360 Backward Compatibility Issues?

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User Info: Darth_Havok

7 years ago#1
So i bought KOTOR 1 & 2 & tried putting them in my 360 & I got the error saying that it's not compatible, to go to xbox.com/games version 1.0 as an update may be available. Sure enough I check the backwards compatibility list & both games are there. So I downloaded the (most recent?) update, put it on a flash drive, put it in the USB, it automatically updated, prompting me to "select yes" & i did. So, it installs, resets the console & still won't play either game. The xbox no longer reads the files on the USB or even DVD (I tried it again) so what am I supposed to do now? I don't have XBOX live, nor do I intend to get it. Any suggestions? This did work on the same console once, prior to a format of the system & HDD. Should I be downloading an older update or something? If so, where could I find that?
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User Info: hardeman

7 years ago#2
my suggestion is you get xbox live, im playing kotor right now on my 360, you need the xbox live updates to be able to play the game
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User Info: A_Super_Elite

7 years ago#3
Personally when I played both Kotor games on the 360, it lagged terribly. I don't know if it's been fixed, but it was almost unplayable. Good luck.
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User Info: Fraust

7 years ago#4
I only really played KOTOR on my 360 but I never noticed any problems. The game had plenty of lag and stuff on my normal XBOX so maybe I just never noticed if it was worse.

User Info: blutoblutarskyX

7 years ago#5
had the same issue with morrowind-

there is an update that you need to download to play backwards compatible games.

- although i have a real problem plaing this game because of the quailty when compared to 360/ps3 games, i would REALLY like to see them revamp it for the 360.

i'm not big on jedis, but bieng able to make your char a scoundrel/blaster fighter for the part i did play at least let me mimick the bad assery of han solo that i would want to play this game if it was updated.

im not a graphics whore- but the whole feel of the game just seems lackluster for what it is-

i never had a problem going back to justice league heroes for the xbox or other 2p games. just for 1p games i would rather play something completely "retro" (i'm acutally playing phantasy star 2 now too) or something current gen than something that might very well be a classic, but its just kind of "in between".

hey give it a few years, maybe when kotor collects some dust and becomes further outdated it'll have that retro feel to it for me.

User Info: sayhow

7 years ago#6
For me no matter which update I downloaded, it only worked for a game-specific patch which I was prompted to install when the game was put in.
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User Info: Iceburg116

7 years ago#7
I just bought KotOR off eBay and it plays.
Granted, it lags like a monster sometimes and teleports me hundreds of yards away if I try to do anything too horrid (Plasma Grenade target in front of me, have multiple Force Powers going at once, etc.)
But, y'know, I can play it.
Don't know what your problem is, OP. Maybe the disc is damaged?
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