Where are the upgrade NPCs?

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User Info: Seiferxalmsy

8 years ago#1
As much as I would love to find a blacksmith, or make one, is it easier to get it upgraded by a NPC instead? And where would I find one?

User Info: Premium

8 years ago#2
Only whitesmiths/mastersmiths can upgrade weapons. Each level in Upgrade Weapon = +0.5% chance of success.
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User Info: Dem0nBoy

8 years ago#3
they're in almost every town

Prontera - middle right
Morroc - bottom left
Payon - middle left
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User Info: HypnoPanda

8 years ago#4
I remember someone told me the smith in payon has the highest refining rate.
Just something i heard
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  3. Where are the upgrade NPCs?

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