How do I get my own duck?

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User Info: bloodshed123

6 years ago#1
I know how to start the duck race but how do I get my own duck?

User Info: jennafaith1

6 years ago#2
Go to Man Mo temple and go the red leaf tree in the back. Initiate the mini game AFTER participating in at least one duck race. When Ryo sets up to practice catching leaves, you may hear a QUACK. Ryo will then hit the treee and a duck will fall out.

Easter egg: Turn on the subtitles for the game because the duck says things too.
It all started with a twenty-sided dice.

User Info: VaultTecBoy1986

6 years ago#3
I presume you mean this, taken from the "Secrets FAQ"

To unlock the Duck Race you need to get the Bronze and Silver Medals.
To get a Bronze Medal you need to talk to 2 people, Izumi and Eileen.

IZUMI: Can be found in the Tomato Convenience Store in the Golden
Qr. Go into the shop and make conversation, she will talk
about her studies and befriend you.

EILEEN: Can be found at Pigeon Park on the Workers Pier, she is
to be found on the side of the fountain facing the ocean.
She will offer Ryo a sparing match, but Ryo will turn her

Now that is out of the way, head to the Green Market Qr. Go to the Come
Over Guest house and face as if you have just walked out of the door.
Now look right, you will see an alley. Go down the alley and ignore
the first turning left. once past that turning you'll be forced to turn
right. now face right down the alley and look left. you will see a shop
with a window, and a man stacking boxes. Now to the right of that
window is a white opening. Head into the Vacant Lot and you notice a
table in the middle. On the table are three boxes of toys and the Bronze
Medal. They're yours for the taking. Now have your last look around that
Vacant Lot because once you leave the white opening will become
closed and you wont be able to re-enter.

To get a Silver Medal you will need to have picked up the Bronze
Medal. Collecting the Bronze Medal removes the barrier that stops you from
going up to the 3rd floor in the Pine Arcade, Golden Qr. So head up to the
3rd floor and you will be stopped by a man dressed in white (this man
is found in one of the cut scenes involving Ren) He will ask whether
you want to Participate or Watch. Select Participate and you will enter
the small room only to find Eileen waiting for you. You have to beat her
in a fight so that you can fight Izumi, the next fighter.

Now go back up to the 3rd Floor of Pine Arcade and select to
Participate. You will have to fight Izumi, not someone you think would
be a good fighter but infact she's one of the best in the game. She has
some spectacular moves and combos as well as a mid fight QTE prompt. The
QTE asks you to press X+B, Y+A. if she hits you with it you will have
taken a lot of damage and end up lying on the floor for a while. But if
you complete the QTE sequences you will reverse her throw and perform a
throw of your own. She can do the QTE move more than once in battle so
dont think after one go she wont use it again.

Anyway, once you have beaten her she will tell you to come by the
Tomato Convenience Store in Golden Qr and she will show you something
interesting. Head there and you'll notice when you stand in front of her
counter that you can press the X button, now from this point on you
can go to the DUCK RACES!
"Welcome to the real world son, where bullets hurt and people die"
~An excerpt from the fanfiction; Fallout Retribution~

User Info: Lazay727

6 years ago#4
no duck races in kowloon?

User Info: VaultTecBoy1986

6 years ago#5
Lazay727 posted...
no duck races in kowloon?

I don't think so buddy. I think they all killed themselves - that place was so freaking depressing.
"Welcome to the real world son, where bullets hurt and people die"
~An excerpt from the fanfiction; Fallout Retribution~
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