Betrayal Quest Class Change

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User Info: GrandMasterMonk

8 years ago#1
Quick question:

When you do the betrayal quest, are you able to keep your current class if it is evil and you are betraying to a good city?

For example, is it possible to betray Freeport and be a Sarnak Shadowknight in Qeynos, or you will be forced to switch classes to Paladin?


User Info: kunaak

8 years ago#2
good aligned classes are forced to change archtype if they go to a evil city.

you cannot be a paladin, in neriak, and you cant be a assassin in qeynos, and so on.
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User Info: Swaqu

8 years ago#3
I know on PvP servers you may remain your old class when you betray, but on regular ones I think kunaak is correct.

User Info: nkoehler88

8 years ago#4
Only Guard/Zerk, Troub/Dirge, Wiz/Lock, and I think Warden/Fury can betray and stay that class.
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