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User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#1
(WARNING: There will be SPOILERS throughout this whole topic. You have been warned)


Welcome to the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Board FAQ. This topic has been made to help people who come to this board asking questions that are frequently asked on this message board. Please take a look at this topic if you have any questions, and feel free to ask any other questions if your question is not answered on this board. It may be added in a future version.


Introduction, ToC – Post 1

Party Members
a) Party Member Locations – Post 2
b) Party Member Deaths – Post 2
c) Party Member Events
…1) Carth, Bastila, Mission, Juhani - Post 3
…2) Jolee, Canderous – Post 4
d) Romance Options – Post 4

Combat Feats
a) Power Attack – Post 5
b) Flurry – Post 5
c) Critical Strike – Post 6
d) Conclusion – Post 6

Starting Class
a) Soldier – Post 7
b) Scout – Post 8
c) Scoundrel – Post 9

Jedi Class
a) Guardian – Post 10
b) Sentinel – Post 11
c) Consular – Post 12

Class Combinations
a) Soldier-Guardian – Post 13
b) Soldier-Sentinel – Post 14
c) Soldier-Consular – Post 15
d) Scout –Guardian – Post 16
e) Scout-Sentinel – Post 17
f) Scout-Consular – Post 18
g) Scoundrel-Guardian – Post 19
h) Scoundrel-Sentinel – Post 20
i) Scoundrel-Consular – Post 21
j) Ranged Jedi – Post 22

Difficult Boss Battles
a) Bendak Star Killer – Post 23
b) Sherruk – Post 23
c) Darth Bandon – Post 24
d) Darth Malak – Post 24

Glitches and Exploits
a) Infinite Dark Side Points – Post 25
b) Infinite Light Side Points – Post 25
c) Galaxy Droid – Post 25
d) Duplicating Items – Post 26

Upgradable Items – Post 27

Frequently Asked Questions
a) Malak’s Jaw – Post 28
b) Execution on Manaan – Post 28
c) Banned from Manaan – Post 28
d) Highest Level – Post 29
e) Plot Twist – Post 29
f) Hidden Ending – Post 29

Credits. Special Thanks – Post 30

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#2

Party Member Locations

Trask Ulgo - first party member of the game. A Republic soldier who joins you on the Endar Spire. He is presumably killed by Darth Bandon, the apprentice of Darth Malak, before you escape the ship.

Carth Onasi - a Republic soldier who joins you at the very start of Taris.

Mission Vao - a Twi’lek scoundrel who joins you on Taris in the Undercity. You help her find her best friend Zalbaar in exchange for her helping you get into the Black Vulcar gang base.

Zalbaar - a Wookie who swears a life debt after you rescue him in the Sewers on Taris.

Bastila Shan - a Jedi who you rescue from the Black Vulcar gang on Taris after winning a swoop race. She has the power of Battle Medition, which you can't personally use, which helps out her side during war battles.

T3-M4 - a utility droid who you must buy on Taris to break into the Sith base. Can be bought for 2000 credits, negotiated down to 1500, or you can take him for free with a threat and a dark side point.

Canderous Ordo - a Mandalorian veteran who helps you escape the planet Taris.

Juhani - a Jedi on Dantooine who has fallen to the dark side. You can either redeem her and have her join you, or you can kill her and take her Lightsaber, or possibly two. If you kill her, you cannot replace her unless you’re playing on PC with a mod.

Jolee Bindo - an aged Jedi who helps you enter the Lower Shadowlands on Kashyyk and joins you in exchange for a favor.

HK-47 - a Hunter-Killer and protocol droid who can be bought on Tatooine. Can be bought at any of these prices, whether by threatening (with a dark side point), negotiating, or Force Persuasion. Possible prices: 5000, 4000, 3000, 2500.

Party Member Deaths

Juhani - You can kill her on Dantooine immediately and take her Lightsaber, or sometimes 2. Or you can have her eliminated in the Temple on the Unknown World if you choose to join Bastila on the path to the dark side.

Jolee Bindo - Like Juhani, he can be killed if you choose to go dark on the Unknown World in the Temple.

Mission Vao - If you choose to become a Sith Lord again on the Unknown World, when you return to the Ebon Hawk with Bastila you may either kill her or Force Persuade Zalbaar to do so.

Zalbaar - You can also kill him when you kill Mission if you don't have him kill her.

Bastila - If you decided to go Light instead of joining Bastila, you can kill her on the Star Forge. After many fights, however, you can redeem her, but you may fail and have no choice but to kill her.

Carth - This can only be done if you are a woman who chose to go down the dark path on the Unknown World. After you kill Darth Malak, Carth will confront you and you have the choice of killing him or having Bastila kill him.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#3
Party Member Events


You need to talk to Bastila up to the point when she tells you about her family; she'll tell you that she was very close to her father, but on bad terms with her mother. After hearing this, fly to Tatooine. Once you leave the Ebon Hawk, with Bastila in your party, you should be approached by a Twilek woman, who speaks in Twilek, that Bastila's mother is sick and is on Tatooine in the Cantina. Now go to the Cantina, again with Bastila, and Helena, Bastila's mother, will ask you to search for her husdband's holocron. You will find it right next to the Star Map in the Krayt Dragon's lair. Now return to the Cantina and you can either help bring peace to Bastila and her mother, or just leave as is. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS BEFORE YOU FIND THE THIRD STAR MAP AFTER DANTOOINE.


After talking to Carth for a while about his life, you will learn that his home world was destroyed by Saul Karath, his old mentor, and his wife died in the attack, while the whereabouts of his son are unknown. Now fly to Kashyyk and after walking around in the docking bay, with Carth in your party, you'll be approached by one of Carth's old friends from his homeworld. He will reveal to you that Dustil, Carth's son, is alive and has become a Sith on Korriban. Now you must travel to Korriban and go into the Sith Academy. Dustil will be in the area with all of the beds. BEFORE talking to Dustil, however, you should go to Master Uthar Winn's bedroom and find the datapad that tells about how the Sith had Dustil's girlfriend killed (if you don't have some proof that the Sith are evil, Dustil will attack you guys and you will have to kill him). Now you can go talk to Dustil and he will leave the Sith.


Talk to Mission and learn about how her brother abandoned her and took off with a woman named Lena. Now go to the Ebon Hawk on Dantooine with Mission in your party. Lena will approach you and inform you that Griff, Mission's brother, is actually on Tatooine. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE YOU FIND THE THIRD STAR MAP. Fly to Tatooine and go into the Czerka office. Speak to the woman who gives you the hunting license about Griff and she'll tell you that Griff was captured by the Sandpeople. Now go to the Sandpeople enclave however you would to complete the Star Map quest (weather it be killing them or making peace with them). Griff will be in the prison room on the east side. Talk to him and he'll ask you to free him, which will require killing the Sandpeople there or simply asking the Chieftan (you could also kill him if Mission is not with you). If he is freed, he will go to the Czerka office and you will have the option of doing another side-quest with him.


You have to talk to Juhani as much as possible until there’s nothing to talk to her about. You will learn about her father being killed by a thug on Taris and her mother dying from illness and her being rescued from the Exchange by Jedi and so on. Now, go around to a spaceport with Juhani in your party and you will be approached by a man named Xor (he’s a Twi’lek in the PC version). He’ll ask for you to sell your “pet” Cathar to him and eventually he’ll take off after giving a threat. Now, go to another spaceport, Manaan always works for me, and he should attack there. Afterward, you have the choice of having Juhani strike him down when he is defeated for a dark side point, or having her control her anger and letting him go for a light side point. Either way he will die.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#4

You don’t have to talk to him at all. You just need to leave Kashyyyk and go to another spaceport with Jolee in your party and you should be approached by an old friend of Jolee’s. He will inform you that Jolee’s old friend, Sunry, is in prison on Manaan for murder and is about to have his trial. You can go to Manaan and be his arbiter, or lawyer, and help free him or confess that he is guilty, which he is. Check the FAQ pages for more details if you have to, but it is a pretty easy quest.


After talking with Canderous about his history in the war enough, go to a spaceport, Manaan works, with Canderous in your party and you’ll be a man named Jagi. He was a Mandalorian who holds a grudge with Canderous for fleeing an old battle before the Mandalorian Wars. He’ll challenge Canderous to a battle on the Dune Sea at Tatooine. All you need to do is look around the Dune Sea with Canderous in your party and you’ll fight Jagi and a couple backup troops. The quest is over.

Romance Options


As you have most likely guessed, if you play as a male Bastila is a love interest. If you want this to occur, you need to talk to her about her past as much as you can before you locate your third Star Map. At the very last conversation, you need to be at the Ebon Hawk and you will and her will have a quick kiss, which she will regret. Later, when you are at the end of the Temple of the Unknown World, you have to remain on the light path. And when you defeat her on the Star Forge, you have to persuade her that you love her and bring her back to the path of the light with you. Your other choices are killing her if she will not be redeemed or having her become your apprentice by taking the dark path.


Wow, who could have predicted this? Of course you guessed that Carth is the alternate love interest if you play as a woman. However, your character will not have an affair like the one with Bastila, but if you choose to turn down Bastila’s offer at the Temple of the Unknown World and remain on the path of the light, Carth will tell you that he loves you. That’s pretty much as far as it goes.


You may have heard this rumor, but it is true. Although you are unable to have a relationship with her, if you play as a woman and turn down Bastila’s offer at the Temple of the Unknown World, she will reveal her fealings to you. So it’s true, Juhani is a lesbian cat.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#5

(All of the following information for the combat feats is directly from Fro)

Many people wonder and debate which of these Combat Feats is actually the better one. Each one has its pros and cons, and sometimes the "best" one for a certain situation might vary. Also worth noting,I personally don't have a preference, and I max whichever one my starting class begins the game with.

Power Attack

Power Attack
Prerequisites: None
Gives +5 damage per melee attack at -3 attack penalty.

--> Improved Power Attack
Prerequisites: Character Level 4
Gives +8 damage per melee attack at -3 attack penalty.

--> Master Power Attack
Prerequisites: Character Level 8
Gives +10 damage per melee attack at -3 attack penalty.

As you can see, the basic strength of Power Attack is that it directly increases your damage per hit, provided that you connect with your hit, of course. It is important to note that the Penalty you suffer to your accuracy does not go down as you Master this attack; it remains constant.

The main thing to remember is that Power Attack provides the extra damage for every attack. That means that if you use Two-Weapon Fighting and Master Speed, you get a total of 4 attacks. A Master Power Attack provides +10 for each hit, totaling +40 for the entire round. Of course, the penalty to your accuracy means that you might miss one of those attacks.


Prerequisites: None
Gives an extra melee attack during the round at -4 attack penalty for all
attacks and -4 defense that round.

--> Improved Flurry
Prerequisites: Character Level 4
Gives an extra melee attack during the round at -2 attack penalty for
all attacks and -2 defense that round.

--> Master Flurry
Prerequisites: Character Level 8
Gives an extra melee attack during the round at -1 attack penalty
for all attacks and -1 defense that round.

As you can see, Flurry starts off rather weak and then becomes very strong. At first level, the extra attack you gain is by far a useless addition when compared to the -4 to both your accuracy and your defense. However, as you become more proficient with Flurry, your penalties become very small, and your extra attacks become very useful.

Flurry is best employed at its higher levels when the penalties are lower. If you combine it with Two-Weapon Fighting and Master Speed, you can get a total of 5 attacks per round. Such an overwhelming onslaught can help you end a battle very quickly.

Addendum: If you choose to Master Dueling over Two-Weapon Fighting, the bonuses you get to your accuracy and defense from Dueling will help to lower (and at higher levels, erase entirely) the penalties you suffer from Flurry.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#6
Critical Strike

Critical Strike
Prerequisites: None
Doubles the threat range of a melee weapon. Also will stun the opponent
for six seconds on a successful hit unless opponent makes a Fort save at a
DC of character level + Str modifier. -5 penalty to defense.

--> Improved Critical Strike
Prerequisites: Character Level 4
Triples the threat range of a melee weapon. Also will stun the
opponent for six seconds on a successful hit unless opponent makes a
Fort save at a DC of character level + Str modifier. -5 penalty to

--> Master Critical Strike
Prerequisites: Character Level 8
Quadruples the threat range of a melee weapon. Also will stun
the opponent for six seconds on a successful hit unless opponent
makes a Fort save at a DC of character level + Str modifier. -5
penalty to defense.

Critical Strike is more or less a gambler's Feat (hence, why it is the Scoundrel's starting Feat). You can't really expect consistent criticals, nor can you really rely on stunning your foes consistently. Also, you suffer a massive penalty to Defense, which is never a good thing.

However, if this Feat is paired with a Scoundrel who uses Keen upgrades and weapons with a good critical range, it has vast potential. Imagine how much damage would come from a Sneak Attack, increased by a Critical Hit.... massive damage.

So this is basically the more difficult of the Feats to implement properly, but has some potential if you like to gamble.


My conclusion is that you should go with Power Attack. The extra +10 damage at Master level is factored into every hit you make, so Two-Weapon Users that employ Master Speed will net a nice +40 per round, and that isn't anything to sneeze at.

For those of your favoring Dueling, you should take Flurry. The penalties suffered from that Feat will be countered by the bonuses you gain from Dueling, so all is good. Plus, you can still get 4 attacks per round by combining Master Flurry with Master Speed.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#7

(All of the information about starting class, Jedi class, and class combinations if directly from Fro)

As you can only get to about level 8 before leaving Taris, I'll stop this charts there.

Saving Throw Key:

-> L = Level
-> AB = Attack Bonus
-> Fo = Fortitude
-> Re = Reflex
-> Wi = Will


VP per level: 10
Starting SP: (1 + Int mod) * 4
SP per level: (2 + Int mod) / 2

Class skills:
-Treat Injury

Starting feats:
-Armor Proficiency (Light)
-> Armor Proficiency (Medium)
-> Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
-Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Pistol)
-Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Rifle)
-Weapon Proficiency (Heavy Weapons)
-Weapon Proficiency (Melee Weapons)
-Power Blast
-Power Attack

~Saving Throws~

L AB Fo Re Wi
----- ------ ---- ---
1 +1 +2 +0 +0
2 +2 +3 +0 +0
3 +3 +3 +1 +1
4 +4 +4 +1 +1
5 +5 +4 +1 +1
6 +6 +5 +2 +2
7 +7 +5 +2 +2
8 +8 +6 +2 +2

The Soldier class gets the most Vitality (VP), has the highest Attack Bonus (AB) and gets th most feats o f any class. They also begin with far more feats than the other classes, and are the only class that can specialize in non-Jedi weapons. They also tend to have the best Fortitude Saves, and due to their many feats, they are a versatile class.

However, the Soldier also has the fewest Skill Points (SP) of all the starting classes. They will basically use their physical strength to overcome most things, bashing doors and crates instead of using Security on them, etc..... Further, Soldiers have poor Reflex and Will Saves, and they tend to be easier targets to inflict status ailments like stun, paralyze, poison, and others on. Further, their versatile ability to specialize in weapons is somewhat useless, as once the PC becomes a Jedi, you'll be using lightsabers rater than swords or blasters.

This class is recommended for beginners who just want to experience the game without worrying about much else. Of course, there are many ways to build your soldier, and each way has it's perks.

If you wanted a more balanced Soldier, try this build:


If you wanted a more defensive oriented Soldier, go with something like this:


Then, you could try a pure warrior build, which would look like this:


Or, for those of you looking at transitioning into a more Force-oriented Jedi, try this:


User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#8

VP per level: 8
Starting SP: (3 + Int mod) * 4
SP per level: (6 + Int mod) / 2

Class skills:
-Computer Use
-Treat Injury

Starting feats:
-Armor Proficiency (Light)
-> Armor Proficiency (Medium)
-Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Pistol)
-Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Rifle)
-Weapon Proficiency (Melee Weapons)
-Rapid Shot
-Implant Level 1

~Saving Throws~

L AB Fo Re Wi Special
----- ---- ----- ---- ----- -------
1 +0 +2 +2 +2 Implant Level 1, Feat
2 +1 +3 +3 +3 Feat
3 +2 +3 +3 +3 Feat
4 +3 +4 +4 +4 Implant Level 2, Uncanny Dodge 1
5 +3 +4 +4 +4 Feat
6 +4 +5 +5 +5
7 +5 +5 +5 +5 Uncanny Dodge 2, Feat
8 +6 +6 +6 +6 Implant Level 3

Scouts are perhaps the most versatile and unique of the three starting classes. They tend to have relatively good overall Saving Throws, they get a nice number of skill points, they begin with some useful class skills, and they get several free special feats as they level up. The best feats they start with, in my opinion, would be the Flurry feat (considered the best of the melee attack feats by many) and the Implants feat (allowing for the PC to use implants to get stat boosts). They also get Uncanny Dodge, which removes surprise damage bonuses, making the Scout able to survive things that might have killed Soldiers.

The Scout does have some weaknesses, however. They get less Vitality, fewer feats, and lower AB than the Soldier, which make them more frail in combat. Not that they are incapable of defending themselves, but it becomes harder for them to withstand as much assault as a Soldier could. Also, because they are so versatile, the PC might try to over-extend their skills and feats, rather than focusing in on a few good ones. Versatility is good, but be selective about what you develop.

Builds for the Scout will be slightly different than the Soldier. As you have much better Saves, you'll want to develop the attributes that give you bonuses to them, so as to develop your inherent strengths. This build is balanced and provides nice versatility:


User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#9

VP per level: 6
Starting SP: (4 + Int mod) * 4
SP per level: (8 + Int mod) / 2

Class skills:

Starting feats:
-Armor Proficiency (Light)
-Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Pistol)
-Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Rifle)
-Weapon Proficiency (Melee Weapons)
-Critical Strike
-Sniper Snot
-Sneak Attack I
-Scoundrel's Luck

~Saving Throws~

L AB Fo Re Wi Special
----- ----- ---- ---- ----- ---------
1 +0 +0 +2 +0 Sneak Attack I, Scoundrel's Luck, Feat
2 +1 +0 +3 +0 Feat
3 +2 +1 +3 +1 Sneak Attack II
4 +3 +1 +4 +1 -
5 +3 +1 +4 +1 Sneak Attack III, Feat
6 +4 +2 +5 +2 Improved Scoundrel's Luck
7 +5 +2 +5 +2 Sneak Attack IV
8 +6 +2 +6 +2 Feat

The Scoundrel, my favorite class, is easily the most difficult class for beginners to use. While the Soldier allows for some leeway in the area of development and even a poor build gets the job done, Scoundrels are much different.

They begin the game with more SP than any other class, and they also start with the best (in my opinion) skill: persuade. They have a naturally high reflex save, and they also get some great defensive bonuses from the special feat they get called Scoundrel's Luck. Another special feat, known as Sneak Attack, is my favorite feat in the game. It adds a huge damage bonus to attacks than are against opponents that are not paying attention to you. This makes for a huge extra damage bonus at higher levels.

Unfortunately, in exchange for all those skill points and the special feats, they suffer quite a few drawbacks. They have the lowest AB of the three classes, they get the least VP, they h ave low Fortitude and Will Saves, and they are severely limited in the equipment available to them. Further, because of all those free feats, they get the least feats of all three classes.

As you can see, the Scoundrel is a specialized character that is for those not looking for battling their way through the game. As a skill-intensive character, they tend to use their skills to get them out of tight spots, and rely a great deal on persuasion and manipulation to get by. They are very frail in direct, head-to-head battle, and are limited in what they can do.

Naturally, their build will be different than Scouts or Soldiers. You might think that strength is useless for such a frail combatant, but you'd be wrong. Sneak Attacking with melee is a great way to do huge damage and can end a battle quickly. But don't think you can just charge into a room full of soldiers and get away with it Try a build like this:

Int-14 (don't forsake your greatest strength)

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#10

Jedi Guardian

VP per level: 10
SP per level: (2 + Int mod) / 2
FP per level: 4

Additional class skills:
-Treat Injury

Additional feats:
-Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber)
-Jedi Defense
-Jedi Sense
-Force Jump

~Saving Throws~

Lv AB For Ref Will Special
----- ----- ------ ---- ----- ---------
01 +01 +02 +02 +1 Jedi Defense, Jedi Sense, Force Jump, Feat, Force Power x 2
02 +02 +03 +03 +2 Force Power
03 +03 +03 +03 +2 Feat, Force Power
04 +04 +04 +04 +2 Force Power
05 +05 +04 +04 +3 Force Power
06 +06 +05 +05 +3 Knight Sense, Advanced Force Jump, Feat, Force Power
07 +07 +05 +05 +4 Feat, Force Power
08 +08 +06 +06 +4 Force Power
09 +09 +06 +06 +4 Feat, Force Power
10 +10 +07 +07 +5 Force Power
11 +11 +07 +07 +5 Force Power
12 +12 +08 +08 +6 Master Sense, Master Force Jump, Feat, Force Power
13 +13 +08 +08 +6 Feat, Force Power
14 +14 +09 +09 +6 Force Power
15 +15 +09 +09 +7 Feat, Force Power
16 +16 +10 +10 +7 Force Power
17 +17 +10 +10 +8 Force Power
18 +18 +11 +11 +8 Feat, Force Power
19 +19 +11 +11 +8 Force Power
20 +20 +12 +12 +9 Force Power

Jedi Guardians are the Soldiers of the Jedi classes. They get the highest AB, the most feats, the greatest VP, and are the only Jedi class capable of specializing in Lightsaber Proficiency. They also get the very unique and interesting ability Force Jump, which enables them to literally leap into the fray from far away.

Of course, due to such heavy focus on lightsaber combat, Guradians are the weakest in terms of Force users. They rely on their superior combat abilities, not bothering to develop intensive Force strength. Further, they have very few skills, and less feats than the Soldier does. They tend to just be Soldiers who have learned to use some Force powers. Recommended for beginners.

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