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User Info: ShadowEclair

6 years ago#1
In the scene where Ryo gets beaten up by the Heavens or when Ren hurts him, he ends up on Wongs boat. How did he get there? I don´t think they would beat him to a pulp and then let him recover on their wharf. And Wong could not carry him there.

User Info: jennafaith1

6 years ago#2
It is implied that he has been draged there by Wong. Could be that Wong persuaded some of Ren's to help him carry Ryo. Wong could also call on Joy to get them to help.

It's not critical to the story but there you go.
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User Info: LessThanLuke

6 years ago#3
I don't think anyone really dies in Shenmue 2 except that guy that Chunyan pushes off the building ledge in the Black Heaven Bldg. I suppose the guy Baihu was fighting dies too, since he kinda made that clear. But, nobody else ever seems to die, even Dou Niu seems happy to just beat on you for fun. You'd think all these people Ryo was beating up, he'd have accidentally killed one by one, and would be wracked with guilt.
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User Info: mochamoo-ex

6 years ago#4
There's also that one guy who gets thrown off the platform by that Jeet Kune Do chick.
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