Frequently Asked Questions about SH3 - Read before posting!!

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Please don't post before I'm finished posting the whole guide. Thanks in advance.

This guide divided up into a couple of sections. The sections/questions that include spoilers are marked. Use the shortcut by pressing CTRL + F and input the question code.

Section 1: Before playing the game (spoiler-free)

[Q101] How scary is this game?
[Q102] Do I have to play the earlier games before Silent Hill 3?
[Q103] How long is this game?
[Q104] What difficulty levels are there?
[Q105] Should I buy or rent this game?
[Q106] Do all copies of the game come with the soundtrack?
[Q107] Where else can I find the soundtrack?
[Q108] So there's an offical music video?
[Q109] Where can I find the "Making Of"?

Section 2: So you've already got the game and you are ready to play it (spoiler-free)

[Q201] Tell me something about the weapons.
[Q202] Tell me something about the supplies.
[Q203] Apart from the weapons are there more permanent items which I should pick up?
[Q204] Is there something else I should know about the combat?
[Q205] No Health and Stamina bars?
[Q206] Is there some way to tell if there's a monster, an item or an accessable door nearby?

Section 3: Playing the game

The answers to these questions might contain a few minor SPOILERS, depending on the current situation. Big spoilers will have an additional spoiler mark.

If you're looking for key items check a guide. There are too many key items in the game, and if I'd be telling you where to find them all I might as well write a complete guide (which I won't).

Anyway, if you are desperately in need of a guide:

[Q301] Hey, I already have a bunch of weapons!
[Q302] Where can I find the knife?
[Q303] Where can I find the handgun?
[Q304] Where can I find the steel pipe?
[Q305] Where can I find the shotgun?
[Q306] Where can I find the maul?
[Q307] Where can I find the katana?
[Q308] Where can I find the stun gun?
[Q309] Where can I find the submachine gun?
[Q310] I haven't read Shakespeare!
[Q311] Heather suddenly got really slow!
[Q312] What was that on this TV?
[Q313] This floating, spinning monster with the blades is pretty tough...
[Q314] How do I kill the first boss?
[Q315] Something just pushed me onto the rails.
[Q316] There's a door in the subway tunnel, but I don't want to jump onto the tracks to check it out.
[Q317] How do I kill the monster in the water?
[Q318] I remember you saying something about a silencer.
[Q319] What's "The Black Cat"?
[Q320] How do I kill the monster which is blocking the exit?
[Q321] How do I kill the second boss?
[Q322] So about Heather's father... (MAJOR SPOILERS)
[Q323] Now that I'm finally in Silent Hill which places can I visit?
[Q324] Any survival tips for Silent Hill?
[Q325] What's the code for the door in the 2nd floor of the hospital?
[Q326] What's the combination for the briefcase?
[Q327] The combination on the photograph seems to be wrong...
[Q328] Oh man, another riddle! So about the crematorium...
[Q329] How do I kill the third boss?
[Q330] Where's the amusement park map?
[Q331] The ceiling in the Haunted Mansion crushes me! Help!
[Q332] Now the red light is killing me! Help!
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