Silent Hill 2 or 3 first?

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User Info: Peachslide

4 years ago#1
I beat Silent Hill last winter. The girlfriend and I are wanting to see the new Silent Hill movie this month, and from what I understand, its based on Silent Hill 3, which is a direct sequel.

Would I be missing out on anything significant jumping from 3 to 1, and would the experience of 2 be lessened from beating 3 first? Thanks


4 years ago#2
Just play them in order.


That's the way they came out.
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User Info: miserable247365

4 years ago#3
SH3 is a direct sequel to SH1. Other than those two, every SH story is independent from the rest. There are a few insignificant things to tie the stories together, but nothing where the order of play through's is that important. If you play 3 before 1, you will only be missing out on two "Oh $***" moments, one is about the story and that's only if you get two of the five endings in the first game, the other is about the environment. There are also references to the first game you might not understand, but you should be able to get through it with a good understanding of what transpires. Personally, I would recommend playing the first before the third, but you could play SH3 first, then play the first like it's a prequel and still get most of the experience. Play SH2,4,Homecoming, and Downpour whenever you want, there is nothing really significant to tie them together.

I'm actually playing through 1,2,3,4,Homcoming and Downpour in about a month. I played them SH4, Homecoming, SH1, Downpour, SH2, and now I'm about to start SH3. I had already beaten all but Downpour, so I knew the story and if I thought I could get more I would have played them in order, but I didn't. I did however make sure I played 1 before 3. When I did this with the Metal Gear series, I played them all in chronological order, but this series isn't like that.

As for the movies, I've only seen the first one. It was based on the first game but had so many differences I would just consider it a different series of events. I'm betting the new movie is similar.

User Info: Peachslide

4 years ago#4
Thanks for the Info Miserable. I did beat Silent Hill 1 last December and got the Bad Ending. I was going to beat it again for another ending around that time on my Next Fear game but only got less than 4 hours in before abandoning it, but read up about the story gaps I missed or didn't understand.

User Info: Delta123456789

4 years ago#5
2 and 3 are very different games. 2 is more psychological and personal, exploring a tortured psyche.3 is more traditional-horror-y, with gore, monsters, and comically evil cultists. I much preferred 2 myself. 1 and 3 were kinda cliche with the pointless doomsday cult stuff, but some prefer them for the more visceral horror.

Shattered Memories was interesting, but had only a couple of great moments (the car and the ending spring to mind), so a rental would probably suffice.
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User Info: LostOdyssey17

4 years ago#6
Play 1 then 3. Then 2 and xxxxx whatever else. 1 is the best ( most classic & unique ). Youll enjoy 2, but 3 sucks in my opinion. By the end of the game, you realize that very little story has transpired till the last 3 minutes.
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User Info: doofy102

4 years ago#7
Silent Hill 2 first, because Silent Hill 3 kind of takes the gore/imagery to another level (which may or may not be a good thing depending on which of the two you prefer, in the end) but yeah. 2.
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User Info: magnusmagnetic

4 years ago#8
Doesn't actually matter. I borrowed SH 1-4 from a friend and ended up playing 4 first. I had played the series in reverse, it was almost staying true to the series in a way. Everyone in Silent Hill end up doing bizarre things that they find out about later, I decided to do the same weird stuff with the series.

Silent Hill 3 will probably be your best bet since the movie that is being released is based on that game.

User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#9
I played SH2 first, then I played SH1, and finally SH3.
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User Info: TylerJ33

4 years ago#10
doofy102 posted...
Silent Hill 2 first, because Silent Hill 3 kind of takes the gore/imagery to another level (which may or may not be a good thing depending on which of the two you prefer, in the end) but yeah. 2.

Really? I never felt like sh3 was gorier. In fact I felt it was a lot tamer than silent hill 2. Partially because the main character was some 17 year girl that I couldn't for the life of me relate to, but I just felt like this game was softer than the first 2. They definitley threw more monsters at u this time around, but I found sh3s monster design to be pretty lame. Those raptor looking ones were just pathetic.,and the bosses were soo easy! I mean did any body ever actually take damage from leonard? Lol. Not to mention i really felt the japanese roots this time around with some scrawny soft voiced girl welding melee weapons and guns way too easily for me to take seriously.
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