swords or spears?

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User Info: kupo4life

6 years ago#1
Thinking about making a knight -> lord knight -> rune knight.
What's better damage spears or 2H swords?

I was thinking you could also go with both, granted you'd have to spread the skill points more, but if you think both, please explain why, as I'm partial to picking only 1 of the two and spending zenny on a good weapon, rather than a mediocre for each.

User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
6 years ago#2
In the long run, it doesn't matter, and I mean if you really look FAAARR. Once you are a Rune Knight there's all kinds of massive damage skills that's not based on any weapon.

But if you are only looking to enjoy the game mostly as a knight or lord knight, then from my experience, Spear is both the most powerful single target and most useful AoE spec.

Bowling Bash feels clunky to use compared to Brandish Spear, even though Bowling bash's damage is slightly higher, and sword build doesn't have any amazing single target attacks.
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User Info: ignasia7

6 years ago#3
sword build doesn't have any amazing single target attacks.

Not quite. As a Knight, indeed this is true, though BB does function as a highly effective Single Target attack. The problem is even if you line up correctly, and even if you have everything right for a group or a single monster, it can still strike once, not twice, wasting a bunch of SP. Miyuki pointed the mechanics page out to me, but it doesn't help all that much, as the forced server lag can still muck up positioning.

However as an LK you do have Clashing Spiral. Granted Hunting Spear and Cardo are more effective, as Hunting allows a shield for more defense, and Cardo is thus far the highest damage CS weapon in game, bar none. But even with a plain claymore, or an elemental claymore, you can get some serious damage. The bonus of being a 2h knight is you have Parry, which can get you out of some tight situations while you CS each mob. Atlas and Krasnaya have sufficient weight to add significant damage, and with 3 card slots, the Krasnaya offers a lot of damage boosting options.

Though kupo, I'm in complete agreement with Last. Spears are definitely the overall best and most versatile skill set. I usually get spear skills with level 3 2hquicken, as swords are better to start with at the beginning, until I can get my spear skills going.

Just note that for now RK 2hSword skills are better than spear skills. However, once the latest kRO changes are added to iRO, Hundred Spears will own, literally, and clashing spiral will get a slight nerf (again). there is also rune-based leveling if you can afford it, or have solid hunting grounds to access materials. 2h swords offer, without going to through battlegrounds, more indestructible options without needing to get a Golem card.

Really though, knights are all about fun, so why not do some experimentation. As an example I made an Int/Agi/Dex/Str LK once, using auto-cast gear and cards. Quite a blast.
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