FFXI played in tablets

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User Info: pantafernando

4 years ago#1
Suppose that question should have be formulated countless times here but always some new devices are created and that answer could change.
So lets go: Is it possible to play FFXI in some portable device like a tablet?

User Info: Shadygrove

4 years ago#2
Off the top of my head, without checking.

In theory yes. They all have the computing power necessary, some even have the graphics power (and it ain't much today).

In practice no. Operating system conflict.

But someone can try on a Surface I suppose, the have a Win 8 variant, no idea about their hardware.
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User Info: Corkadile

4 years ago#3
I know of a project that works as a sort of remote access system with display made for playing some games that I heard can work with FFXI. I don't, however, know the name or how well such a thing actually works.

EDIT: Found it, it's called Kainy.
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User Info: bungiefan

4 years ago#4
I've seen people do it on an Android tablet/phone via LogMeIn to log into their home Windows machine running the game. It doesn't control well that way though.

Windows 8 tablets are going to be running an Atom processor. The older Atom they used in netbooks was good enough to run the game at low resolutions, so odds are good for a Win8 tablet. Windows RT tablets won't run it, since it's not an ARM program, and you can't install desktop applications to it. Android and iOS can't run it either.
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User Info: madrileno23

4 years ago#5
You can probably run it on Win8 Pro Surface Tablet.
However, I don't know how the performance will be, even if the game is a pretty old graphics engine.
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