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User Info: bigroc10304

4 years ago#1
Posted 12/27/2012 9:54:28 PM

I love the original Ratchet and Clank, but after playing the other games in the series (especially GC), now it feels... so different... I almost think that if I had played the other games first, I wouldn't have liked the original. Lack of strafing, being able to melee through 99% of it, no arena, etc., would have felt like a step backwards for sure. But luckily, I did play the original game first, and I fell in love with it before I knew what the others were like. I am able to replay this game and enjoy it nostalgically just fine.

Plan to start it up again soon. Looking forward to it.

But I've been thinking about why I waited so long to start this series in the first place... I was a Jak and Daxter fan first! I remember how there was a pretty big VS in the two franchise fan communities over which was better, and since I played the Jak series first, I automatically clicked with that side of things, but eventually gave into trying out the Ratchet series, and woah! Now I am a fan of both, equally.
So, was wondering, for those who have played both series, which one did you start with and why? What made you try the other series, and do you like them both equally, or do you prefer one over the other now?

After reading this, I agree about the R&C games. As far as Jak & Daxter goes, I've only played the original, and some of the following sequels. I've played just about every iteration that the (R&C) series produced. While I haven't played the new vita/ps3 cross buy/cross play game (which has only been out for about 10 days atm...) The original R&C was a huge leap forward for platformers, among a few other genres that it helped to include.

The charm, wit, fantastic characters, along with top notch VO. It all builds into one of the greatest franchises over the last 2 generations of consoles.

I began with R&C, and I'm glad I did. I have to dislike of Jak... If I have a complaint it'd be that there are too many fetch quests. I know the first game centralized the precursor stones. But getting to them wasn't nearly as much fun as hunting down every last golden bolt. If I had to choose a series, it'd HAVE to be R&C! A game that has fantastic controls, phenomenal talent to bring the game to life, and a world where I want to visit. It's not easy to dance on both sides of the fence, so that a game can be funny, but appeal to everyone. The games actually got charm, and imo it can be seen oozing from my tv... Along with Clanks one liners and Qwark just being Qwark make a huge difference. In R&C there's a lot more banter between the 2 main characters than in J&D.

Dunno if that'll help ya, but thems my 2 cents.
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