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User Info: twilightsunburn

9 years ago#1
Hey, I just started this game and I just got a human illusionist to join my clan. They;re about the same level as the rest of my battlers, so I was wondering what would go well with illusionist as a secondary. Here are my battlers, they are all about level 5/6 so their just sort of starting out XD

Paladin/Soldier (will be Fighter Paladin eventually)
White Monk (Will be Bishop/White Monk ASAP)
White Mage (will be sage/white mage)

Let me know if anyone should change, but I do want to leave my nu mou as the white mage and i want my bangaa to be a bishop.
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User Info: Paromin

9 years ago#2
The best thing that goes with an Illusionist are 5 other Illusionists. A single Illusionist is extremely poor. Don't bother using Illusionists unless you plan to only use them

Paladin/Soldier (will be Fighter Paladin eventually)

Soldiers have crappy A-Abilities
Fighters have crappy A-Abilities
Fighters have crappy Stat Growths

Hunter has Sonic Boom which is combination of Far Fist and Air Render and uses Weapon WAtk as a multiplier for the damage instead of the subpar multiplier Far Fiast and Air Render uses.

White Monk (Will be Bishop/White Monk ASAP)

White Monks have crappy A-Abilities

Templar/Bishop. Templars can wear all the stuff that boosts Move which the Bangaas need. All the Bishop A-Abilities are crappy with the exception of Break


Sniper is a crappy class with crappy A-Abilities. Conceal is a waste of turns.
Archers are inferior to Red Mages when dealing Status Effects

Assassin/Red Mage

White Mage (will be sage/white mage)

Sages already have Raise which is heal. Although Sages are inferior to Black Mages when dealing magic damage. -aga spells + Black Robe are 40% stronger than Gigaflare.

Healing is pointless once your clan becomes stronger. If your clan still need to heal then it can be improved a hell lot more.

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