mandalorian weapons cache

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User Info: AssassinDS

9 years ago#1
do u just need the right amount of computer skill to do it?
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User Info: wackyteen

9 years ago#2
no. u need to trick the mandolorian. You need a moderatley high(like 10-15) persuade skill to do it flawlessly.
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User Info: RabidMidget00

9 years ago#3
You can do it with no persuade at all, but it is hard. The trick is to figure out just the right amount of serum to give him without killing him. There is a very narrow range where he will tell you the truth. Get below this range, and he doesn't talk. Go above the range, and he dies. I don't remember off-hand what the range is though.

User Info: Matt_E_Phillips

9 years ago#4
It's in the FAQs.
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