Frequently Asked Questions about SH3 - Read before posting!!

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[Q333] Uh, carousel puzzle?

Kill the moving horses. And stay away from their breaths.

[Q334] How do I kill the fourth boss?

That's Memory of Alessa. This battle has four phases and in each one she'll have a new weapon.

Phase 1: Knife
Phase 2: Handgun
Phase 3: Steel pipe
Phase 4: Submachine gun

And note that she can block your attacks. It's like fighting your own shadow, isn't it? Anyway, since she can block it's a good idea to use the katana for this fight. When Memory of Alessa is equipped with a firearm get closer to her to make her try and slap you with the weapon rather than shooting. If you've got the right distance you're close enough so she won't shoot and still far enough away to avoid getting slapped. Since the katana has a decent range you'll still hit her. If you're having trouble finding the right distance to her, then just stay close to her to make this fight pure melee combat and remember to block when she attacks.

[Q335] Who's the woman in the confession booth?

It's never revealed. Some say it's Claudia, others say it's a certain character from the first game. Well, no one knows.

[Q336] I'm in the confession booth and I have to make a choice! What's the correct answer?

There's no correct answer. Your response will affect your ending. Actually it doesn't mean that your answer WILL get you a certain ending; it just HELPS getting it. There are more requirements for the endings. Check the endings section for details.

[Q337] Alright, I'm in the church, I've checked everything, but it seems there's nowhere to go to next!

There should be a hallway with a painting and an invisible girl. Check the footsteps of the girl and once she disappears check the painting.

[Q338] I'm still in the church and AGAIN there's nowhere to go to next!

*sigh* Find the other hallway with the invisible girl, go to a spot where the camera angle changes and look out for her footsteps. Examine the wall after she disappeared.

[Q339] I've only got five tarot cards. Where are the others?

There are only five cards.

[Q340] What's the solution to the tarot card puzzle?

Okay, so these are the slots on the door:

- 1 - 2 - 3 -
- 4 - 5 - 6 -
- 7 - 8 - 9 -

Easy riddle mode:

1 - Fool
3 - Moon
5 - Eye of the night
7 - Hanged man
9 - High Priestess

Normal riddle mode:

1 - Eye of the night
3 - Moon
4 - High Priestess
6 - Fool
8 - Hanged man

Hard riddle mode:

1 - High Priestess
2 - Eye of the night
5 - Fool
6 - Moon
7 - Hanged man
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