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User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#21

~Maximum Base Values~

Level Fe Pw VP FP SP AB For Ref Will Other
------- -------- ---------- --- --- --- ---- ----- ---- ----- ------
1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sneak Attack I, Scoundrel's Luck
2/18 09 23 120 184 38 +14 +11 +11 +11 -
3/17 08 22 120 176 41 +14 +10 +11 +10 Sneak Attack II
4/16 08 20 120 168 44 +15 +11 +11 +11 -
5/15 09 19 120 160 47 +14 +10 +11 +10 Sneak Attack III
6/14 08 18 120 152 50 +14 +10 +11 +10 Improved Scoundrel's Luck
7/13 08 17 120 144 53 +14 +10 +11 +10 Sneak Attack IV
8/12 09 15 120 136 56 +15 +10 +12 +10 -

My absolute favorite combination out of all of them, the Scoundrel-Consular is very useful, but not to be used by beginners. It has very balanced savings throws, it gains tons of SP, it has great defense due to Scoundrel's Luck, and does very good damage with Sneak Attack. Now, you might be asking "How does it do good damage all the time if Sneak Attack is surprise damage?" Good question. As a Consular, you have Force Focus, which makes your powers more effective. Casting Stasis (and it's other levels), or any other powers similar to it (like Insanity), will make it so that all your attacks on those immobilized count as surprise damage. That makes for huge damage bonuses.

However, I would not recommend focusing on combat too much, as this combination gets very little VP and has a very small number of feats to choose. I would seriously focus more on defense and better Force casting.

For your build, I would recommend something along these lines:


You'll do much more Sneak Attack damage by going to level 7 as a Scoundrel and getting the corresponding feat.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#22
Ranged Jedi

This build requires quite a few things to make it work properly. There will be little use for skills, and a heavy need for Feats. Therefore, we will be using the Soldier-Guardian class combination. Taking the Soldier to level 7, and having 13 levels as a Guardian, will allow us to have exactly 14 Feats and Powers each.


As a Ranged Jedi, you're going to be on the Rear Lines, leaving your defense mostly to your allies while you rain a flurry of Blaster Bolts down on your foes. For this reason, and because you are a Soldier-Guardian, you won't be needing any extra Constitution to take more damage. The key here is to focus almost all your attributes into Dexterity, while supplementing this with a healthy dose of Wisdom.

Str- 8 (we won't be using any melee attacks)
Dex- 18 (your bread and butter)
Con-10 (no need to incur a penalty)
Int- 8 (we can't get less than 1 SP per level anyway)
Wis- 16 (don't abandon the Force)
Cha-10 (again, no need for a penalty)


It is essentially mandatory to invest in Two-Weapon Fighting up to the Master level, as two pistols will always exceed one rifle in damage output. Master Rapid Shot is by far the best choice for your attack Feat, as the other two restrict your attacks to just one (even if you have two pistols). After this, you will definitely need to max out your Pistol Proficiency, as the extra damage will be needed. Improved Toughness is always nice (albeit, not necessary) for its -2 to damage taken per hit. Other than that, take Feats on a "best remaining" basis.


Not really much going on here. With only one SP per level, you could invest in Demolitions, Treat Injury, or Awareness. Then again, you could hold your SP until you become a Guardian and put them into Persuade. Your choice.


Master Speed is by far the most necessary Power you must get. It adds +4 to your Defense, and grants an extra +2 attacks per round. That kind of offensive and defensive advantage is crucial to this build. As to the other powers, I recommend going Darkside, as they have all the offensive Powers. Force Storm and Force Wave are always nice, and Force Plague has a 100% chance of success, which is always a plus.

~Party Members~

As I said before, this Build relies heavily on your Party Members to defend you from oncoming enemies, as a ranged character caught in a melee situation suffers major penalties. For this reason, I recommend having your Party always have two other melee users. My personal favorite is Canderous and Zaalbar, as both of these melee beasts could potentially solo the Star Forge. In the early levels of the game, you can take Carth's blaster pistol and give him melee weapons. That should be enough until you get Zaalbar in your party.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#23

Bendak Starkiller

Location: Taris Upper City Cantina

Recommended Party: N/A

Notes: You’ll have to complete the dueling arena questline before he’ll agree to face you. Keep in mind that it is a fight TO THE DEATH (which, consequently, gives you Dark Side points as well).

Strategy: When the fight begins, he’ll lob several plasma grenades at you. Avoid them by running around the arena; once he’s out he’ll switch to conventional tactics (using a blaster until you get up close, at which point he pulls out a vibroblade). At this point, lob a few plasma grenades of your own at him and close in for the kill. Keep a few medpacks handy, and you’ll be fine.

What to do if in trouble: Since you don't have any party members to back you up, and you are in a giant circular room making you unable to hide and recover, there's not much you can do in a dangerous spot. All you can do is use whatever energy shields and stimulants you have and hope that you can beat him, which you should be able to do if you have enough medpacks and

Rewards: Talk to Ajuur to receive 700 credits and, as a bonus, Bendak’s upgradable blaster. You can net another 300 or 400 credits by collecting the bounty from Zax in the Lower City Cantina.

Sherruk (optional boss)

Location: Dantooine Grove

Recommended Party: Zalbaar and Canderous, because most of the enemies in this encounter use ranged weapons, they suffer a penalty to melee attacks.

Notes: Sherruk is a fierce opponent, and it doesn't help that he has the support of a bunch of Mandalorian and Duros soldiers. At the start of the fight, Sherruk will activate a Mandalorian Shield, and practically all of his cronies will open fire with blaster weapons. Also, you need to defeat the first 3 waves of Mandalorians and Duroses around Dantooine in order for Sherruk's group to appear.

Strategy: The key to winning here is to decrease the number of foes you are contending with. At first, you will be drastically outnumbered, but each of Sherruk's cronies are easy to kill. Eliminate them first, leaving just Sherruk vs your entire party. Outnumbered, and having to contend with the sheer Strength of Zaalbar and Canderous, Sherruk should go down quickly.

What to do if in trouble: If you find yourself in trouble, try a little trickery. Prior to the battle, have someone plant some mines throughout the little rock formations close to where you encounter Juhani. If you start to lose, run through them. Any enemies following will be wasted. If no one follows you, the break in combat can be a good time to use stimulants and heal up.

Rewards: 2 Lightsabers, 1000 Credits if you talk to Jon afterwards

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#24
Darth Bandon

Location: You will face Bandon at one of four places: 1) Just outside the Krayt Dragon Cave on Tatooine after accessing the Star Map, 2) At the lift in the Upper Shadowlands after the confrontation with Freyyr, 3) In Hrakert Station after coming back from accessing the Star Map, or 4) Upon descending into the Valley of Dark Lords from the Korriban Academy.

Recommended Party Members: Because of the multitude of ways to defeat him, your chosen party is preferential. However, a strategy that I like (especially if you are not a Scoundrel-Consular), is to use Jolee and Mission.

Notes: He will be accompanied by two Dark Jedi.

Strategy: Using the above mentioned party, employ the following method. Make use of Jolee's high Wisdom paired with Stasis to stun Bandon. Mission's Sneak Attack will pile on the damage, as she will get the Sneak Attack bonus for Bandon being "surprised". That should make short work of him.

What to do if in trouble: Because the location of this encounter varies, there isn't any advice I could give as to make use of any terrain advantages. However, I can say that Stimulants always help, and as with Sherruk, Bandon's cronies are easier to kill than he is. If you eliminate them, you can gang up on Bandon.

Rewards: Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor, 3000 Credits, Double-Bladed Lightsaber (check PeaceNLove's "Lightsaber Crystals Guide" for information about Darth Bandon's Lightsaber glitch)

Darth Malak

Loaction: Star Forge

Recomended Party: N/A

Notes: This is the final boss, and as such, can be challenging, especially for first time players. As it is the final battle, you will be without party members for support.The battle with Malak will occur in a vast and spacious room. There is a lot of area here, and movement is unrestricted for the most part. Take note of the numerous pods around the room labeled as "Captive Jedi". These are instrumental to the battle. Malak will attempt to use these to heal himself. It is also worth noting that Malak is extremely resistant to Force Powers, so those attacks will be useless.

Strategy: Your strategy is one that has a few phases. Phase One is the quickest, and will be over in a matter of seconds. Essentially, you need to charge Malak and go all-out. The goal is to drop his total VP (or have him expend his FP, which means you need to take a few hits of his powers) to critical levels. This will cause him to disengage you and head for the nearest Captive Jedi Pod. This starts Phase Two. Here, it's a race between yourself and Malak. He will attempt to re-engage you, but your goal is not to fight him now. It is to eliminate the Jedi Pods. For Dark Siders, this is made easy. Force Lightening/Storm will destroy the Pods, and Drain Life/Death Field (which will actually use them to heal yourself, VP and FP). Light Siders have it more difficult if you don't have any dark side powers. You need to use Destroy Droid, or if you don't have that, you'll need Throw Lightsaber. If you have none of these powers, however, you're in for a long tough battle, which you most likely won't be able to win. Once all the Pods have been destroyed, Phase Three begins. Here, the goal is the same as Phase One: drop Malak's VP as fast as possible. Once you manage that, the battle is over.

What to do if in trouble: Malak employs Critical Hits and stunning in this battle, so you could find yourself unable to move or running low on VP. Naturally, the key is to retreat and heal up. Due to the huge size of this final battle area, anyone with Force Speed can put a great deal of distance between themselves and Malak rather quickly. Once you have separation, use stimulants and medpacs to heal/buff up for re-engagement. This is the final battle, so don't be afraid to use everything you have.

Reward: You beat the game!

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#25

Infinite Dark Side Points

On Dantooine, before you search the Sandral estate for Shen Matale, you can talk to the Matale father at the Matale estate. He will offer a bribe of 1000 credits. Just say "Make it 2000 credits and we have a deal." You can do this as many times as you want, but I wouldn't recommend it since it takes a while to get to that part of the conversation and you can't skip any of it.

On Manaan, after destroying the kolto or the Repulbic harvesting machine, when you return to the Republic base Roland will approach you and ask what has happened. After telling him the bad news he will ask you to keep what you said a secret. Just reply with "Maybe a bribe..." He won't give you anything, but you will gain a dark side point. And even better, you can talk to him and repeat this all you want.

On the Ebon Hawk, once the stowaway girl boards your ship, have her leave the ship. You'll gain a dark side point. While she is running, stop her BEFORE she gets to the exit by talking to her. The conversation will start again from the beginning and you can tell her to leave again. But be careful when she gets close to the exit after doing it a few times. It would be best to leave the Ebon Hawk after talking to her again without throwing out and return.

Infinite Light Side Points

On Dantooine, when you recieve the quest to find the Matale son who is believed to have been kidnapped by the Sandral family, you must head to the Sandral Estate. It is in the area located south of the grove in which you fought Juhani. Once you are there, talk to the protocol droid (it's not a battle droid) and tell him that you are representing the Jedi Council. Once inside, you'll have to speak to Nurik Sandral, the owner of the estate. He is not what matters though. After he leaves, his daughter Rahasia will approach you and ask for help. Make sure the first thing you say is "What I do is my own business." The conversation will end and you'll receive a dark side point. After this, talk to her again and apologize for your behavior. Now simply talk to her until you can say "I don't have time for this." The conversation will again end and you will receive a light side point. Continue apologizing and immediately ending the conversation in the same way until you are as Light as you want to be. Triggering the quest afterward will end your chances of using this glitch.

Return to ANY planet via the Galaxy Droid

After finishing the third planet and escaping the Leviathan, sometimes some people encounter a very strange glitch called the Galaxy Droid. This glitch turns the Star Map in the Ebon Hawk into a droid that will take you to any planet or area in the game, including Taris, Dantooine, and the Star Forge. However, if you try to enter the Star Forge, the game will crash, and if you go to Taris or Dantooine, you won’t be able to leave the planets, so use this with care.

It is recommended that if you encounter this glitch, then reload a previous save and hopefully this glitch won’t happen again. However, if you want to use the droid, then I recommend making a new save state for using the droid, and reloading an earlier save if you wish to continue the main quest.

There is supposedly no way to make this glitch occur at will. Some say that you should try to travel to Dantooine directly after retrieving your fourh Star Map (including the one from Dantooine), which will automatically make you go to the planet in which you have not recovered a Star Map on. However, it does not always work, and it seems that this glitch just occurs randomly. If you aren't sure whether you have the Galaxy Droid, then check the map. Where the schematics of the Ebon Hawk should be, there is a different map. Also, T3-M4 should be replaced with another Zaalbar. Every time you enter the Ebon Hawk another Zaalbar will appear. Zaalbar will also follow you while on the Ebon Hawk.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#26
Duplicating Items

On Taris, you can duplicate Bendak Starkillers blaster pistol and get and extra 200 credits. After you defeat Twitch and become the dueling champion, do not talk to Ajuur the Hutt. Instead, go talk to Bendak Starkiller and challenge him to a death match. When he leaves the cantina, you also need to leave for just a second (a good chance to make sure you have enough medpacks, stimulants, and shields). Go back inside if you think you're ready and now go talk to Ajuur. Start the duel and kill Bendak Starkiller. Go collect your winnings from Ajuur and you will receive Bendak's Blaster and 700 credits. Now talk to him again and he will pay you for beating Twitch, but instead of only getting 500 credits, he will give you 700 and plus another Bendak's Blaster. This only works once.

On Taris, you can duplicate Bastila's Lightsaber and all of Brejik's equipment. When you go to steal the Hidden Bek's swoopbike accelerator, accept the Black Vulkar's offer to work for them. You will be immediately returned to the Lower City right in front of the Vulkar base entrance. Now instead of killing all of the Beks, go back inside the Vulkar base and grab the accelerator and take it to the Beks. You will do the race as usual, and get all of the equipment from Brejik's remains. Immediately when you return to the hideout with Bastila, place all of the items you received into the footlocker and return to the Bek base. Tell them you have the accelerator again and you will return to the race area. Only this time Bastila will already be free and she'll be the only one in there and you won't have to race or fight again. Just talk to Bastila again and you will receive the Lightsaber and Brejik's armband and belt again. Do this as many times as you feel like, but make sure you put the items into the footlocker in the hideout before leaving, or this will not work. You'll also receive about 500 exp. points each time you do this.

On Manaan and head to the submarine to the kolto harvester in the Republic embassy. Before entering the submarine, equip all the items you wish to reproduce with two of your party members who are following you (you personally cannot be wearing anything you want to duplicate). Now enter the submarine to get inside of the underwater base. Head to the pressure chamber that takes you to the ocean floor and save before going through. Also, you must take off everything your party members are wearing so, all weapons, armor, shields, belts, headgear, gloves, and even implants. Now go through the pressure chamber to the water, then go back inside the base. You will see your party members wearing everything they removed and you will see another copy of all those items in your inventory. Repeat these steps over and over again as much as you please. It will even give you another copy of any upgrade you gave to your weapons. An easy way to become rich.

On Kashyyyk for the FIRST time and equip Zaalbar with all items you want duplicated (sorry, you can't duplicate Lightsabers, robes, armor, or headgear with this one). Travel with Zaalbar to the Great Walkway and work your way to the wookie village. Do NOT enter the village yet, which means do not get within talking distance of the wookie in front of the door. You must save your game and then take everything off of Zaalbar. Now enter the village and Zaalbar will be removed from your party. You must complete the quest Chunndar gives you, however you choose, and when Zaalbar returns to you, all of his equipment is returned, plus a copy of each thing you unequipped in your inventory. This glitch can only be used once.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#27


Prototype Vibroblade
Location: Endar Spire -> Sith Heavy Trooper Remains

Mission’s Vibroblade
Location: Taris -> Mission Vao

Sakasiki’s Blade
Location: Dantooine -> Crattis Yurkal’s Shop

Yusanis’ Brand
Location: Tatooine -> Mic’Tunan’Jus Orgu’s Shop

Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade
Location: Kashyyk -> Chieftan In Need Quest


Carth’s Blaster
Location: Taris -> Carth Onasi

Bendak’s Blaster
Location: Taris -> Upper City Cantina -> Duel Ring Quest

Ordo’s Repeating Blaster
Location: Taris -> Canderous Ordo

Cassus Fett’s Heavy Pistol
Location: Korriban -> B’Ree’s Shop

Jurgan Kalta’s Assault Riffle
Location: Dantooine -> Hunting Lodge -> Crattis Yurkal’s Shop

Jamoh Horga’s Carbine
Location: Tatooine -> Mic’Tunan’Jus Orgu’s Shop


Republic Mod Armor
Location: Taris -> Lower City Apartments -> Strong Box

Echani Fiber Armor
Location: Taris -> Lower City Apartments -> Footlocker

Cassus Fett’s Battle Armor
Location: Dantooine -> Courtyard -> Adum Larp’s Shop

Calo Nord’s Armor
Location: Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan, or Korriban -> Calo Nord’s Remains

Darth Bandon’s Fiber Armor
Location: Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, or Korriban -> Darth Bandon’s Remains

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#28
What happened to Malak's jaw

There has been much speculation about how Malak lost his jaw. Here are a few unofficial rumors:
1) Before the events of KOTOR, when Revan was still the Dark Lord, Malak challenged Revan for control of the Sith. Revan either cut it off with a lightsaber or pulled it off with the Force. This is the most believed rumor, and is most likely true IMO.

2) On KOTOR II, Mandalore says to Master Kavar when you first meet him that he thought that Kavar died facing Malak in the Jedi Civil War. It is slightly possible that Malak had a duel with Kavar and Kavar was the one who sliced off Malak's jaw. This is only speculation however and has not been proven.

3) Malak had a shaving accident with his lightsaber... this one is really just a joke, but people on this board seem very willing to accept this case.

How do I escape being executed on Manaan

1) If you have talked to the Selkath in the cantina on the very West Central, the one who asks you to look into the missing Selkath youth, you need to find the Selkath in the Sith Base. You must either have the token from the dead Selkath or the data pad in the room after you kill the Dark Jedi Master who is with two other Selkath apprentices. If you have either of these, you can safely leave the base.
Once you're in the trial, the first thing you need to do is interrupt the trial and dismiss your arbitor immediately, or else you will be executed. Tell them you have proof that the Sith are up to no good. Then show them either the token or the data pad. That will be enough to get you out without remembering the conversation choices in the alternative choice.

2) Once you're in the trial, the first thing you need to do is interrupt the trial and dismiss your arbitor immediately, or else you will be executed. Then you will be asked a few questions by the judges. When they ask you why you were in there, say you were lured inside. When they ask how the Sith lured you inside, say they wanted to offer you a job. When they ask the next question, say that you refused and they attacked. That should get you out.

How do I escape being banned from Manaan?

1) If you destroyed the kolto harvesting machine, tell them that the machine woke something up, a giant firaxa shark, you destroyed the machine to save it. You should be freed afterward with no charge.

2) If you poisoned the kolto instead of destroying the machine, you have to be more dark in your approach. Once you’re in the courtroom, you have to say “You can’t arrest me, I know too much,” or something similar to that. Then you have to threaten that you will tell the Sith that the kolto is destroyed if they arrest or ban you, and they will let you go with a warning. However, if you haven’t already, you will not be able to finish the quest where the Selkath asks why the Republic is hiring mercenaries, so make sure you do that quest if you want before you go to the bottom of the sea.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#29
What's the highest level on this game?

The highest level is 20. For your starting class, the maximum level is 8, making 12 your minimum level for your Jedi class.

Is it true that my character is _____(Massive SPOILERS!!!)?

(WARNING: Do not read unless you have already finished the game or already know about the plot twist. You have been warned)

Yes, it is true. You play as the true Dark Lord of the Sith, Revan, and your memory has been erased by the Jedi Council. You will learn the story after the third Star map after Dantooine.

What is this hidden ending?

Before you open the door where Darth Malak is waiting for you (I recommend you save right here), make sure you have 2 controllers plugged in, the one you use in port one, and the other in port four. Press L & R and Y on BOTH controllers and then open the door and head to Malak. After you talk to Malak and are about to begin to fight, your character will use the Force to turn Malak into a dancing twilek girl and you will begin to start dancing with him and the game will end with the cutscene of whatever path you chose. In other words, all this does is skip the last boss fight.

User Info: Will_1231

9 years ago#30

Topic Creater – will_1231
Party Members – will_1231
Combat Feats – MiserumFatae
Starting Class – MiserumFatae
Jedi Class – MiserumFatae
Class Combinations – MiserumFatae
Difficult Boss Battles – Captain_Sorzo & MiserumFatae
Glitches and Exploits – will_1231 & zifnab2134
Upgradable Items – will_1231
Frequently Asked Questions – will_1231


Ultimaknight7 – Without seeing his Board FAQ on the KOTOR II board, I probably wouldn’t have had many of these ideas nor the inspiration to make a topic on this board. Ultimaknight7 probably has no idea about this, but he should be thanked anyway, at least for his topic on the other board.

MiserumFatae – Also known as Fro and some other things I can’t remember. Without his help I wouldn’t have been able to finish this topic. He is the reason this Board FAQ survived. Thank you Fro.

LucasArts and Bioware – Without Bioware to create this awesome game, and LucasArts to allow them to, none of us would have had the opportunity to play it. It’s too bad Bioware doesn’t want to work on KOTOR III.

GameFAQs – Without this site, we would not have been able to create this topic, unless we went to some other primitive website.

And thank you for reading.
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