Which is better: ATK or SP Asura Champion?

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User Info: gitales13

8 years ago#1
Im playing MastelaRO, a private server, with a rates of 2000/2000/500 (Base EXP/Job EXP/Drop rate, respectively) but some cards (boss, mini-boss and Gemini) were modified. I knew the math behinds about this game, and if we particularly talk about Asura Strike (Guillotin Fist), the formula tells that you will benefit higher damage from Atk rather than the SP. The question is "which among the Champion will deal more damage using Asura Strike?:

Champion A - SP Champion
Headgear (Upper): Ulle's Cap [1] with Incubus Card
(Mid): Sunglasses [1] with Incubus Card
(Lower): "Custom Item" (+5 Atk)
Body: Odin's Blessing [1] with Succubus Card
Weapon: Chain [3] with 3x Abysmal Knight Card
Note: Some players were using +9 Double Liberation Lich Bone Wand. I don't know yet if this is much better than the Triple Liberation Chain.
Shield: Orlean's Server [1] with Alice Card
Note: Not modifying this into offensive. It will stay defensive forever...
Garment: Wool Scarf [1] with Giant Whisper Card
Note: For an SP-type of Asura Strike Champion, Giant Whisper Card or Morpheus Shawl (the +SP garment)?
Footgear: Tidal Shoes [1] with Sohee Card
Accessory (1): Diabolus Ring [1] with Mantis Card
(2): Orlean's Glove [1] with Mantis Card

Champion B - Atk Champion
Headgear (Upper): Magni's Cap
(Mid): "Custom Item" (+3% Atk)
(Lower): "Custom Item" (+5 Atk)
Body: Orlean's Uniform [1] with Echio Card
Note: I don't know if theres better +Atk card than Echio Card.
Weapon: Maybe i'll go for +9 Double Liberation Lich Bone Wand, a Lv4 +9 weapon, I guess this will pump up my Champion's atk.
Shield: Stone Buckler [1] with Alice Card
Garment: Wool Scarf [1] with Giant Whisper Card
Footgear: If I use Antique Firelock Card's +2 Str? As few people's know, there is an algorithm for Str which is "Str/10^2" (for ex: A character with 50 Str will get additional atk, from that formula part, of 25. 100 Str will get 100). Wat do you think is better?
Accessory (1): Diabolus Ring [1] with Mantis Card
(2): Diabolus Ring [1] with Mantis Card
Note: Diabolus Ring [1] or Ring [1]?

Sorry for not using the RO Calculator coz it doesn't have Diabolus Ring on it so I cannot prove which is better...
Currently Playing: Valkyrie Profile 2 [Chapter 4: Just starting; 90+ hrs. already] (PS2); Mana Khemia (PSP); Mastela RO (Private Server)

User Info: Wynzerman

8 years ago#2
Sort of, neither extreme gets the full potential out of Asura/Guillotine Fist. Asura/Guillotine Fist was developed with the intention that many players would be undecided on their advanced job until they get to that plateau. So when a Acolyte becomes a Monk, they will find themselves putting alot more into STR, AGI, DEX and LUK as opposed to INT, but being that they were an Acolyte they probably had between 30 and 50 INT before switching jobs at the very least. So the formula for Asura/Guillotine was meant to take advantage of both trainings as opposed to one or the other (while still growing with the user's Attack). A rather large mistake players make when choosing an advanced class from the 2-2 roster is that they are like the 2-1 roster in the simplicity of their development. This often leads to the other misconception that 2-2 jobs are inferior to their 2-1 counterparts or rivals. The 2-2 jobs are based more on a player's ability to combine different stats/rates and skills as opposed to having a single massive stat and the rest are centered around amplifying it. Asura is the prime example of that ofcoarse.

Personally I find Asura a little to pricey to build an entire Monk around (even on a private server). Also don't assume I don't fully understand this subject because I am speaking of Monks and not Champions. I am aware of the differences between the classes but when it comes to the effectiveness of Asura they are almost null. I have also refrained from unloading the mathematics on you in lieu of simple logic purposefully with the intention that you will comprehend and maybe try the math yourself.

User Info: Premium

8 years ago#3
1 atk = 10 sp
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  3. Which is better: ATK or SP Asura Champion?

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