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User Info: jgiddy

7 years ago#1
I've noticed a lot of new players are discovering this wonderful game. If you're like me and like collecting the best equipment for your characters, here is a handy list.

Note: Yavin shop upgrades after the Third Star Map and after the 5th Star Map.

For Armors: I add the combined Defense + Max Defense.

MA= Immunity to Mind Affecting.

Mika's shop is unlocked after the 4th Star Map.

Circlet of Saresh (5 WIS) - Kashykk Ritual Beast, LIGHTSIDE only
Combat Sensor (2 DEX) - Manaan General Shop
Verpine Ocular Enhancer (1 DEX) - Korriban Czerka Rep
Advanced Bio Stab. (Immunities, +1 Saves) - Yavin (Third Star Map)

Headgear for Skills:
Advanced Agent Inter. (+7 to all skills)
The AAI is bought really late so it's useless.

Note: The Sith Mask is decent if you are a Soldier and have the Heavy Armor Feat.

Advanced Alacrity (5 DEX) - Yavin 5th
Gordulan Reaction Sys (4 DEX) - Mika's shop Korriban
Cyber Reaction System (3 Dex) - Merchant Eli 1st Zone Kashykk
Advanced Sensory (2 DEX, AWR)- Yavin
Note: I would not recommend the CON implants.

Dominator Gauntlets (5 STR) - Mika's shop Korriban
Genoharadan Strength (4 STR) - Assassin Quests on Manaan, DARKSIDE chain
Advanced Stabilizer (3 DEX) - Yavin
Note: These are the best gloves in the game for a lot of your party members as
well. You can buy multiple copies, just visit Yavin each time it gets new
Karakan (1 DEX, +Saves) - Tatooine 1st Zone Merchant

Baragwin Stealth (3 DEX) - Yavin 5th
Adrenal (2 Dex, +Saves) - Mika Korriban
CNS Strength (2 STR, Saves) - Dantooine Crattis

The game is easy enough to not require shields on Hard. I would recommend using
Energy Shields and selling the more expensive ones.

Light Armor:
Light Exo (13 DEF/2 str/1 Dex) - Yavin
Genoharadan Mesh (12 DEF/3 dex) - Assassin Quests on Manaan. Long DARKSIDE chain.
Darth Bandon's (12 DEF/MA) - Automatically Earned from Darth Bandon

Medium/Heavy Armor:
Generally if you have Medium you have Heavy
Heavy Exo (15 DEF/3 str/3 Con) - Yavin 3rd
Calo Nord's (13 DEF/MA/Crit immun) - Automatically from Calo Nord

Lightsaber: For XBOX, you can get a special Lightsaber by making Manaan your
third planet (and fourth Star Map) from Darth Bandon.

In general though, the best damage set-up is a double bladed Lightsaber with
Heart of the Guardian + Solari + Upari. The best set up versus Dark Jedi and Malaak
is Phond/Mantle/Solari.

The best damage set up in the game is an all Strength Jedi with Master Critical
Strike wielding two LS (Opila/MOTF/Solari) and (Opila/HOTG/Upari).

Pistol: Double Blaster Pistol setups do the most damage overall for Ranged.
Best 2 pistols are:
Cassus Fett's Heavy Pistol - Korriban B'ree
Saul's Sith Assassin Pistol - Leviathan Bridge. You will get this after your
Fourth Star Map.

Rifle: Rifles are sexier than Pistols.
Baragwin Ion-X Rifle - Yavin 3rd. This weapon is surprising the best.
Jamoh Hograh's Carbine - Tatooine Dock. Buy this immediately after you
can fly.

Baragwin Repeater - Yavin 5th.
Baragwin Assault - Yavin 3rd. I list the Assault Gun because it's
a huge upgrade you can buy after the 3rd Map.
Baragwin Assault Blade - Yavin 3rd. You can buy two.
Bacca's Ceremonial Blade - Finish Kashykk

Droid Stuff:
Composite Heavy Plating (Armor) - Yavin 3rd
Superior Targetting (Sensor) - Leviathan

Mix and Match your skill items for what you need (not really important).

For tools, use the Baragwin stuff. You can buy the Shield from the 1st Yavin and
the other stuff from Yavin 3rd. Baragwin Droid stuff lets you reuse without
losing charges.

That does it for this guide. Feel free to ask questions.
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