April 3rd, 2013 - SIGN if you want to see Shenmue III made

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User Info: goldenboy1867

4 years ago#11
Azuma_NarooN posted...
Anyone see this yet? It's a few months old, but still: http://i.imgur.com/9vxrAz4.png

Oh, and *sign*

Hope they make it for Sony,,,,,, F*** YOU XBOX ONE
Dont cry because you got owned by a veteran

User Info: JetDETH

4 years ago#12
Legna! .....Aw he cont hier may!

User Info: The_Real_Riaco

4 years ago#13
Bah I keep coming back after all these years still hoping for something from the best game I've ever played. I'm never going to learn.


User Info: Yuson

4 years ago#14
"Life changes."

User Info: omagnas

4 years ago#15

User Info: blitz789

4 years ago#16
I saw the SIGN.
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User Info: strife14467

4 years ago#17

I just finished the first game again, and I plan on playing the second game as soon as I decide if I should play the DC version or the Xbox version. It always sucks when I finish the second game and then think about how I may never see the story continued.
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User Info: PS2 4 Life

PS2 4 Life
4 years ago#18

I really think that Yu Suzuki and Sega should just find out the minimum amount it would cost to finish up Shenmue 3 and then kickstart it. Pretty much tell the fans that if they want Shenmue 3, here is their chance. Put your money where your mouth is.

They don't need to remake the game or anything. Just use the assets they have already created for the 3rd game and polish them up and finish the rest of the game. Keep it with the same graphic engine as they used on the Dreamcast.

The game could probably be finished up with a little under 10 million nowadays(Or even less) as long as they didn't try to completely remake the game from the ground up with next gen graphics.

They don't even have to worry about marketing. The kickstarter campaign would be so popular it would advertise itself. And it wouldn't matter if the game sold well after the release because the game was paid for in full by the fans, Yu Suzuki would be glad to have had the chance to finish up his beloved series, and the fans would be happy to see the conclusion to the Shenmue story.

And if the Kickstarter fails. It would suck. But, then they could shelf Shenmue for good and realize that it is just not meant to be.
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