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User Info: Elfergos

5 years ago#1
Sorry to start another one of these topics, I would have asked in the more recent post but it is locked.

Anyway, I have recently started a new game in order to snag some rare items through treasure hunts so I figured I would try and maximise the effectiveness of my units and try to specialise them a little more.

I was going with 4 humans (incl Marche) as ninja/thief, blue mage/white mage, archer/hunter (maybe ninja/hunter) and then one pure physical perhaps fighter/paladin?

3 moogles (incl montblanc): juggler/thief, juggler/animist and gunner/animist

3 Nu Mou: Black mage/alchemist, beastmaster/sage and time mage/sage

2 Bangaa: white monk/templar and dragoon/gladiator

A load of viera Assassins because they are awesome.

Anyway after looking around it seems most peoples concerns are on unit speed - the templar and paladin classes seem to be particularly problematic as they don't seem to grow in speed at all - but what is the best means of getting a fast unit with very heavy weapon damage?

Also am I right in thinking that there is gear available that also helps specific stat growth - the game itself seems to hide valuable information such as this but I thought I saw a post somewhere claiming that the Acacia hat is one such example.

User Info: Tisroero

5 years ago#2
Alright, first off, too many units of the same type. You should probably just have one of each to keep things interesting, otherwise the battles get stale and experience is spread over way too many people.

Now to answer your speed+power question...

Hunter for humans. Fast and very good stat growth all around. not the fastest, but close enough as matters.

Your moogle classes sadden me, as you include Montblanc but there's no way to tell which one he is. Leveling as anything but a Time Mage is a waste of effort and robbing Montblanc of his one advantage: Totema.

Other than that sadly there's no such thing as power in a moogle, so Thieves and Jugglers are as good as it gets.

Nu Mou: Time Mage and Alchemists.... they're kinda the best it's gonna get.

Bangaa: Gladiators.... and that's unfortunately the best it'll get as well.Unless you wanna use a White Monk for the best speed possible

Viera: The only reason i don't only level as an Assassin for every possible characters is cuz I like leveling as a base class for my characters. There is no reason to level as anything else.

Acacia Hat:Magick res
Sequence:Wep Atk
Sapere Aude(honestly can't remember how to spell it) Magick Pow

.... anyways any time you do a mission that gave you the item it'll boost by one point. Doing link missions boost them as well.
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User Info: Elfergos

5 years ago#3
I don't understand, why is montblanc best as a time mage? Right now I have him as a juggler/thief

User Info: Arctic_Blast

5 years ago#4
Since Monstblac's base stats are that off a Black Mage, he'll be outsped by Assassins, Snipers, Ninja, Thieves and Jugglers, even leveled as a Thief. Going Time Mage loses a bit more speed, while building on Montblancs already magey stats.

User Info: most_games_r_ok

5 years ago#5
Montblanc's stats are heavily geared towards magic, he has poor physical attack and speed right off the bat. Any, I repeat, any other unit that can join will always be better than Montblanc just because of this.

Since his stats are so heavily weighted towards magic, why not just give him the best magic growth possible as a time mage, which also has better speed than a black mage.
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User Info: Elfergos

5 years ago#6
Makes sense, thanks

User Info: Paromin

5 years ago#7
Mogs don't need WAtk or MPow, not when they can use Smile. The only stat that matters to a Mog is speed. They can't OHKO with spells anyway.
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User Info: pamboys

5 years ago#8
^not Mogs, Montblanc

User Info: Paromin

5 years ago#9
Montblanc will be slow enough to Smile Bangaas and Nu Mous.

Which will be better than just about anything he can do with MPow.
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