How do you get through Taris at level 2?

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  3. How do you get through Taris at level 2?

User Info: Fire__Fly

7 years ago#1
Specifically, the areas with racgouls, the fight in the bad gangs base, and with the one sith.
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User Info: Uzamaki117

7 years ago#2
You can still level up your companions.

My suggestion is stay back with a pistol and make carth melee, then when you get Zaalbar make him your second melee, then replace Carth with Bastila when you get her.

As long as your ranged and your allies are well built melee characters you should be fine.

User Info: simcopter1

7 years ago#3
Pretty much what the last guy said. The only thing that might be impossible at level 2 is the duelling arena sidequest, and even then, there might be a way to work around it.
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User Info: Uzamaki117

7 years ago#4
Dueling Rings gives some extra credits and experience and one (Or two if you glitch) Bendak pistols.

The credits and exp help a lot of Taris but not so much after taris. Bendak's pistol is helpful if one of your companions uses dual pistols, however you can always get Cassus Fetts Pistol and clone it on Manaan.

User Info: lolzomgwtfpwn

7 years ago#5
First of all, I don't really recommend going through Taris at level 2. The most optimal builds all have at least 4 non Jedi levels. 16 levels as a jedi is more than enough to give you all the Force abilities you'll ever need, so it's far more beneficial to get at least those 4 levels so that you can have some extra feats. Only having 2 non jedi levels only weakens your character, and makes Taris almost unbearably frustrating.

As for what companions you should choose, Mission is truly the way to go. Just give her the two weapon fighting feat and carth's/bendak's blaster to get her AB higher, and those sneak attacks will truly make short work of any opponent. Just make sure that you have Zaalbar or Bastila at the front (Bastila doesn't have the best hitpoints, but she can boost her AC so high that almost every attack against her will miss).

User Info: Just_a_loser

7 years ago#6
Dueling ring is easy using the run and gun strategy.
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User Info: Carydogg

7 years ago#7

From: Just_a_loser
Dueling ring is easy using the run and gun strategy.

Easier...don't think I would say easy, especially on higher difficulty
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  3. How do you get through Taris at level 2?

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