I need a tach gland for some brew.

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  3. I need a tach gland for some brew.

User Info: supernova777

9 years ago#1
I'm on Kashyyk and how do I get a tach gland again? I forgot how to attract the animal to me so as to kill it. Can I buy a tach gland somewhere? Thanks for the help.
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User Info: Peter_Griffin33

9 years ago#2
I think you just find it in a canister somewhere but I think you can buy it too.
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User Info: Matt_E_Phillips

9 years ago#3
Talk to the dude in the Shadowlands, he'll spray you with some crap, and the Tach'll attack you.
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User Info: supernova777

9 years ago#4
I think I killed that guy already.
Just doing it for the karma! 350 or bust!

User Info: bushytailed

9 years ago#5

I think that you can also kill tach when you're chasing the Genoharraden(?) mark on Kashykk, but I may be wrong about that. I do know that tach glands can be either found or bought.
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User Info: Iamsuperguppy

9 years ago#6
I don't remember ever seeing them to buy, but there are two other ways to get it. If you take the job from the czerka guys in the shadowlands, he will spray you and tach will attack you, which will allow you to take glands off of dead tach bodies. He will pay you for some, but you can make sure you save a couple for griff. The second way is there are 3 tach glands in one of the containers in that czerka camp. I believe you need security to open it.
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User Info: dragonlord333

9 years ago#7
Take Mission with you, don't work for that one guy unless you want DS points. Chase them off by shuttng down the sonic emitters. Have Mission open the containrs, you get 3, go ahead and use Mission to disable the other mines on the level for sale or later use. I sell them. Get the droid head and go back up, settle the merchant quest and switch Missin out if you want, I put Juhani in. Go back down and you'll easily finish off the remaining wolflike creatures if you wish, and pick up a few average items. Then talk to Jolee. A total wuss of a Jedi, but you have to take him. Mission is tougher than this guy. Serious. At lvl. 20 she has about 20 more hp and with twin ungraded 'Cassus Fett' blasters can do more damge than he can. When you leave the planet you can take the glands to Mission's brother.

User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis
9 years ago#8
No, you did *not* just insult Jolee.
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  3. I need a tach gland for some brew.

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