Good times.

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User Info: Demon_in_Shadow

8 years ago#1
This game was pretty awesome for its time, the unlockable costumes were awesome too,.

User Info: Gun_N_Run-_-

8 years ago#2
Yes,yes it was .

User Info: Trini_Bwoi

8 years ago#3
Yup, I loved this game.
Most people respect the badge. Everyone respects the gun.
Your enemy's enemies are your friends.

User Info: Jumpman72

8 years ago#4
jjust played the new wolverine game for 360 and this one is still the best game to be wolverine.

User Info: Badmannv1

8 years ago#5
This was utter garbage. What are you guys on? Can I have some?

User Info: megATOMOS

8 years ago#6
this game was terrible, but i love how it contradicts the new game
Ive never thought of that....all these years of late nights....i could be eating mcdonalds god.

User Info: luke1001

8 years ago#7
This game is awful

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