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User Info: Syphofighter

8 years ago#1

Anyone play this game anymore?

It is still a good game.

User Info: DiviDude

8 years ago#2
Best $2.50 I've ever spent on Steam

User Info: JJFlash572

8 years ago#3

Played the demo when it first came out and liked it. Then Icompletly forgot about it. Rediscovered it on steam and bought it for $2.50. Been happy with it ever since.

User Info: SoweluWW

8 years ago#4
Snagged it on Steam for $5.00, and it's a ton of fun. Not beaten it yet.

User Info: YukoValis731

8 years ago#5
played it, beat it, now looking for a trainer to destroy it :) can't find a trainer that works though...
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