good example of this. I bought Thundaga for 18k and when I dropped BLM to level BST before I could use it I stuck it on the AH and got 30k for it.

A few NM drops

I got a couple of Melampus Staff from Wake Warder Wanda while farming leeches for a Carbuncle's Ruby, the Bird Blood that dropped sold quite well as well.
I also got a Monster Signa and some Light Soleas in Gideus and a Hermit's Wand in Yughott Grotto while doing Emmisary (Bastok).

Buying gear on the AH that is being sold below NPC prices.

Not great but I have made a few gil here and there picking up high level gear than NPCs for 6-10k being sold at 1-6k on the AH.

Boyhada Moss, Beehive Chips and Silk Thread

I have sold a few stacks of most of these, there are plenty of enemies that drop them in Rolanberry Fields and if you join the GoV party in Crawler's Nest you will come out with some Chips and Thread as well.

FoV/GoV rewards

About once every 55 minutes (game day) you will get Gil Equivilent to the EXP reward the current page gives, that caps at about 1.3k in Gusgen GoV parties and 2.3k in Crawlers Nest

Conquest Points - Voiddust! <------------------

If you spend you conquest points wisely you can AH the items you get for Gil. I wasted the potential of this by spending 20k on my Centurion's set for BST at 30 which I auctiuoned for about 60-70k a few days later. I then found that the Voidwatch Purveyors will give you 1 Voiddust for 2k which you can put on the AH for 20-30k depending on the server and it will sell quickly. My 20k CP I spent on the Centurion's could have got me 260k to spend on gear on Bahamut.
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User Info: Shadygrove

5 years ago#5
And forget about outfitting yourself with self made gear.

Anything worthwhile for higher levels is either dropped, built through Magican trials, or both. The L 78 curror bought sets are way better than most anything you can make and dirt cheap in curror terms, meaning effectively free.

There are many quite nice crafted pieces under L 75 but those levels go by so fast today you won't have time to level a craft to make them.
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User Info: FrankBrodie

5 years ago#6
When they merged the servers, and Titan was moving to Phoenix I had about 500k Conquest Points on my own character Frank.

So I crapped a load of it into buying up about 6 Sandy/Kingdom Aketons at 56k CP each. Just in case Sandy were never first on Phoenix.
Figured what the hell other use will I ever have for that 350k CP? Including the handful of Signet Staffs I bought also.
Back then you could just about crap a 1/1 CP/gil ratio if you NPC-d the CP gear. Or a smidge more if you sold them on AH. If they ever sold.

To be honest I'm not that bothered about the wasted 3-4 million gil.
Because I still had over 500k CP left anyway from all my mules plus main when I discovered the Voiddust sale price.
And a shed load of Allied Notes from singing myself into a stupor exploiting the /BRD trick back in the early days of Campaign.
(Aaahhh those 5k/hour sessions sitting there pressing a mac repeatedly. The nostalgia...)

But the thing is. Those Aketons are still sitting on mules now. Yes 12.5% faster mules maybe.. but still :/
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User Info: TanyaGD

5 years ago#7
How about Ground Tomes? im looking at http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Grounds_Tome and it seems finishing each regime grants me a fair amount of gil.
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User Info: Edwen0

5 years ago#8
That's not a fair amount. You can only get the gil reward once a day anyway.
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User Info: Siblingz

5 years ago#9
Sheep Leather
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User Info: Jamirus2

5 years ago#10
A great way to make gil, which is overlooked, is to open up the brown chests that drop. In Gustaberg, you can obtain a nice belt from brown chests that lets you make a free stack of 99 bronze bullets. You can then sell the stack for 10K each day.

In Gusgen mines, I've gotten a lot of nice things from brown chests, including voiddust (20-30K), Oricalcum Earrings (Sold mine for 70K), A plethora of Remedy (2K), Elixir (5K), and many other potions that sell. Like i said, most people ignore these chests, but I find that they can get you a lot of gil quick.

If you're desperate for gil, you could try selling Selbina scrolls, or distilled water stacks.
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