Planet Order?

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User Info: Micro3

8 years ago#1
Is there a certain order of planets to travel to? Like getting better items and such?

User Info: dronemc

8 years ago#2
Minor spoilers

A few thoughts, in no particular order...

You get a pair of really good blasters if you do Korriban or Tatooine first after Dantooine. You get significantly worse blasters from the same encounter (it's non-planet dependent) on Kashyyk, and no blasters at all on Manaan.

Manaan provides a good opportunity for item duping, if you're into that sort of thing. You get access to a load of good items on Korriban. My typical starting order is Korriban-Manaan for that reaspons.

You pick up the final 2 members for your party on Tatooine and Kashyyk - one on each planet. The more useful of the two comes on Kashyyk. I'm pretty sure even the staunchest of defenders of the Tatooine party member will concede that the Kashyyk party member is more useful.

If you do Manaan as your 3rd post-Dantooine planet* an encounter there will give you a specialized lightsaber that changes the effects of crystals you place therein.

Korriban is commonly thought to be one of the more difficult planets, but it is still defeatable, even going there first.

I personally like Korriban-Manaan-Kashyyk-Tatooine. If you want more specifics, or info without spoiler-guards, just ask.

*Manaan doesn't have to be the third post-Dantooine planet you do in order to get the lightsaber, it just most commonly works out that way. You just have to make sure you have a certain encounter there. I can give you step-by-step instructions on how, if you want.
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User Info: Micro3

8 years ago#3
I forgot to mention that I have had a couple playthroughs before. Korriban first is what I was thinking too. I'm going DS Scout-Sentinel.

User Info: ThunderCavalier

8 years ago#4
I generally find the order Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, Korriban to benefit me the most since I get everything and there is a pretty good chance that the Premium Items will not glitch upon your arrival.
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User Info: Kotorfan321

8 years ago#5
Thunder just listed the order I like the best. But sometimes I find the Sand People a bit difficult so I leave Tatooine and go level up a bit on Kashyyyk and then come back. Calo Nord is waaaaay easier on Kashyyyk than Tatooine. I was always hard pressed to beat him on Tatooine
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User Info: Bail_Tavira

8 years ago#6
Not really, unless you want the epic Bandon saber.

User Info: dronemc

8 years ago#7
^Ummm.....what are you disagreeing with there, Bail?
I feel the end is near, my little Monday night whore.
My little Saturday night, became a Sunday remorse.

User Info: ChitinMan

8 years ago#8
Tatooine -> Koriban -> Kashyykkkkkk -> Manaan -> Unknown -> End Game
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User Info: JamesJimmothy

8 years ago#9
^Ummm.....what are you disagreeing with there, Bail

I think he was disagreeing with K-Fan saying Calo is harder on Tatooine, he actually is though
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User Info: killthendie

8 years ago#10
i always like to hit korriban first but thats just because i like to place

order really doesnt matter all that much
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