Whoa...that fabulous "Ding" sound

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User Info: gildedgirth

9 years ago#1
I just got the game last night to test things out. I'll probably have more questions later.

But I hit my first level and I was treated to the familar "DING" sound. It immediately conjured up all my memories from EQ1. Strange that such a sound can stir up such memories, as I haven't even touched that game in probably 5 years.

I love the fact that you have mini-dings too, just like in EQ1 and DAOC (dark ages of camelot).

Anyway hearing the "ding" was almost worth the price of admission for the game. I love the class diversity. I'm testing out 3 MMO's that I missed out playing in the game and this might be a winner.

Anyone else love that EQ "ding" sound? So simple but so nice.

User Info: Crono19

9 years ago#2
Ahhh the ding. All your hard work is worth it just to hear that sound.
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User Info: Vargz

9 years ago#3

Nostalgia overload

User Info: Keianna33

9 years ago#4
I am not sure if they changed it, but back in EQ1, when you 'Dinged', your hp/mana didnt fill up, so it was common to ding/unding in roughly the same moment. I loved that in EQ2 when you leveled, you were given full hp/mana. the mini-dings I think came shortly after, but I do not remember them during the first month (Nov 04).
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  3. Whoa...that fabulous "Ding" sound

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