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User Info: Protowarrior07

9 years ago#1
I feel that there is not enough know about ninjas, so I shall reveal some of the secrets of the ninjas to you.

Note to all who plan to play ninja: Ninjas are inferior to transcended classes. You can't change that fact. They can get pretty powerful, but don't expect a monster. When you train a ninja, you'll probably notice that you'll run into a dead end, whereas other classes can continue to improve(E.g. Trans, use trans equipment, new classes). However, ninjas ARE a fun class to play with, and like I said, you can get pretty powerful(Powerful enough to kill some classes. I won't get TOO in depth here, but I'll give all of ya a layout of the types of ninjas. There are two types of ninjas. Touteki, and Ninpou.

Touteki ninjas are those who use throwing stars and stealth techniques.
Ninpou ninjas are those who use magic(In my opinion, this basically kills the idea of being a ninja, seeing as you won't use ANY shurikens, and nearly no hiding techniques).

Like some already said, magic ninjas are the more popular choice. Their two best skills are Lightning spear of Ice(Lvl 1), and Raging Fire Dragon. Lightning spear of Ice is good because the skill nearly has no delay(=spam). And Raging Fire Dragon is good because it does 900% MATK, making it the magic ninja's killing spell(It does have a 3 sec delay, though). They also have some area spells to slow down enemies, or to surround yourself with fire. Handy, but not vital. A magic ninja would use intelligence and dexterity, to decrease the casttime of the spell(And possibly VIT, for PvP).

Touteki ninjas are more ninja-ish, in my opinion, and they're more fun to play. They're split up in two groups; Shuriken and Hiding techniques. Ninjas have four throwing techniques.

Throw Shuriken: Basically a ninja's most expensive skill, and a shuriken ninja's best friend. Always hits, and is spammable. Using a dagger that does status effects will also influence your shurikens, which is handy.
Throw Kunai: Deals 300% ATK damage, and has 1 sec delay. It's a pretty handy attack, but I prefer shurikens, since they're so spammable. Can be gotten in 5 different elements.
Throw Fuuma Shurikens: This skill sucks. The only throwing technique that can miss. It has 900% ATK damage, and a 1 sec delay. Since it misses often,you will need DEX.
Throw Zeny: A pretty powerful attack, but it has a 5 second delay. 5 seconds in PvP = Death.

A Shuriken ninja would use STR, and AGI to increase the spammability of their shurikens.

As for Hiding ninjas, these will use just one, possibly two attacking skills. To use their main attacking skill, Shadow Slash, you will first need to be hidden. For ninjas, there are two ways to hide. Either use their skill "Mist Slash"(Which slashes the enemy, then goes into hiding), or you use a smokie card. Mist slash has low attack, and if it misses, you won't go into hiding. And if the enemy has sight on, you can't hide, which sucks. That's why a ninja should always have a smokie card. If you hide, you can attack an opponent 15 cells away, with shadow slash. It's a fairly powerful skill, and you can hide right away, to continue attacking your enemy with Shadow Slash.
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User Info: Protowarrior07

9 years ago#2
Their other technique is Final Strike. This attack uses up all your hp, and attacks the enemy, dealing "massive" damage. Your amount of HP, and your strength have a say in the damage formula of this attack. Before you can use Final Strike, you need to go into your "Soul state". To do this, you need to use the skill "Soul". There are some builds devoted to the use of Final Strike, but it'd be better if you use multiple skills, instead of just one.

A Hiding ninja would use VIT(To survive hits, raise max HP), STR(For damage output), and DEX(To hit the enemy, about 40 DEX should be sufficient).

Well, I usually go with magic ninjas, but that got boring after 3 of them, so I tried to make a Shuriken/Shadow Slash hybrid. I've already made a build, and it looks pretty strong. So don't limit yourself to using only shuriken, or only shadow slash, try both!

And now I'll discuss the ninja's most important supporting skill.

Cicada Skin Shedding: By some, this skill is called the god-mode skill. It negates every skill or attack for 3 hits, and pushes you back some cells. A sort of replacement technique, if you want to get a clear image of it. Every ninja needs this skill, especially magic ninjas, since they can keep spamming spells while they can't be hit. Now, ofcourse this skill isn't perfect. In fact, it has a huge flaw. Everyspell can bypass it, and some commonly-used skills can too.

These are: Falcon Assault(Sniper), Soul Destroyer(Assassin Cross), Meteor Assault(Assassin Cross), Bull's Eye(Gunslinger, skill is not used often), Acid Demonstration(Whitesmith?), Cart Termination(Whitesmith), Throw venom knife(Assassin), and ofcourse, all spells like fire bolt.

This is especially a problem for magic ninjas, since they don't have much HP. And skills like cart termination will kill them instantly, most of the time. Soul Destroyer, Falcon Assault, Acid Demonstration, and Throw venom knife are ranged, so you can use Reverse Tatami(Skill that blocks ALL ranged attacks for 3 seconds, but it also has a delay of 3 seconds, and the effect is canceled if you move) to block those, but you can't move while tatami is on, so it's basically stalling the inevitable; your death. An alternate option is to hide. But hiding won't kill your enemy, so you'll have to use your equipment to win a battle with one of the said classes. A strategy is to use Reverse Tatami, while wearing a status inflicting armor. You will block the hits, and the enemy might be petrified, frozen, or whatever. That's your cue for attacking.

Well, now I've given you a basic, if not detailed layout of the ninja class. Lastly, I'll put some pros and cons in a list.

-Very fun class to play
-Cicada skin shedding
-Ninja, nuff said
-A nightmare for most non-transcended classes, and if you're skilled, you can kill some transcended classes too

-Shurikens are expensive, and some magic skills need stones, which cost 150z each
-Dead-end class, like most expanded classes. Has some potential, but not as much as others.
-Can't trans, can't wear trans equipment
-Lacks the skill points to really benefit from all those spiffy skills

As for becoming a ninja. The key is in Alberta(I'll only give a hint).

This guide is getting way too long, so I'll stop now. Needless to say, the ninjas are a very interesting class, and the only class which I have played competetively with. Even though I said they're a dead-end class, you can become fairly powerful if you try hard enough. So like the ninja headmaster says:

Be quick as a hawk from the wind of the East. And be as light as a feather wavering in the wind of the west!

P.S. This guide may only be used if you credit me. Muahahah.
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User Info: LordXavi

9 years ago#3
Nice guide, although seeing you know alot about Ninjas, you should make a real (longer) guide.
Proud creator of PAUNCH day.

User Info: animesou

9 years ago#4
never heard it referred to as Touteki before

still think you need some Dex for Throwing Shuriken unless you are going pure KS. Sure Throwing Shuriken always hits, but the damage is reduced on miss similar to VVS weapon.

I like to use Gunslinger Mine to bypass CCS.

too bad ninjas shadow skills are nerfed in WoE and PvP battlegrounds (which also uses WoE mechanics). really hate how KS only does 1/2 damage on bosses otherwise they could manage Thors.

User Info: Protowarrior07

9 years ago#5
Right, I agree with animesou that DEX is needed, even for throwing ninjas. I also wouldn't go pure throwing build, since having a variety of skills is always handy(But that's just me). Furthermore, what does ""KS" stand for?
P.s. I've never written a guide before, so I'd need some help if I were to submit one.
JUS FC - 0130 0542 9268

User Info: DragonRaider

9 years ago#6
KS = Killing Stroke (Final Strike)
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